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  • calla
    calla - 2003 Honda Pilot - Engine - 10/19/2010
    No warm air is blowing
    97000 mls. ac was replaced in 06-2010. could it be mechanical error at the shop.
    • yboy82
      10/19/2010 yboy82
      Did you already check your engine coolant level (refill and bleed the air present in your cooling system if necessary), check your thermostat if your engine coolant operating temperature is below specification and check the condition of your heater control valve operation?
  • jdawg
  • ed surgent
    ed surgent - 2004 Honda Accord - Engine - 10/18/2010
    Intermitten car won't start
    car will not start one day, later it will start, change battery had starter checked an altenator, can't fine problem
    • RC
      10/18/2010 RC
      You'll need to check the components when the car won't start. It could still be the starter...
  • Christina
    Christina - 1996 Honda Civic - Engine - 10/18/2010
    Won't pass emissions NOX is too high
    • RC
      10/18/2010 RC
      Check for clogged EGR passages.
  • DontNodCivicDontNod
    DontNodCivicDontNod - 1997 Honda Civic - Engine - 10/18/2010
    My car suddenly idles around 1500rpm. Is this a leak or an issue with the idle air control valve?
    The onset of this problem was sudden (no major or minor car repairs). Although it is not consistently idling high in my daily driving, turning on the blower motor will cause the idle to rise again.
      10/18/2010 MOONSTER_TOOLZ
      Can you rephrase the question? Did you mean that while driving the engine suddenly idles? It means that the gear is slipping to neutral?
  • mp
    mp - 1990 Honda Civic - Engine - 10/18/2010
    Doesn't want to start after you turn it off for the first time
    starts up then runs for a while when I turn it off it doesn't start for a long while like 1hr or 2 between stop it takes me all day to do a couple of things. it has like a gas smell sometimes. please help mp
    • yboy82
      10/18/2010 yboy82
      What have you done so far to fix your vehicle? Did you already check the condition of your fuel pump and its relay?
  • babyt612
    babyt612 - 1991 Honda CRX - Engine - 10/18/2010
    What can i do or use to remove the crank pulley bolt so i can replace my water pump without using air tools?
    my water pump died and im trying to replace it but can't take the bolt out from the crank pulley dont have air tools tryed to take it off my hand but didnt work
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/18/2010 HouseCallAuto
      You might have no choice. Often I have to use one inch drive air wrench with 1500 ft lbs of torque to break it free. You could try to use the starter to break it free. Put a breaker bar with socket on the bolt and give the key a crank. Brace the breaker bar against something so it won't move. The crankshaft spins in the correct direction to break the bolt free but the starter might not even overcome that tightness. But heh, if this works, how you gonna tighten it back up? If you do not tighten it down enough, in a real short time the balancer will be loose and the engine crankshaft will be shot. Seen it happen.
    • Craig
      10/18/2010 Craig
      There is a special tool you can buy ton tool trucks, or special order that fits in the hex shaped socket on the crank pulley. Try getting the crank bolt hot, too.
      10/18/2010 HouseCallAuto
      I believe that the hex shaped place for that tool only began on newer Honda cars. AD makes no reference to it for '91 but does reference it on newer listings.
  • sschevy
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/18/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Replace the main relay behind the left side of the dash. probability is 90%. Just Google "Honda Accord main relay location" in Google images. You will not do that again I'm sure.
  • laurence11
    laurence11 - 2001 Honda Odyssey - Engine - 10/17/2010
    Temperature goes up and a/c blows hot air
    • yboy82
      10/17/2010 yboy82
      Have you already check the condition of your radiator fins (for any foreign objects that restrict the flow of air that helps cold down your coolant), radiator (for any clogging inside, if possible perform a radiator flush) and coolant (when did the last time that you’ve replaced your coolant? It is possible that the properties in your coolant have deteriorated)?
  • kevinjess915
    kevinjess915 - 2008 Honda Civic - Engine - 10/17/2010
    I am a toyota tech but i am stumped, my old lady's car wont start, the lights are filickering and its clicking
    53000, but it wont try to turn over, the battery checked out at 12.4 volts, fuses checked out, terminals and grounds seem good, any suggestions? o ya and the security system wont activate and the radio suddenly stopped working randomly. i have looked for some ...
  • kooljayrock69
    kooljayrock69 - 1984 Honda Prelude - Engine - 10/17/2010
    I believe my car jumped timing. I was wondering if my car has an interference engine or not.
    Me and my wife was on our way home when at the stop light as I was taking off, by the time I got to 4th geer my car jerked a little then slowed down till it eventually shut off. The motor turns over but it won't fire up. I was told that it was the timing which ...
    • HKS Guy
      10/15/2010 HKS Guy
      Yup it is
      HKS Guy
      10/19/2010 kooljayrock69
      OK thx...just wanted a second opinion. I've already replaced the timing belt and set the timing acording the proper procedure, but it still just turn over but won't crank. I believe it might be the fuel pump or a clogged fuel filter because I smell no gas or hear the pump Therefore I'm gonna replace the old pump with a new one as well as the primary and secondary fuel filters.
    • david
      10/17/2010 david
      yes it is pull head replace valves
      10/19/2010 kooljayrock69
      Thx ....I kinda figured it was but jus wanna be sure.
  • headlight
    headlight - 1988 Honda Prelude - Engine - 10/17/2010
    Right headlight not working
    ck headlight is working, fuse is good, headlight relay not ck, left headight is working. also fog lights not working, signals light are working, all this items were working at one point
    • david
      10/17/2010 david
      hondas have fuzes for each head light
  • nelson
    • Oxides
      10/17/2010 Oxides
      thermostat housing?
      10/18/2010 nelson
  • bella
    bella - 1999 Honda Accord - Engine - 10/16/2010
    Does this sound like a water pump
    leak -clear no smell, temp gauge while driving went from middle to H than back to middle of gauge than over heated, clear white sticky some what like glue near white bottle that is connected to raditor top.left to cool off and have it towed. miliage 94000. Air ...
    • yboy82
      10/15/2010 yboy82
      Diagnose your vehicle with a scan tool to determine if there is a stored trouble code in your vehicle that can help you identify the fault to your vehicle’s problem (if the fault in your vehicle’s problem is one of your electrical control or sensor it will show in your trouble code) instead of guessing. Even if your check engine light is off don’t assume that there’s no stored trouble code in your vehicle, to be certain that there’s no stored trouble code in your vehicle you have to diagnose it with a scan tool. You can visit AutoZone or nearby auto parts store for free diagnostic.
    • backyardfixer
      10/16/2010 backyardfixer
      judging by the wat your t stat gage is operating i would say check your thermostat it may be sticking causeing over heating and over flow due to high tempiture coolant basicly overheating and bubbling over
  • tom206
    tom206 - 1991 Honda Civic - Engine - 10/15/2010
    Cranking but won't running. at time run for 3,4 sec. then quit. No fuel to cylinder
    Cranking but won't stay running. At time run for 3, 4 sec. then starve for fuel. I changed new fuel pump, new auxillary, and primary injectors, new fuel pressure regulator, new electronic air control valve. I also swap out the ECU unit and PGM-FI MAIN RELAY just ...
      10/15/2010 MOONSTER_TOOLZ
      It is possible that fuel pump shuts down after start up. Did you check the fuel pump relay, may be defective? Or the connectors are loose or contaminated by dust.