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  • nomoso
    nomoso - 2001 Honda Odyssey - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 8/1/2013
    Neutral safety Switch
    What should it cost to replace the Neutral Safety Switch in a 2001 Honda Odessy
    • John's Auto Repair
      I can give you an approximate. The labor should be an hour or less. The switch you can get a price
      from stores like Autozone, etc.
      John's Auto Repair
      8/1/2013 nomoso
      Any idea who would do it for an hours labor on Long Island, NY if I buy the part?
  • hmlisa4
    hmlisa4 - 2003 Honda Civic - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 7/27/2013
    My car starts and runs fine. But when I shift it into forward or reverse, the engine dies almost immediately.
    This seems to occur when the engine is warm. After I let the engine cool a bit, like after I had it towed to the mechanic, it shifted into gear just fine.
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  • zcs7023
    zcs7023 - 2003 Honda Accord - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 7/23/2013
    Air conditioning does not work. Any help or suggestions?
    I've tried putting more refrigerant in the system, but it already reads like 100psi or something outrageous in the line. When I turn on the A/C in my car, there is air coming in but its not cold. I don't think its the blower motor? Any suggestions?
    • wbrockstar
      7/23/2013 wbrockstar
      First check to make sure all fuses and relays are working properly.100 psi sounds high to me.Im assuming you hooked up to correct hose fitting cause there is a high side and low side.The compressor could be shot too
    • John's Auto Repair
      7/23/2013 John's Auto Repair
      Are you using one of those do it yourself cans with the gauge on it? Some times the quick connect
      fitting doesn't depress the shrader valve in the low side service port. That would explain the
      100psi you're reading on the gauge. In other words, you're reading the pressure in the can.
  • dlkevitt
    dlkevitt - 2005 Honda Odyssey - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 7/22/2013
    Car jumped out of speed control mode in hwy...going at high speed up a significant grade.
    I was going quite fast, near 80mph but not for a sustained period. Saw no evidence of overheating (temp gauge) but there was an odor (hot trans. fluid?). After parking at home there was some evidence of drops and a small areas of transmission fluid on garage ...
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  • R_Brown
    R_Brown - 2004 Honda Pilot - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 7/17/2013
    What does the VTM-4 light mean when it comes on?
    It started once the vehicle reaches 60 MPH. It is a 2004 Honda Pilot.
    • wbrockstar
      7/17/2013 wbrockstar
      In most cases it will come on because you have a malfunction in your (1) IAC-idle speed control valve or your (2) EGR valve......The check engine light may or may not come on too.When vehicle senses that one wheel is getting less traction such as in slippery/wet or certain other conditions,the computer reduces engine power for the purpose of gaining traction.Autozone will scan the vehicle for free so you can check for any codes.VTM stands for vehicle traction management.Computer can also transfer more torque to the wheel with better grip to also aid in gaining traction
  • ridefixed650
    ridefixed650 - 1989 Honda Prelude - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 7/13/2013
    Why won't the gears go in while my car is on? when the car is on the car makes a bad noise.
    it has 188,xxx miles . its my first car and its Manual transmission. What could it be?
    • Joe Boulay
      7/13/2013 Joe Boulay
      How does the clutch pedal feel? start by checking for leaking clutch master cylinder. I am assuming your car has a manual transmission?
      Joe Boulay
      Automotive Technician & Author of the book “If That Car Could Talk”
      [email protected]
  • randmjacobson
    randmjacobson - 2003 Honda Pilot - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 7/4/2013
    Where is the output speed sensor located?
    Check engine light and flashing "D". Received a P 0720 CEL error.
    • Jimm
      7/4/2013 Jimm
      P0720 = Output Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction

      The vehicle speed sensor (VSS) is located on the transmission housing - on the side near the output shaft. There is one bolt and one wire harness connector - very easy to change. Be sure to lubricate the new sensor o-ring with a small amount of transmission fluid before the installation.
      Check the many on-line auto parts sources, such as;,, or for the replacement parts. For example, they (RockAuto) list the vehicle speed sensor from around $65.00 for your vehicle.
      7/4/2013 randmjacobson
      Thanks for the assist. I got some bad guidance earlier and was looking on the wrong side of the transaxle. After looking around I was able to locate it on the driver's side of the Pilot near the top of the transaxle.
  • johnkellems66
    johnkellems66 - 1992 Honda Accord - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 6/29/2013
    Why does car dies when you put it in gear
    put different transmission in . D4 light stays lite
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  • johnkellems66
    johnkellems66 - 1992 Honda Accord - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 6/29/2013
    Car dies when you put it in gear
    put used trans in car now D4 lite stays on won't shift
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  • johnkellems66
    johnkellems66 - 1992 Honda Accord - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 6/29/2013
    Car dies when you put it in gear
    put used trans in car now the D4 lite stays on
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  • kanawaahinda
    kanawaahinda - 2002 Honda CR-V - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 7/1/2013
    When i make full stearing turn to the right or left i will hear sound from the rear left and right shaft .
    when i want to move from static position with full stearingturn from either lefr or right
    • Joe Boulay
      7/1/2013 Joe Boulay
      If it is a moaning or howling type of noise i suspect that you will need to replace the dual pump fluid in the rear differential. One fluid change usually does it. Use only "Dual Pump" fluid from Honda. I hope this helps you.
      Joe Boulay
      Automotive Technician & Author of the book “If That Car Could Talk”
      [email protected]
  • bopjenny
    bopjenny - 1993 Honda Civic del Sol - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 6/12/2013
    • HouseCallAuto
      6/12/2013 HouseCallAuto
      The clutch master cylinder has to be full and bled out of air. there is a bleeder screw on the slave cylinder.
      6/12/2013 HouseCallAuto
      If bleeding it does not solve it then either the clutch itself is junk or the master is junk.
  • catalinagonzalez88
    catalinagonzalez88 - 1990 Honda Accord - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 6/9/2013
    There is an "S" light on my car. When this light comes on or flashes my car is stuck in second gear. How can I fix it?
    The "S" light is on my dash across from the gas. When the light isn't on my car drive beautifully. It shifts and starts fine. Have never had engine trouble with it.
  • catalinagonzalez88
    catalinagonzalez88 - 1990 Honda Accord - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 6/6/2013
    My "S" light on my dash causes my car not to shift why??
    There is an "S" light on my dash that comes on when it wants and when it does my car does not shift. When it's not in my car shifts fine.
  • omeife2
    omeife2 - 2001 Honda Civic - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 6/3/2013
    I cant tell if this is Transmission related or just Electrical
    The D light on the Dashboard cuts off and comes back on in about 2seconds. The car then stalls and doesn't move smoothly. The engine sometimes goes off completely when in slow motion, but starts when restarted. The symptom seems to be frequent when the Ac is on, ...
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