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  • durygiles4
    • Jimm
      5/3/2013 Jimm
      Always replace the struts and shock absorbers in pairs; both fronts or both rears - for example - for sake of safety.
      Try the many on-line auto parts sources, such as; or for the replacement parts. For example, they (Rock Auto) lists the front struts from around $22.00 (Monroe pn 86560) for your vehicle. For the early Accords the struts and shock absorbers are readily available.
  • CrocD
    CrocD - 2005 Honda Pilot - Steering & Suspension - 5/1/2013
    My steering makes a croaking noise (low pitched squeak) when I turn the wheel. Do I need a new rack or just new fluid?
    The steering doesn't squeak when the car is off the ground.
    • HouseCallAuto
      5/1/2013 HouseCallAuto
      It sounds more like a bad ball joint that is worn and has no grease in it anymore. The ball joints are not the grease-able type. Lift the weight off the joint and they will get quiet.
  • psychoticpenguin05
    psychoticpenguin05 - 2004 Honda Accord - Steering & Suspension - 4/21/2013
    My key will no longer go into the ignition. is it the key? or the alignment on the ignition?
    • Jimm
      4/21/2013 Jimm
      First step - check the key shape and 'teeth' of the key - if worn / rounded excessively - then the issue may be a worn ignition switch or ignition key tumbler. If this is the case, then the ignition tumbler and switch will need to be replaced. Of course, along with the new ignition switch will be a new key or set of keys.
  • mlukich
    mlukich - 2004 Honda Accord - Steering & Suspension - 4/1/2013
    What is wrong with my 2004 Honda Accord?
    The power steering is very hard to turn when cold, and only slightly better when it warms up. I had the power steering fluid replaced and it didn't help. What is the next step?
  • smokeybear
    smokeybear - 2008 Honda Civic - Steering & Suspension - 3/28/2013
    Winding sound in reverse
    Only does this in reverse. Sounds like the power steering unit.
    0 answer
  • Dbennett40db
    Dbennett40db - 2002 Honda Civic - Steering & Suspension - 3/25/2013
    Does power steering fluid leak damage rubber {hoses, bushings}?
    120k miles ps fluid pools above engine, under Rack and pinion, apparently
    • HouseCallAuto
      3/25/2013 HouseCallAuto
      Yes it does without a doubt. It does not happen in a few days though. Takes weeks or months of contamination. Fix the PS leak and clean off the bushings with a solvent and / or an air blower if possible.
  • Tracy Hudson
    Tracy Hudson - 2002 Honda Odyssey - Steering & Suspension - 3/22/2013
    I hear a screeching noise when I turn the steering wheel. It happens a lot when backing out of my driveway.
    Is is the power steering belt?
    • Joe Boulay
      3/22/2013 Joe Boulay
      It is possibly your power steering belt but without actually hearing the noise it is hard to say. It could also be the wear indicators from your brake pads hitting the rotor.
      Hope this helps
      Joe Boulay
      Automotive Technician & Author
      [email protected]
  • Lorri.ghan
    Lorri.ghan - 2008 Honda Fit - Steering & Suspension - 3/19/2013
    What will it cost to replace a front axle on a 2008 Honda Fit Sport?
    Wrecked front end
    • racel4750
      3/19/2013 racel4750
      It depends which repair shop you use, independent garages charge cheaper, but check their reputation. Basically a pair of cv axle will cost about less than 200$ plus installation.
    • Jimm
      3/19/2013 Jimm
      Check the many on-line parts sources; such as,, or, or - for the replacement parts.
      For example, they (RockAuto) list the CV axle shaft assembly from around $70.00 each for your vehicle.
  • sandyw1994
    sandyw1994 - 2000 Honda Odyssey - Steering & Suspension - 3/19/2013
    Multi use turn/dimmer switch won't switch from low to high beam. The handle has a lot of play.
    Feels like a broken spring but I assume it's a partially broken switch. The turn signal works. I priced one and they are out of my price range. Any suggests on how to find a refurbished or used one? Car has 179,000 miles
  • kfred
    kfred - 2005 Honda Civic - Steering & Suspension - 3/15/2013
    What's wrong with my steering wheel/ car
    I got a wheel alignment about 2 months ago, ever since my steering wheel hasn't been responding straight after I make a right turn. It will reset but stops at a quarter of a turn and I have to bring it back straight. It was like this before the alignment but not ...
    • Jimm
      3/15/2013 Jimm
      That is the most likely cause - have the alignment re-checked. There should be a slight positive caster to enable the steering wheel to return to the centered position after making a turn.
    • HouseCallAuto
      3/15/2013 HouseCallAuto
      You have a bad Steering Shaft U-Joint. The u-joint which is at the base of the steering column connects the steering wheel to the rack and pinion. The u-joint is seizing up / frozen so that is why y=the wheel gets tight in the same spot as u turn the wheel. Not unlike a universal socket that you would have in your tool box except the socket would be binding up in one direction (you see they pivot in two directions) as you turn the socket. Probability here is like 99.99% slam dunk. I am surprised they did not advise you of this. I for one would never have missed that as I would have felt it when I drove your car from the parking lot into the building, but some techs just ain't that attentive to things, or they just plain are terrible mechanics.
      3/16/2013 kfred
      So something needs replacing?
      3/16/2013 HouseCallAuto
      Replace the steering shaft u-joint of course. >>
  • brosfoley
    brosfoley - 2005 Honda Odyssey - Steering & Suspension - 3/15/2013
    What is the average cost of repair for torn compliance bushings? Is it unsafe to continue to drive without fixing?
    Torn compliance bushings - safety issue? Average cost of repair?
    • Jimm
      3/15/2013 Jimm
      Need more information - what is meant by 'compliance' bushings?
      3/15/2013 HouseCallAuto
      No such thing I ever heard of. Is this a joke.
  • markyboy
    markyboy - 1995 Honda Civic - Steering & Suspension - 3/3/2013
    Can i just change steering rack end?
    can i just change steering rack end as has play? can any1 help me please really need this sorted in next couple days?
    • Jimm
      3/3/2013 Jimm
      Usually, the steering rack is changed / exchanged as an assembly - not just replacing components inside - as all parts would be subject to the same wear / mileage considerations.

      Check the many different on-line auto parts sources; such as -, and for the replacement parts. For example, they (Rock Auto) list the steering rack assembly from around $143.00 for your vehicle.
  • danielbfeldman
    danielbfeldman - 2000 Honda Accord - Steering & Suspension - 3/2/2013
    Why do I hear squeaking noises from front of my car when breaking or going over rough road?
    I was told this sound may indicate the need for new lower ball joints; could that be the problem?
    • Jimm
      3/2/2013 Jimm
      Check the following items as first step; faulty / worn suspension bushings, faulty / worn strut bushings, faulty / worn upper strut bearings. Try the 'How-To-Guides' feature on the specific steps to inspect the front end components for wear.
  • tennis15
    tennis15 - 1994 Honda Accord - Steering & Suspension - 2/28/2013
    When car is parked with engine off, I push the hood down and the car squeeks on both sides.
    accord dx. has 190,000.00 miles plus (1994) when driving and I hit a bump it squeals even louder, or when I turn the wheel. Same happens in my 2001 honda CRV. 150,00.00 miles.
    • Joe Boulay
      2/28/2013 Joe Boulay
      I suspect front lower ball joints, or front upper control arms. Get your suspension completely checked over ASAP.
      Joe Boulay
      Automotive Technician & Author
      [email protected]
  • piddler
    piddler - 2004 Honda Odyssey - Steering & Suspension - 2/20/2013
    My grandaughter calls to tell me her power steering sounds like a weedeater when she turns her steering wheel
    also is harder to turn.I'm unable to go to her home to check it out. (such as loose belt) I fell and injured my back, I ask her if there was fluid in the cup, she said it was full. she takes her van and has the oil changed regularly they always topoff all fluids. I ...
    • Ray
      2/20/2013 Ray
      Not sure what a weedeater sounds like, but you may be right about the pump. Need to confirm fluid level, belt tension, and maybe tire pressure.