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  • pacu
    pacu - 2003 Honda Accord - Brakes - 11/29/2012
    Brake fluid leak at the front tire
    I guess brake fluid is leaking, I found a spot on my garage floor behind the driver side front tire. what could be the problem ?
    • Jimm
      11/29/2012 Jimm
      Several possibilities; faulty flexible brake hose at the caliper, faulty / leaking brake caliper. Remove the front wheel on that side for closer examination.
    • james
      11/29/2012 james
      Sounds like your mastercylinder maybe leaking .If no fluid around brake caliper area .look at bottom off power booster if fluid pull master away from booster and best bet is fluid has leaked into booster and filled it with brake fluid. Ps you should also feel brake pedal fade when brakes applied hard.
  • Brian
    Brian - 2004 Honda Civic - Brakes - 11/27/2012
    I hear a Noise when I release my brake pedal but not when I press down.
    No other issues with the pedal and did the brake booster test.
    • mariacarmenf
      11/27/2012 mariacarmenf
      You need to replace the break pads. I had the same situation.
  • tony
    tony - 1998 Honda Civic - Brakes - 11/24/2012
    What is the roter on my bracks
    Front wheels shack
    • Jimm
      11/24/2012 Jimm
      The brake rotor is the disc that the brake caliper and brake pads grip in order to slow down the vehicle when braking. It is attached at the wheels to the lugs and to the front axle shaft. The brake rotors are inexpensive and easy to replace / change out. Try the 'How-To-Guides' feature on the AutoMD website for the specific steps to change out the rotors.

      Try the many on-line auto parts sources, such as; or for the replacement parts. For example, they (Rock Auto) list the front brake rotors for around $15.00 each for your vehicle.
  • yubee
    yubee - 2009 Honda Accord - Brakes - 11/18/2012
    What could cause the steering to shake when braking at above 80m/h
    it wont shake if i keep taping the brakes gently and intermittently
    • Jimm
      11/18/2012 Jimm
      Usually, the shaking while applying brake pedal pressure indicates worn or warped brake rotors. Time to replace or at least have them resurfaced - if there is enough material (thickness) remaining. This is not an uncommon problem, and fortunately the brake rotors are not expensive.

      When replacing the brake rotors, go ahead and replace the wheel bearings and the grease seals, as well - at the same time. The front brake rotors are around $16.00 each, and the wheel bearings are around $42.00 each. The wheel seals are around $4.00 each - for your vehicle. Source: for the repalcement parts.
  • djskoob
    djskoob - 1997 Honda Accord - Brakes - 11/17/2012
    Why does my car shake when I apply brakes and have a rumbling noise when cruising?
    The rumbling noise sounds kinda like when a tire has a dent in it or off shape but it does it at all cruising speeds. And the car shakes when the brakes are applied and both problems seem to be coming from the front end if car
    • Joe Boulay
      11/17/2012 Joe Boulay
      It sounds like your brake rotors may have excessive run out causing the brake pulsation. It also sounds like you may have a bad wheel bearing or both bearings.
      Hope this helps you :)
      [email protected]
  • coolgirlracing
    coolgirlracing - 1995 Honda Accord - Brakes - 11/17/2012
    Can you DIY on rotors for this car or do you need to bring it to a shop?
    Removing bolts
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  • Rock
    • rory
      9/10/2012 rory
      check the switch at the brake pedal
      9/10/2012 HouseCallAuto
    • RC
      9/10/2012 RC
      Check the brake light switch at the pedal
    • RC
    • Stephens
      11/13/2012 Stephens
      I fixed this on an old accord one time.

      On mine - there was a small rubber piece that fit in a hole on the petal bracket. This rubber pressed in the button on the brake switch. The rubber piece got brittle and fell off the petal. If I remember right - it would press the button on the switch when you let off the brake petal - thus turning off the brake light. When you pressed in the petal - it would pull away from the switch and the lights would come on. Someone correct me if I have that backwards.

      I glued a penny over the hole and it worked fine. Temporary fix.

      The best fix is to replace the rubber piece - because the penny could damage the switch over time - but that car was too close to the grave to worry about such things.

      You can test to see if it's the switch by pressing in the button with your finger or a tool and have someone tell you if the lights go out.
  • ojmotors
    ojmotors - 2008 Honda Civic - Brakes - 11/9/2012
    The brake piddle is very hard
    Mileage : 28,000 We changed A.B.S pump and we tried to bleed the brake , When driving and all the time
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  • miahhunter87
    miahhunter87 - 2002 Honda Civic - Brakes - 11/6/2012
    My e brake light wont turn off, but it would go off so I could drive it. now the car wont go as if the brakes are on.
    The e brake light has been on for a while now. My car is a manual and it drove fine today. Then all of a sudden I cant get it to drive as if the regular and e brake is still on.
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  • sheilabe58
    • Joe Boulay
      10/22/2012 Joe Boulay
      You have two fuse boxes in your vehicle, One is under the hood, and one is under the dashboard drivers side. Look in your owners manual if you still are unable to locate them.Hope this helps.
      [email protected]
  • haze
    haze - 1989 Honda Prelude - Brakes - 10/13/2012
    My 1989 Honda prelude , was stalling when I hit the brakes more suddenly,or aggressively. than lightly .I have been told
    It could be Many things . Any suggestions will be appreciated,it has 200k running strong. Although it just stopd stalling. Weird?
    • rick
      10/13/2012 rick
      My kid has the same car . Had same thing going on . After some checking found a hole in the rubber hose between the mass air flow sensor and the intake . Also check ALL the vaccum lines for cracks . That things not what you call new anymore . The rubber gets hard over time and cracks or breaks .
  • misty
    • olds40316mm
      10/7/2012 olds40316mm
      I hope you lubricated the slide pins or slides so that the caliper balances it's self out so you don't wear the inside pad out first
    • Bill
      10/7/2012 Bill
      Not sure what question is Misty
      10/7/2012 misty
      Would that be the reason why my brake light is now on, and I have no brakes
      10/7/2012 Bill
      Alright now we are getting more information trickling in. Did you bleed the calipers.
    • misty
      10/7/2012 misty
      No, didn't know I had to. I didn't take off any hoses
    • misty
      10/7/2012 misty
      I didn't realize my whole question didn't post
    • misty
      10/7/2012 misty
      Inserted new pads, now brake light is on , and I have no brakes, pedal goes all the way to the floor
      10/7/2012 CVO
      There is no brake pressure in the master cylinder and that triggers the brake light on the dashboard.

      Try to pump the brake pedal ( a few times ) to settle the fluid in the caliper. If the problem still persists, see this link How to Bleed Brakes
      FAQ and Step-by-Step Instructions
      10/8/2012 CVO
      Correction. There is no warning switches on the master cylinder. Check the wiring harness for the fluid low warning. It might disconnect and activate the brake light on the dashboard.
  • Krystal Kosh
    Krystal Kosh - 1998 Honda Accord - Brakes - 9/26/2012
    What is wrong with my car?
    The brake pedal has to be pressed all the way to the floor before it will start to begin to brake and the brake will give sometimes and I'll slide a very little.
    • clayton
      9/26/2012 clayton
      check ur brakes sounds like they need change also check fluid this should fix ur problem
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/26/2012 HouseCallAuto
      If the brake fluid is down in the reservoir then it is possible that you have a brake fluid leak from a rusted through steel brake line. If that is the case, if you fill the master and begin to pump the brake pedal you should see brake fluid begin to drip from someplace under the car.
  • kenny911
    kenny911 - 1996 Honda Passport - Brakes - 9/26/2012
    Brakes are very mushy.
    Just bought vehicle. Brakes are very mushy and go all the way to the floor before stopping. What is the cause?
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  • Mr. Thomas
    Mr. Thomas - 2003 Honda Accord - Brakes - 9/24/2012
    I get a really bad vibration when I apply my breaks. Why?
    The vibration is worse with greater speed. Feel like I'm running over a rumble strip.