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  • stroup04
    stroup04 - 2009 GMC Yukon - Brakes - 4/28/2015
    Grinding noise from left front wheel when turning left
    Started hearing a grinding noise when only turning left from my front left tire region. Only has 50k kilometres on it. Just got a new bumper put on it after I hit a snow bank at very slow speed. It did not make the noise until a week after I got the bumper fixed. ...
    • GT500Knights
      4/24/2015 GT500Knights
      Take your car to a brake and suspension shop. A visual inspection should reveal what's going on. It is possible a pebble got lodged between splash shield and rotor. Could be bearing noise depending on severity of grinding.
    • stroup04
      4/27/2015 stroup04
      Took it in to the dealership I bought it from. Ended up being the wheel bearing on the front right side eventhough I could of swore the noise was coming from the drivers side. Luckily for me I had purchased the extended warranty and only cost me a $100 deductible. Gt500knights thank you for answering me. Really appreciate it.
    • Teddy B
      4/28/2015 Teddy B
      Better do both sides at the same time

      The other side will fail eventually

      May as well have two new Hub Ass'y both the same
      age & miles

      I will only do both sides of any suspension part
      at one time

      You hit something & damaged a front suspension component (common sense)
      Why else would the alignment seem off & why was that not addressed when the new hub went on?
  • jeff
    jeff - 2004 GMC C6500 Topkick - Brakes - 3/15/2015
    Brake lights on dash will not shut off,and battery warning light OFF when idle, give it gas and light comes on and gauge
    goes to max. some time the all the gauges move on then off then on truck runs fine
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  • Jim
    Jim - 2013 GMC Terrain - Brakes - 2/23/2015
    What is causing a burning rubber smell from the left front wheel?
    As I was driving about 5 or 6 miles, when I came to a traffic light, I smelled a burning rubber odor inside the car. When I arrived at my destination, about 3 more miles, I checked all four wheels and the odor was coming from the left front wheel. The tire seems ok ...
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  • Jim
    Jim - 2013 GMC Terrain - Brakes - 2/23/2015
    What could be causing me to smell rubber burning from my left front wheel?
    As I was driving, when I came to a traffic light, I smelled a rubber odor in the car. when I arrived at my destination, I check all four wheels and the odor was coming from the left front wheel. The tire seems ok. 14,000 miles
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  • shai.smith
    shai.smith - 1999 GMC Yukon - Brakes - 2/8/2015
    I just bought a 4 door 1999 gmc yukon non of my brake lights work nor do my blinkers,whats my problem
    i just bought a 1999 gmc yukon (4door) and non of my brake lights work nor do my blinkers (front and back),whats my blinkers were working until my father tried to fix my car but now they headlights work but are very dim and tail lights ...
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  • Melissa
    Melissa - 2004 GMC Envoy - Brakes - 1/10/2015
    Changed brakes, rotors and calipers bleed the brakes and when started the car there was no brake
    Went to bleed them again and can not get any fluid. The cylinder is full of fluid.
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  • Mr Beemer
    Mr Beemer - 1998 GMC Jimmy - Brakes - 12/30/2014
    Why did my brakes stop working
    there is no fluid leaks but emergency brake is not working and now both front and back brakes do not work
    • GT500Knights
      12/30/2014 GT500Knights
      As far as fluid leaks go, did you check the master cylinder? Check where it mounts to up against the booster. Should not be any leaks. And when you say brakes are not working do mean completely no braking at all when stepping on the brake pedal? Or do you have some braking power but have to use two feet to stop? If you answered yes to second question, it may be a brake booster issue.

      Did you check the fluid level? Check the reservoir. Even if you have had it topped off, you wil need the brake lines bled free of air.

      If no brake lines are leaking, check into leaky calipers or wheel cylinders. Though you may not have leaky brake lines, the calipers or wheel cylinders can leak enough to drain the master cylinder reservoir empty, and then suck air into the system.

      The parking brake not working can be due to broken or missing hardware in the rear brakes, a broken parking brake cable, or way under-adjusted drum brakes.
  • Hollis
    Hollis - 2003 GMC Sonoma - Brakes - 12/18/2014
    ABS Light and brake light comes on. How difficult to fix?
    Just replaced front brake pads
    • Teddy B
      12/18/2014 Teddy B
      You would have to know what the problem was before anyone
      could weigh in on the difficulty part

      If the front pads were replaced I would think someone put the
      problem in there from sloppy work
  • 812dobie420
    812dobie420 - 1998 GMC C1500 - Brakes - 12/10/2014
    Why doesnt my breaks fell spongy after changing rear end and wont let bleed break line
    Changed rear end from 3:73 to 3:42 does this matter
    • Teddy B
      12/10/2014 Teddy B
      How are you bleeding the brakes? Need two people to do that

      You have to do all four corners & any abs module

      Not supposed to feel spongy (you got it backwards)
      Teddy B
      12/10/2014 812dobie420
      Just dont have a peddle and light is on took to shop they said they couldnt fix it due to ratio being off
    • Teddy B
      12/10/2014 Teddy B
      They can bleed the brakes & resolve that issue
      You can do that yourself as well

      The front drive shaft you remove for now

      Then you rebuild/repair your old axle houseing or switch
      the gears to the new one
  • crouchmoney
    • clinton sampson
      12/7/2014 clinton sampson
      there is a control box under hood on firewall it was a recall but they said its too late but they have a replacement
  • mike
    mike - 2000 GMC Jimmy - Brakes - 12/2/2014
    What is the torque setting on 2000 Jimmy 4x4 front wheel bearing hub nut?
    I've heard numerous figures from 90-200 ft lbs. That's quite a wide range. I want to know correct answer…
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  • mfree1
    mfree1 - 1997 GMC Sonoma - Brakes - 9/22/2014
    Brake light goes out if press brake hard
    When brake is pressed softly you can hear the first of three contact in brake switch make and brake lights come on. If you push harder you will hear another set of contacts click and brake lights go out. So anytime you press hard on the brake, the brake lights will ...
    • jdl
      9/22/2014 jdl
      At the moment, I suspect your brake switch. If the position of the brake switch is adjustable, I guess you could try adjusting?
  • Drew ingram
    Drew ingram - 2004 GMC Savana 3500 - Brakes - 9/20/2014
    Why such a violent shaking when going 45mph and hit the brakes
    Changed shoes , calipers and rotors to no avail
    • Wray's Auto Service
      Replace or machine front brake rotors should solve this issue.
    • Jimm
      9/20/2014 Jimm
      If the front brakes are OK - new pads, brake shoes and rotors, then check the front wheel bearings - be sure the bearing preload (tightness / looseness) when the rotors are installed is OK.
  • Nester Espiritu
    Nester Espiritu - 2007 GMC Savana 3500 - Brakes - 9/19/2014
    i am working on GMC savana ABS light is on but I cannot communicate with EBCM, all other modules has no communication problem and the only code I got is U1000, I have a power and ground to the EBCM, purple wire and brown wire are ok LB wire is also intact. DLC ...
  • Mike
    Mike - 2004 GMC Sierra 2500 - Brakes - 8/24/2014
    Brake calipers. Froze up. One at a time, but all 4
    Replaced LF caliper due to lock up, very shortly after RF caliper locked up. After replacement immediately Rear calipers locked up. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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