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  • dumbass
    dumbass - 2000 Isuzu Trooper - Preventive Maintenance - 4/19/2011
    Replace driver side turn signal bulb?
    I can't get the unit out to replace the bulb. I can only see one screw when you open the hood. I've removed it but still can't get the unit to remove. Help me please. Thanks
    • Ray
      4/19/2011 Ray
      You should be able to remove the light if you remove the screw at the upper portion of the light bracket, and then remove the bracket from the fender. Sometimes the owner's manual will have instructions for this procedure.
      4/19/2011 dumbass
      I have tried to pull on the light with my bare hands after I removed the screw to no avail. I didn't try to pry it with anything because I thought it might break something. I didn't see anything in the owners manual about this. Unless I missed it. I will try again. Thanks
  • rmpuck
    rmpuck - 1998 Isuzu Trooper - Preventive Maintenance - 3/9/2011
    What is the content of 1998 Isuzu Trooper Engine And Engine Cooling Service Bulletin 113340
    • yboy82
      3/9/2011 yboy82
      1998 Isuzu Trooper Engine And Engine Cooling Service Bulletin 113340
      NHTSA: Action Number: 610116 Service Bulletin Number: 113340

      Report Date:
      Sep 01, 1999Component:
      Engine And Engine Cooling

      Summary: Maintenance schedule information: timing belt replacement interval and dohc v6 valve adjustment schedule. *tt
  • rmpuck
    rmpuck - 1998 Isuzu Trooper - Preventive Maintenance - 3/6/2011
    What is the content of 1998 Isuzu Trooper Engine And Engine Cooling Service Bulletin 113340
    • HouseCallAuto
      3/6/2011 HouseCallAuto
      Tried to locate it, cannot find a number even close in Isuzu Trooper section.
  • gg
    gg - 1999 Isuzu Rodeo - Preventive Maintenance - 1/10/2011
    My SUV makes a grinding type noise when I hit the accelarator.
    I thought at one time, it was a signal that I needed oil in my engine. but still does it and only hear when I hit accelarator. Also how or when should a tie rod be replaced?
    • yboy82
      1/10/2011 yboy82
      Where did you hear the grinding is it in your rear axle area or rear of the vehicle? Did you already check the condition of your U-joint and differential drive pinion?
    • david
      1/10/2011 david
      is a strait drive ck release bearing ,clutch may be wore down to rebits and grind and cut fly up,ck a/c,alt,idler pully,tencher pully,bearings ,ck timing belt tencher pull and idler bearings,ck water pump bearings .take drive belt or belts off see if it makes same noise ck pully with hand turn or spin lesson for bad bearings
      1/10/2011 david
      ck tie rod jack up wheel off the ground have someone shake to side to side to check for loss play in tie rods look an see if tie rods move any at all shood be tight if not replace there no certin mileage to change tie rods
  • SHANTE413
  • mike
    mike - 1999 Isuzu Rodeo - Preventive Maintenance - 10/26/2010
    When to replace timing belt?
    • yboy82
      10/26/2010 yboy82
      According to your periodic maintenance chart you should replace your belt when you reach 75,000 miles.
    THELATINCAT - 1993 Isuzu Rodeo - Preventive Maintenance - 10/17/2010
    • yboy82
      10/17/2010 yboy82
      A clogged fuel injector/fuel filter/fuel strainer may be the cause of your vehicle’s trouble. It’s a wise decision to have your vehicle diagnose with a scan tool (OBD CODE READER) to determine if it’s one of your electrical control or sensor is at fault.
  • Bill
    Bill - 1999 Isuzu Rodeo - Preventive Maintenance - 10/10/2010
    Both low beam headlights are not working.
    High beam lights work, however, when I switch to low beam the lights go out.
    • Bill
      10/10/2010 Bill
      Bad dimmer switch. Play with switch a bit and see if you can ever get the lows to come on. Unlikely low beam on both burned out. How old are the headlight bulbs?
      8/26/2011 DavidCanton
      Why would it be the dimmer switch? This only controls how bright the dash lights are. More likely is the turn signal stock as this also houses the high/low beam switch. Not an easy thing to change though.
  • caporalman
    caporalman - 1998 Isuzu Rodeo - Preventive Maintenance - 10/6/2010
    As I can check the oil level of the automatic transmission of my light truck, I do not see the rod to do it
    it has 183000 miles
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/6/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Does not have a dipstick. Special procedure to check the level by removing a sight plug from the transmission somewhere under there. A repair manual should detail the procedure.
  • gg
    gg - 1999 Isuzu Rodeo - Preventive Maintenance - 10/1/2010
    Replacing ball joints
    How much will it cost to replace ball joints and how many of these will have to be replaced?
    • darkmind
      10/1/2010 darkmind
      You can visit this link and click the view details under the estimated cost. The estimated cost for one ball joint is around $86.46 (Do-It-Yourself) parts only and if you take it to a service shop around $283.84 parts and labor

      You can watch a video on how to replace your ball joint just click the watch video beside the parts and tools.
  • mom
    mom - 1998 Isuzu Rodeo - Preventive Maintenance - 10/1/2010
    My check engine light goes on and off on my standard shift isuzu.
    • darkmind
      10/1/2010 darkmind
      You have to troubleshoot first your check engine light to identify what is the stored trouble code in your vehicle? You can visit AutoZone or nearby auto parts store for free diagnostic. The trouble code will help you identify the fault in your vehicle’s trouble and point you to the right path in fixing your vehicle.

      You can also visit this link if you want to have an idea how troubleshoot your check engine light
      10/1/2010 darkmind
      It means your ECU/computer in your vehicles senses irregularities in your vehicle’s operation, it’s like a warning sign.
  • Virgil McLeod
    Virgil McLeod - 2000 Isuzu Trooper - Preventive Maintenance - 9/30/2010
    Where is Bank 1 Sensor 2 Oxygen Sensor located
    123000 miles - need to replace Bank 1 Sensor 2 -- Sensor going bad, there are 4 oxygen sensors on vehical
    • Bobby
      9/30/2010 Bobby
      bank one means it is on the side of the exhaust that has the number one cylinder. and sensor 2 means that it is the sensor after the catalytic convertor. As to which one is bank one you will need to get the cylinder numbering for the iszu 3.5l i'm not sure off the top of my head.
  • Randy
    Randy - 1997 Isuzu N - Preventive Maintenance - 9/1/2010
    When I turn on the A/C the fuse blows after about 5 minutes
    • Voltes V
      9/1/2010 Voltes V
      If you are blowing the fuse for the clutch you have an issue with the clutch winding (likely) or the wiring to the clutch (less likely). You can inspect the wiring to the clutch fairly easily and the overheating issue is likely related to reduced airflow through the radiator. Be sure there is no debris on the condenser or between the condenser and the radiator. You have a fan clutch that should be fairly stiff to turn the fan when the engine is off and it is hot. The fan shroud must be in place to direct the air through the fan.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1994 Isuzu Trooper - Preventive Maintenance - 8/14/2010
    Where can I find a reasonable priced gas tank for my isuzu trooper?
    0 answer
  • JL
    JL - 1999 Isuzu Rodeo - Preventive Maintenance - 8/5/2010
    Gas guage pegged at E Recently bought vehicle and found tank was completely full. Have driven over a hundred miles
    also intermittant part of wiper function not working
    • EmilMD
      8/5/2010 EmilMD
      Check all the wires for corrosion or damage first and check your fuel sender. Check the fuel gauge fuse, if blown replace it. To test the Fuel Sender Unit, you have to locate the sender unit first (top of the tank connected to the Fuel pump) Connect a ground to the sender unit connector, if the gauge reads to full, you have a bad sender unit.

      If the indicator doesn't move, remove the gauge and jump the terminal located to the back of the gauge, if it does move, you have to replace the wire between the gauge and the Fuel Sender, but if it doesn't move, replace the gauge.
    • JL
      8/5/2010 JL
      That sounds like a do'er. I have looked into fuel tank sending units and very few on-lines have it. Advance has one and a picture (looks like an old time cigarette holder) for $3.99. Could that be the deal...replace that along with an O ring? Wow thanks so much. I'm in Fredericksburg, Va.