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  • Joseph
  • george
    • olds40316mm
      10/6/2012 olds40316mm
      Try adjusting the rear brakes (adjusters are probably stick) that will get you a full pedal But as for your pedel bleeding down makes me think your replacement master cylinder is still at fault
  • david
    david - 2004 GMC Yukon - Brakes - 10/5/2012
    What is c0298 and c0265 codes
    Abs light comes on
    • felplay auto repair.
      c0265 it has to do with the ground on the frame.. All these look to involve wiring problem as the modulo..

    • HouseCallAuto
      10/5/2012 HouseCallAuto
      I cannot tell you a cause because the cause is not clear because you have both these codes present at the same time.

      For the C0298 >>

      1. At the Electronic Brake Traction Control Module (EBTCM) disconnect and check for voltage on the Orange/Black wire at pin B4. Turn the key on, engine off. The expected voltage is 5.0 volts.

      2. If 5 volts are present raise the Underhood Electrical Center (UHEC). Inspect the wiring for rodent damage.

      3. If no problem is found, verify the Tan/Black wire is good to the Green connector at the PCM on pin 5. 5 volts should be present there also.

      4. If not, locate and repair the open circuit in the Tan/Black wire.

      For the C0265 >>

      1. Verify 12 volts power on the Red wire, and ground on the Black wire, at the two pin connector to the Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM).

      2. Disconnect the plug from the bottom of the EBCM going to the motor. Then power and ground those wires and verify the motor runs and how it sounds.

      3. If the motor runs and sounds fine, then the EBCM has to be replaced.

      4. If the motor does not run, replace the motor and retest to see if the code returns.

      5. Calibrate the tire size using the scanner after replacing the EBCM. If replacement is necessary, you will have to have someone program the tire size into it using a shop grade professional scan tool.

      The pump motor relay is built internally of the EBCM and can only be serviced as the whole EBCM. Also note that if the pump motor is bad, it can damage the relay from too much current draw.

      Note; the EBCM and the EBTCM are two different components. I believe that these two codes have the same cause as there are shared circuitry between them relating to serial data communication. When you find the cause for one it willolve the other as well. Good luck, thats all I got.
      10/6/2012 josh
      The EBCM and EBTCM are one in the same, and only one can exist on a vehicle at a time. EBCM= electronic brake control module, EBTCM- electronic brake and traction control module. It will have one or the other depending on whether or not it has traction control. Now the EBCM/EBTCM and the BPMV are two different components! Note: the new module will need software programming as well as tire size configuration.
  • tomstud408
    tomstud408 - 2000 GMC Savana 3500 - Brakes - 9/29/2012
    When bleeding brake lines....
    When bleeding brake lines do you hold down the brake pedal with bleeder open as air escapes, then once steady stream of brake fluid appears close bleeder and then release brake pedal? This would require two people. Just a yes or no answer would be great. Thanks for ...
  • tomstud408
    tomstud408 - 2000 GMC Savana 3500 - Brakes - 9/28/2012
    I repaired a wrought section of 3/16 brakeline now I need to bleed it, how do I properly bleed all air from brake lines?
    I just don't know the steps to be taken. I'm a licensed plumber this is my work van I make all repairs myself so I know the mechanics of the vehicle pretty well but this is a first for me. Thanks I appreciate the help
  • Rich D
    Rich D - 2006 GMC Envoy - Brakes - 9/9/2012
    There is a wabble in the front end when braking at high speed. New brakes,rotors,tires and alignment. Still wabbling !
    I felt the wabble so I got the new brakes and rotors. Needed new tires, and had a bad tie rod so got that fixed and an alignment. Still have the wabble.
    • mikes auto specialty/ mike baker
      check stabilizer arms and bushings and inner and outer tyrods both upper and lower
      mikes auto specialty/ mike baker
      8/20/2012 Rich D
      Had the lower passenger tie rod replaced, they supposedly checked the entire suspension. But you can never know. Thanks!!
    • HouseCallAuto
      8/19/2012 HouseCallAuto
      If the *shudder* or *wobble* only happens when braking and it shakes the steer wheel, then your cause is rotors in the front or the surface that the rotors lay against is not clean and may be binding the rotor at the hub center, too snug a fit because of rotors out of tolerance for center hole size combined with rust buildup at the wheel hub. Or, the rotors you got are defective. It happens. i just did brakes and rotors fpr the same reason on a 2010 Town and Country. After installing the rotors It seemed worse. It was not my imagination. A second set of rotors cured the problem.
      9/1/2012 joe
      right on HouseCallAuto! can't say it any better
    • AutoMe
      9/9/2012 AutoMe
      check to be sure that you do not have a stuck piston in a calliper. Be sure that both brake pads are moving freely. The wear on your rotors should be the same on inner and outer surfaces, both right and left. If one is stuck it would distort the rotor, resulting in the shrudder you feel.
  • Rod
    Rod - 2001 GMC Sonoma - Brakes - 9/8/2012
    Abs light on followed by red brake light
    Intermittent problem first abs amber light then red brake light
    • Brandon
      9/8/2012 Brandon
      I had a similar issue with my ABS light coming on mainly when I started up then slowly flicker away but would pop on intermittently. After ruling out worn pads or bad wheel sensors I ended replacing the abs module and my ABS light has not come back on since. The ABS module new from the dealer is was nearly $1000 I bought a used one for $130 from ebay
  • Angela
    Angela - 2009 GMC Acadia - Brakes - 9/7/2012
    Spongy brakes occur when gently decelerating.
    The car has 54,000 miles on it. Problem began about two weeks ago. Brake fluid is full. I must sometimes pump the brake twice or more to get it to respond.
  • tom w.
    tom w. - 1996 GMC Sonoma - Brakes - 9/5/2012
    My right brake light is out. Replaced with new bulb, but still nothing. Any suggestions?
    It seem I have no power to right brake light. Any help would be appreciated.
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  • michelek
    • CVO
      9/4/2012 CVO
      1.Check the wheel sensor harness, they could been removed and didn't tighten back to their designated position.They might banging back and forth, causing the abs, brake light to illuminate.

      2.See a repair shop to retrieve the ABS codes

      3. Or see this OTC 9450 Bilingual OBD II Scan Tool, ABS and Airbag (SRS) Code Reader
      by OTC to retrieve the fault codes.
  • george a gaines
    george a gaines - 1998 GMC K1500 - Brakes - 9/3/2012
    My trucks brakes dn't work well
    replaced brakes (front & rear) , master cylinder, bleed each wheel and can't seem to get good stopping application from my brakes and pedal goes all the to the floorboard
    • olds40316mm
      9/3/2012 olds40316mm
      When you bleed the brakes pump the pedel till it stiffens up then have someone open a bleeder push hard the pedel will go down close that bleeder and keep pushing and have them open a different bleeder till the pedel goes all the to the floor repeat this several times I think that the perportioning valve is stuck .It will move once the bleeder on the apply side has no pressure holding that in place Good Luck
  • geno sanders
    geno sanders - 2003 GMC Yukon XL 1500 - Brakes - 8/10/2012
    How do you tell for sure a wheel bearong assembly is bad(on a 2003 GMC YUKON SLT
    I WENT TO A SHOP TO GET A BREAK JOB,AFTER CHECKING THEY SAID MY BREAKS WERE OK but the wheel bearing on left front was bad causing my brake light come on,i didn't get it done right then and have been driving it for more than three months and can't tell i have a ...
    • Jimm
      8/10/2012 Jimm
      First step - have the warning light (stored fault code) scanned -for free - at any local auto parts store, such as; Advance Auto, Auto Zone, NAPA. Try the 'How-To-Guides' feature on the AutoMD website for the specific steps to inspect and diagnose the front suspension and bearings.
  • Fotbal
    Fotbal - 2002 GMC Yukon - Brakes - 8/10/2012
    ABS and Emergency break light on intermittently.
    What could cause my emergency brake light and anti-lock brake to both come intermittently while driving. On a 2002 yukon
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