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  • inchin10
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/26/2010 HouseCallAuto
      184 psi is nominal, minimum is 135 psi checked while cranking with wide open throttle @ 250 RPM approx. Maximum variation between cylinders is 28 psi.
  • lou184
    lou184 - 1990 Honda Accord - Engine - 10/26/2010
    The car idle is low. it idle's up & down.
    gave it a tune up, change the idle air control, & cleared exhaust pipe
    • yboy82
      10/26/2010 yboy82
      Did you also check the condition of your carburetor? It may be worn/damaged/defective. The other common possible causes of your vehicle’s trouble are plugged/damaged PCV valve, worn/sticking exhaust valves, valve clearance, burned/worn/incorrectly set ignition point and loose connectors/defective sensors. Diagnose your vehicle with a scan tool to determine if one of your electrical control or sensor is at fault. Even if your check engine light is OFF don’t assume that you don’t have any stored trouble code in your vehicle, the only way to verify it is by using a scan tool to diagnose your vehicle with a scan tool. You can visit AutoZone or nearby auto parts store for free diagnostic.
  • tru2art4
    tru2art4 - 1998 Honda Civic - Engine - 10/26/2010
    Engine sputtering during acceleration, seemingly only in certain RPM ranges.
    I'm in a 98 Civic with 150K miles, that as far as I can tell has been fairly well maintained. I'm the third owner though and have only had it for about 6 months. Initially the engine hesitation during acceleration led me to think my fuel filter may have been getting ...
      10/26/2010 MOONSTER_TOOLZ
      You may have a failing fuel pressure regulator and throttle position sensor. Since you have a check engine light, I recommend having it scanned to retrieve the stored trouble codes to verify the faults. You can visit any parts shops that offers free computer scanning to have the codes and post it here, so that the community will able to help you diagnose the trouble of your engine.
  • Kathy
    Kathy - 1995 Honda Accord - Engine - 10/26/2010
    Why doesn't my battery hold a charge?
    4 days ago my car wouldn't start because I had left the lights on. I had it jumped and it worked all day, stopping and starting. Today it wouldn't start. I had the tow company jump it again and I went to the auto parts place where I bought the battery. They ...
    • yboy82
      10/25/2010 yboy82
      Perform a battery load test to your battery. How old is your battery? Battery’s life is only 3yrs – 5yrs only and its performance will deteriorate. Also check the condition of your battery cable and its terminal clean or replace it as needed, check your connections/wiring connectors at your alternator for looseness, defective terminal or missing ground, repair as needed, and lastly check the condition of your alternator drive belt tension, tensioner and its condition.
      10/25/2010 Kathy
      thank you so much - do you know of any place to take it? Someone recommended Osteens on
      Old St Augustine - ever hear of it?
    • Oxides
      10/25/2010 Oxides
      good cables and connections are imperative, both for good starting and charging. so if the parts test good that's the next thing to make sure is not an issue.
      10/25/2010 Kathy
      I think the guy today did a little of that but he wants it for an entire day! Thank you so much for
      responding - ever hear of Osteens on St Augstine rd?
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/25/2010 HouseCallAuto
      I have a very specific question. When the vehicle stalls out and you try to start it, what happens when you turn the key to start it? Is it completely dead or does the battery turn the engine a little or what. I believe that you have a bad ignition switch but I am looking for the other evidence that will confirm it. When an ignition switch fails on a Honda it cause stalling like you have and after a little while, the ignition switch can recover and allow the car to start (the damaged contacts inside the switch cool off) but it will not let the engine crank over slower like when the battery is discharged if its bad.
      10/25/2010 Kathy
      Thank you so much for responding! When the car died today at the light, it seemed to happen as I
      was down-shifting....Whenever I try to start it, nothing happens - no clicks, nothing... the guy today
      first mentioned ignition switch but said that wouldn't explain it dying so I'm confused. He wants it
      for the entire day tomorrow and I'm not sure I trust him. Thanks again!
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/26/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Ok, Kathy you have told me what I needed to hear. Replace the ignition switch. Nothing else will cause that but a failing ignition switch. And on a Honda Accord it is very common. The switch is here for your reference >>

      Labor time is about 2 hours +- some to replace it. Expect to pay about double the price for the part at a shop.
  • jeremy3131
    jeremy3131 - 1996 Honda Civic - Engine - 10/25/2010
    Have a egr code but a new one cost to much how to fix
    I have cleaned the valve and the intake area. was packed with carbon and suggestions
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/25/2010 HouseCallAuto
      If the code you have is a code P0401, the number one cause is plugged EGR passages. EGR valve passages will be restricted and you will have to pull the metal plate right under fuel rail and clean all passages. I'm guessing your cleaning did not involve that right?
      10/26/2010 jeremy3131
      I will have to check what # my code is. I will check this area also. I have learned that my motor has a special style intake that has a different egr than most other civics. I have a VTEC-E D16Y5. Will this issue cause a high idle. When i come to a stop my idle is high (1000-1300 varies) but will drop after a couple of seconds. the throtle body and sensors on top(TPS,MAP) were packed full of junk. And once in a while my idle will stick around 1300 and bounce a couple of hundred RPMs TY
  • rokadaja
    rokadaja - 1990 Honda Accord - Engine - 10/25/2010
    Having a starting problem and then quits!!
    I go out to start my Honda and it cranks over then it justs quits. Try like three times and then if I keep the rpms up then it wont drop out. then when I reach my destination and shut it down and the to go to restart it has the same above problems. Everything from ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/25/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Replace the main relay.
      10/25/2010 HouseCallAuto
      No, don't do that. I jumped the gun. Disregard, replace the ignition switch. probability is like 90%.
  • lou184
    lou184 - 1990 Honda Accord - Engine - 10/24/2010
    Idle low and up & down
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/24/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Check and verify that the coolant is not low. Replace the idle speed control.
  • jimmy
    jimmy - 1995 Honda Accord - Engine - 10/24/2010
    My tacodometer is jumping and makes car jump sometimes can i replace inside distributor parts and fix
    do i have to replace the whole dis, shaft
    • Eric
      10/24/2010 Eric
      the tachometer is controled by the coil assembly but it sounds like you have a short in a wire
  • zacariah
    zacariah - 1992 Honda Civic - Engine - 10/24/2010
    Does not come power on air condition compresser
    • james
      10/24/2010 james
      if light on a`c switch does`nt light up check fuse first.
  • paul
    paul - 2000 Honda Accord - Engine - 10/23/2010
    P0420 code came up. does the catalyst need to be replaced
  • eduardo
    eduardo - 2000 Honda CR-V - Engine - 10/23/2010
    Que podria estar danado en mi caro
    mi carro tiene 175.000 millas,la luz del check engine permanece prendida y a veces prende y apaga intermitentemente y uno de los cilindros no trabaja bien como los otros.este avienta la chispa lenta.ya cambie el inyector y sigue haciendo lo mismo alguien pdria ...
    • JOL
      10/23/2010 JOL
      Eduardo, no soy experto pero me parece que si ya cambiaste y revisaste tantas partes mecanicas, el problema puede ser en la computadora de tu vehiculo, te recomiendo que le pases el scanner y con la informacion que resulte as de nuevo la consulta.

      P.D. usa el traductor de google para traducir, ya que les cuesta tanto a estos gringos usarlo ellos.
    • Mike
      10/14/2010 Mike
      English please, I haven't seen anyone answer in another language yet.
  • bruce
    bruce - 1990 Honda Accord - Engine - 10/22/2010
    No spark after new coil dist, and cap
    pulled wire when car was running which arcted on valve cover car ran 30 seconds and quit
    • Bobby
      10/22/2010 Bobby
      if you pulled the wire and it arced that means you are getting spark. How do you know there is no spark? if something did burn out and there is no spark you will want to check the coil
      10/24/2010 bruce
      i put in a new coil and there is no spark
  • bill
    bill - 2004 Honda Civic - Engine - 10/22/2010
    Ck engine lite, code is po335
    • Bobby
      10/22/2010 Bobby
      P0335 - Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Malfunction

      this usually means the sensor is bad however it could be a bad wire a bad connection or a pcm problem.
      10/26/2010 bill
      replaced sensor 2 months ago. where do I begin to ck wire, and find pcm? thanks so much for getting back !
  • wailua38
    wailua38 - 1992 Honda Civic - Engine - 10/22/2010
    High temp when idle
    i start up my car and when its at running temperature it's fine but after awhile at idle the temperature goes up high.....when i drive the temperature goes down again and when idle it goes up it a bad thermostat?????please help me because i dont want ...
    • AWACS E3 Sentry
      10/22/2010 AWACS E3 Sentry
      Does your auxiliary fan turn on? Do you hear it turning on? It can also be a bad thermostat. Those are the only 2 things i can think of that triggers that kind of problem in your engine cooling system.
  • Peter Greenwood