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  • chris
    chris - 1999 Honda Civic - Brakes - 5/23/2012
    At slow speeds coming to a stop my brakes make a grinding sound, what does this mean? I hear it in the front
    Only at slow speeds around 5 miles per hour do I hear the noise
    • Oxides
      5/23/2012 Oxides
      it probably means you need to get your brakes looked at.
  • cooter
    cooter - 1995 Honda Accord - Brakes - 5/20/2012
    Brake pedal spongy, goes to the floor
    Just put on new front hoses, disc pads, rear shoes, and bled all four corners (rr,lr, rf, then lf in that order). Thinking master cylinder could be bad
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  • eric
    eric - 1997 Honda Civic del Sol - Brakes - 5/6/2012
    What should be the problem when an airflow sound came out when you pull back the brakes?
    Mileage is 117000, no work done yet, every time you pull the brake pedal back this air flow sound starts and even sometimes the pedal goes down, it occurs when you push and pull the brakes,the problem starts last week, the sound seems to be from the master cyl. or ...
    • CVO
      5/6/2012 CVO
      Check the brake power booster, have a helper to pump the brakes and listen it to the vacuum leaks.
      Leaks are the No. 1 culprit in having to replace units for brake boosters.

      5/7/2012 eric
      thank you very much for your help, I will check it right away, just need to ask if this helper part is the one located at the left side of the booster were the lines also goes?
      5/7/2012 CVO
      " Helper " means another person to pump the brake pedal and you're the one to listen to the vacuum noise.
  • thegreatone
    thegreatone - 2002 Honda Civic - Brakes - 4/27/2012
    When should I replace the rotors and timing belt?
    Rotors and timing belt
    • Slim
      4/27/2012 Slim
      Rotors should last 100K miles easily, unless they get warped due to heat. Timing belt gets replaced every 60K miles if you drive in temps under 20F and over 110F regularly. Otherwise, every 110K miles.
  • dan
    dan - 2008 Honda Fit - Brakes - 4/27/2012
    My anti lock brakes engage when I hit a pot hole, what will cause this
    What will cause this
    • Spoon Sports
      1/23/2012 Spoon Sports
      Probably the ABS sensors being shaken by the hit. Im online, i can only speculate. Theres no way i can find out what the problem is for real without looking at it personally.
    • Slim
      4/27/2012 Slim
      You must be have your foot on the brake pedal to know/feel when your ABS is on. When u hit a pot hole, your tire momentarily loses grip with the road surface and hops "on air" for a bit. Its probably just a vibration (jolt) you feel from uneven road surface ( pot hole). ABS system is only engaged during braking, to prevent brake lockup during slippery conditions (water, snow, ice ).
  • Jim Kraemer
    Jim Kraemer - 2008 Honda Odyssey - Brakes - 4/19/2012
    When the brake is applied over speeds of 60 MPH, I get a shaking in the steering wheel. I've replaced the tires.
    Even after changing the tires i still get the shaking in the steering wheel. All the suspension components are tight. I also replaced the brakes and rotors about a year ago and they still look good.
    • bentley eversley
      4/19/2012 bentley eversley
      Sounds like your problem may be worpped brake rotors, have them checked by your machanic or tire shop. You can't see worpped rotors, don't go by the fact that you change them a year ago. I take it you only get the virbration when braking? get back to me and good luck with it.
      bentley eversley
      4/20/2012 Jim Kraemer
      Thanks, I'll let you know.
      bentley eversley
      4/21/2012 Jim Kraemer
      That took care of the problem. Thanks
  • djzj
    djzj - 2000 Honda Civic - Brakes - 4/19/2012
    My brakes are lock up after its been parked after I drive for a bit it loosens but if press the brakes it does it again
    When I press the gas pedal it feels like my brakes are holding mr car
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  • sp00kie
    sp00kie - 1998 Honda Accord - Brakes - 4/18/2012
    How long can I safely change the front brake pads without turning the rotors? Is there a good rule of thumb? Thankx!
    I don't have a guage to measure the runout.
    • rick
      4/18/2012 rick
      They are easy to take off and most parts stores can check them for you . And most times you can buy new ones for not much more than the cost of turning the ones you got .
    • RC
      4/18/2012 RC
      There is no rule of thumb. The rotors have a minimum thickness and runout spec. Sometimes you can judge the rotor wear by the lip on the end, and you can judge runout by vibrations.
  • mike
    • EG9 K20A3
      4/18/2012 EG9 K20A3
      Well, the new brake pads are thicker and might still be rubbing against the rotor, either that or didnt install them properly and is still wedging against the rotor. Or you might have sticking calipers.
  • bojovel
    bojovel - 2001 Honda CR-V - Brakes - 4/14/2012
    Rear brake
    • CVO
      4/14/2012 CVO
      Raise and safely support the vehicle. Remove the rear wheels.
      Remove the brake caliper mounting bolts and remove the caliper without disconnecting the brake fluid line. Support the caliper so it does not hang on the brake line.
      Remove the brake pads and retaining clips from the caliper.
      If equipped with caliper-activated parking brakes; use tool J-37617 or equivalent, to rotate the piston clockwise until it retracts into the bore. Align the notches of the piston face so the centerline of the notches is perpendicular to the centerline of the mounting bosses.

      To install:

      Install the new brake pads and clips in the caliper and install the caliper in the mounting bracket.
      Tighten the caliper mounting bolts to 12-17 ft. lbs. (16-24 Nm), or 32 ft. lbs. (43 Nm) on vehicles with shoe-type parking brakes.
      Install the rear wheels. Check the brake fluid level.
      Pump the brake pedal until pressure is felt before moving the vehicle.

      For additional information, see this .................
    CHARLES E - 2006 Honda Civic - Brakes - 4/11/2012
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  • Kristie
    • CVO
      3/31/2012 CVO
      Check the brake light switch, see this Fig. Fig. 1: Testing the brake light switch

      Remove the switch from the vehicle.
      Using an ohmmeter, check for continuity between both terminals. The readings should indicate no continuity with the plunger pushed in, and continuity with the plunger released.
      If the switch fails to meet these conditions, replace it.
  • Btreschel
    Btreschel - 2002 Honda Accord - Brakes - 3/28/2012
    Brake sensor
    My car won't shift out of park when I press brakes and my car starters kill switch is the brakes but that doesn't work so it must be my brake sensor. How do I fix it?
  • juaniyoz3
    juaniyoz3 - 1998 Honda Civic - Brakes - 3/28/2012
    Drum to disc conversion
    My car has rear drum brakes, i wanted to convert them to disc brakes, can i just buy new front disc brakes to do the conversion? is it even possible?
    • EG9 K20A3
      3/23/2012 EG9 K20A3
      Nope, you also have to buy other stuff.

      This was my approach since i bought them surplus, a lot easier actually and cheaper. If you want something with about stock performance why not stay oem? You'll be paying an arm and a leg by going completely aftermarket and I doubt you would find an aftermarket kit that isn't race oriented.

      In your case you can also try this

      Source: I did the same on my EG Civic.
      EG9 K20A3
      3/24/2012 EG9 K20A3
      If you have more Civic questions, keep on asking chief. Im a die hard fan of the model.
      EG9 K20A3
      3/26/2012 juaniyoz3
      i saw that on the first picture you have the oem brakes with the control arm, Would i have to also change that or do i only need the brakes?
    • EG9 K20A3
      3/28/2012 EG9 K20A3
      Not really, you just need the brakes, reason why i also got the trailing arm with the brakes is for the ease of installation. All i did was disconnect the brake lines, dropped it and installed the new one.
  • mike188
    mike188 - 2006 Honda CR-V - Brakes - 3/23/2012
    Video Link to Noise My Car is Making Not sure if it's brakes, debris stuck somewhere, or something else? Description: Noise is inconsistent. It happens both when I am not touching the brakes and when I am braking. The only time it doesn't happen is when I am at a complete ...
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