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  • Kst
    Kst - 2000 Honda Civic - Engine - 1/19/2015
    I drive ,then let's say go in a store more than 5 mins ,the car won't turn on! Would have to wait 30min-1hr or more. Why
    I replaced with brand new distributor , main relay, crank sensor, & fuel pump. main relay twice, distributor twice, cause maybe a defected parts but it does the same thing. car runs good, and starts up good. If you turn it off and leave it off for 10 min to an hour ...
    • jim
      1/17/2015 jim
      Defective coolant temperature sensor. The air/gas ratio and choke setting are controlled based on the coolent temperature. When this sensor goes bad you have to wait until the engine cools off before it will start. A new sensor costs about 20 dollars and takes a few minutes to install.
    • tim
      1/19/2015 tim
      did you replace the fuel filter l when you replaced the fuel pump?
  • Mindz
    Mindz - 1989 Honda Civic - Engine - 1/17/2015
    I have an 1989 Honda Civic with a new battery, why is it stalling?
    I have an 1989 Honda Civic with a new battery, new fuel pump, new fuel tank, new fuel filter, new spark plugs, ect. But it still stalls at red lights, stop signs and when I back up. And to get it started again, I have to press the brake and the gas at the same time
    • jdl
      1/17/2015 jdl
      If it won't idle, check idle air system and clean throttle body.
  • aljpollard
    aljpollard - 2005 Honda Accord - Engine - 1/17/2015
    Catalytic Converter Replacement
    The check engine light was on in my 05 honda accord. the code that firestone said came back is P0137 pending. They said we needed to do a fuel system cleaning and replace the rear oxygen sensor. (after charging us $99 to do a diagnostic service to check the car ...
    • Jimm
      1/17/2015 Jimm
      Take to a different repair shop - first of all the $99.00 diagnostic charge should be applied to the repairs. Secondly, yes they should have reported all the OBD failure codes to you.

      The check engine light is located on the dash and stays on if the computerized engine control system detects an engine performance or emissions problem.

      P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1) - this fault code has nothing to do with the catalytic converter itself.

      Note: replace the upstream sensor (located before catalytic converter) and the downstream sensor (located after catalytic converter).
      Replace the both sensors at the same time. Check with for Denso O2 sensors
  • Mindz
    Mindz - 1989 Honda Civic - Engine - 1/16/2015
    I have an 1989 Honda Civic with a new battery, why is it stalling?
    I have an 1989 Honda Civic with a new battery, new fuel pump, new fuel tank, new fuel filter, new spark plugs, ect. But it still stalls at red lights, stop signs and when I back up. And to get it started again, I have to press the brake and the gas at the same time
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  • Richard
    Richard - 1991 Honda Accord - Engine - 1/16/2015
    When removing spark plugs I found them covered in oil.
    location on the spark and threaded area of the spark plugs.
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  • Rickf1
    Rickf1 - 1991 Honda Accord - Engine - 1/13/2015
    Why did my car die at a red light and won't start?
    I have over a half tank of gas. The engine cranks strong with no start. All lights and radio work fine. I replaced the alternator less than a year ago.
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  • Mudflap
    Mudflap - 2012 Honda Civic - Engine - 1/12/2015
    Is there a problem, that can be fixed, with the electrical system causing Alternators to quit working!?
    We have changed the Altenator out 2 times already! The car will run for a while, a couple of weeks, then the Altenator will stop working & we have to charge the battery at least every other day depending on how far we drive. This goes on about a week then it will ...
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  • skatingevan
    skatingevan - 1997 Honda Civic - Engine - 1/12/2015
    Car randomly dies is it a battery or alternator or maybe something else please help
    My car today started having trouble keeping the radio on so as the day went on i was sitting in a parking lot and the radio powers off then the gauges all drop to zero even though the cars running and so i turn off the car and try to turn it on and the car doesn't ...
    • CVO
      1/12/2015 CVO
      Battery/Charging Alert:
      Indicates voltage level is below normal level and the vehicle's charging system is not functioning properly. Check battery terminals, alternator belt, and battery condition.
  • csutton610
    csutton610 - 2006 Honda Civic - Engine - 1/8/2015
    Car takes forever to warm up
    We have a 1998 Saturn SL and the Civic. I started both cars this morning while I shoveled snow. The Saturn was fully defrosted and warm inside while the Civic was still blowing luke warm air. It has been doing this for a while. It eventually will warm up fully but ...
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  • rhinos200
    rhinos200 - 2007 Honda Accord - Engine - 1/7/2015
    Unlocking doors with no power
    with battery disconnected will a 2007 honda accord unlock and open hood
    • Teddy B
      1/7/2015 Teddy B
      Use the key in the door

      NOTHING WORKS -with the battery disconnected (common sense)
  • james
    james - 2007 Honda Civic - Engine - 1/7/2015
    The battery light on my dashboard is on.
    I was able to jumpstart my car and was driving but the engine ceased in less than 15minutes.A friend told me he suspects the alternator but I was wondering if the alternator was faulty the car would cease while driving,I was thinking if you have a faulty alternator ...
    • Chevy doctor
      1/7/2015 Chevy doctor
      Alternator is failing. Replace it. Make sure your belt is OK first.
  • bethy7872
    bethy7872 - 2000 Honda Accord - Engine - 1/5/2015
    Why is my check engine light flashing
    11 codes were shown when put on the reader. 8 of them misfires in all cylinders plus 2 random. One of them was the IA Valve. ( I forget the other 2). Car is running rough. The mechanic went through all the codes. nothing was wrong. He reset them and re-read it, the ...
    • GT500Knights
      1/5/2015 GT500Knights
      I think you need to find another mechanic. If he can't find the root of the cause for 11 engine codes, then there's a problem. Usually multiple codes for the same problem throughout the engine is due to whatever may contribute to that system. For instance, if you have misfires in every cylinder, but the problem is caused by low fuel pressure, you shouldn't first check/replace the fuel injectors. I would first check the fuel pressure regulator, then the fuel filter, then the fuel pump, then the fuel lines. Same with the ignition system
  • pablo
    pablo - 2002 Honda Odyssey - Engine - 1/4/2015
    Alternator main bolt
    bolt broke off, tried to drill out but thread got stripped. i wanted to know if i drill it all the way threw, so i can use a nut & bolt. i wont damage anything. theres a round pattern behind on the engine.
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  • Noreen Kenney
    Noreen Kenney - 2003 Honda Accord - Engine - 1/3/2015
    Blower motor on 2000 tempo stopped working
    Didn't do anything it simply stopped
    • Jimm
      1/3/2015 Jimm
      No such Ford vehicle as the 2000 model year Tempo. At any rate, first step is to check the fuses, wiring harness and connections at the motor itself.
  • Alex
    Alex - 2001 Honda Civic - Engine - 1/3/2015
    Honda Civic turns ON but does not START?
    Hello, My stick shift Honda Civic turns ON but doesn't START. I started two different ways: 1. Pushing gas pedal few times and STARTED the car holding the clutch and gas pedal at the same time. 2. Pushing the car while on neutral and putting it on gear. Can you ...
    • Maria
      1/3/2015 Maria
      If the car engine cranks normally but won't start, at least you know that the battery and the starting system are working. If the battery was low on charge, the engine would crank very slow or wouldn't crank at all; if the starter was bad, the engine wouldn't crank. So let's look at what else is needed for an engine to start and what are the common problems:
      -Compression in the engine cylinders
      -Proper timing
      If still there is problem i suggest you to visit an auto electrician