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  • cky516
    cky516 - 1995 Eagle Talon - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 3/5/2015
    Why is my rear diff blowing out?
    i have put 2 rear diffs in this car and the same problem keeps happening.. the rear keeps blowing out... what is a common problem with these cars or what are somethings that could cause this to happen
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  • timuh60
    timuh60 - 1995 Eagle Talon - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 7/9/2013
    Transmission will not shift out of second gear
    I recently rebuilt the engine in my sons 95' Eagle Talon Tsi. It ran fine after rebuilt. I replaced the dash from a dodge avenger out of a salvage yard into the talon to change the color to black. After installing the dash the transmission will not shift into any ...
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  • Jim
    Jim - 1997 Eagle Talon - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/13/2013
    Back up lights don't work.
    I replaced both bulbs, checked the fuse, and replaced switch on the manual transmission. What else could it be?
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  • hugo
    hugo - 1994 Eagle Vision - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 8/29/2012
    Dashboard with gear selection
    in the instrument panel lights are indicating that is progress, but give these lights are kept contact all on, you could be missing a bad sensor or the PCM is damaged? (automatic car).
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  • Octavio Vasquez
    Octavio Vasquez - 1995 Eagle Talon - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 7/8/2012
    Car start but wont advance (manual transmission)
    • RC
      4/26/2010 RC
      Need more information. Could be the clutch
      4/26/2010 Octavio Vasquez
      I had some smoke coming out of the plastic sleeve from the clutch, the car changed gears pretty smooth and all of a sudden the car just stop advancing, again the car starts with no issues but no gears respond not even reverse
    • Mandito1
      7/8/2012 Mandito1
      I'm having the same problem I can put clutch down and shift all gears but only the rpm revs up, car won't move
  • Stephanie
    Stephanie - 1993 Eagle Vision - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 5/17/2012
    Car will not shift out of second gear after car warms up
    1) 177,000 miles, 2) transmission shifts fine when engine is cold. After engine warms up, it won't shift out of second 3) This occurs everytime we drive it 4) started about 3 weeks ago 5) There are no warning lights. Check engine light is NOT on
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  • sacks
    sacks - 1992 Eagle Talon - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 1/9/2012
    Do I have to rebuild the tranny?
    The throw out bearing broke inside the tranny and I don't know how to get it out
    • don
      1/9/2012 don
      throw out bearing is part of the clutch you don't have to rebuild your trans............... just replace your clutch'the throw out bearing will come with it.......................
  • irish71eagle
    irish71eagle - 1997 Eagle Talon - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 8/10/2011
    My speedometer/ odometer doesnt work. I changed the vehicle speed sensor but still nothing... What is wrong?
    • Spoon Sports
      8/10/2011 Spoon Sports
      The last Honda on which I reparied this problem required an instrument cluster. We got a used one with less than 2,000 miles more than the original.

      BUT, do you have problems in shifting? Because if that is the case, It sounds to me like you just have a bad drive gear inside the transmission. Remove the speed sensor from the transmission and reach into the hole and see if the gear has come loose from the differential carrier. If the gear is tight check the voltage and ground to the sensor, the Yellow wire should have 8-9 volts, the Black/Light Green should be a good ground and with the sensor plugged in turn the gear and the Yellow/White wire should switch from 5 volts to 0 volt.
  • John
    John - 1995 Eagle Talon - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 8/1/2011
    My speedometer doesn't work I brought the car that way. Shop says it needs a speed sensor can't get one for a manual
    The check engine light is also on but I need to know where I can get a speed sensor for a manual transmission I have tried napa, autozone, adavance, and the dealership
    • Spoon Sports
      8/1/2011 Spoon Sports
      Well if thats the case, then we have to options

      1. Scrapyard
      2. Virtual Scrapyard

      Check this site out if you will be able to find your part though. The pics are specific so you can compare
  • Omer Lav
    Omer Lav - 1995 Eagle Talon - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 5/26/2011
    Automatic transmission slips. Repaired once but after 500 miles slips again.
    While I am driving on "D", it goes to "nutreal" or blocks on one gear. I stop the engine and start again it goes normal for a while and then having the same problem. An other symptom is; while it goes normal on "D" if I push the gas pedal for a lower gear it makes a ...
    • yboy82
      4/26/2011 yboy82
      It could be electrical, if the fault of your vehicle's proble is stuck/damaged main control solenoid. If possible verify if there is a stored trouble code in your PCM.
      4/28/2011 Omer Lav
      Hello yboy82,
      At first I would like to thank you for your answer. I will check main control solenoid and inform you. Have a good day without any problem... Omar
    • Spoon Sports
      4/26/2011 Spoon Sports
      It can be because of automatic transmission bands, which are rubberized bands linking together the gears within an automatic transmission, are vital to transmission gear shifting and operation. Worn or broken transmission bands can disrupt automatic transmission gear function and allow gears to slip out of place.

      Vacuum pressure, supplied directly from a vehicle's running engine, plays a large part in automatic transmission function. Vacuum pressure helps to keep automatic transmission fluid moving and under set pressure guidelines; any disruption of vacuum pressure to an automatic transmission can cause a variety of transmission problems, including transmission gear slippage.

      An automatic transmission torque converter, which is a high-powered hydraulic pump responsible for pressurizing automatic transmission fluid, can cause a transmission to slip if it loses its ability to generate enough force to properly pressurize transmission fluid.
      Spoon Sports
      4/28/2011 Omer Lav
      Hello Spoon Sports,
      At first I would like to thank you for your answer. I will follow your suggestions and inform you. Have a good day without any problem... Omar
    • yboy82
      4/29/2011 yboy82
      Your welcome Omer Lav. Goodluck.
    • Spoon Sports
      5/26/2011 Spoon Sports
      Good Luck!!!!
  • miguelcervantes
    miguelcervantes - 1993 Eagle Vision - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 3/31/2011
    Transmission leaks between motor and transmission
  • tinkerer
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Check the transmission fluid if low or contaminated and have it changed with new filter. If the problem persists, it bad because is suggest and internal damaged, and only rebuilding is the solution for that.
      3/17/2011 JOSEPH JEUDY
  • AKAirmid
    AKAirmid - 1995 Eagle Summit - Transmissions & Drivetrains - 3/10/2011
    My Eagle has started whining when I accelerate and then when I am going slow she chuggs/jerks. Where do I start?
    It does not whine everytime I accelerate but it is more and more often. It has just over 96000 miles. I just bought it about a month ago. I've had the oil changed, transmission flushed, radiator flushed and one of the belts replaced. Just about 3 days ago, the ...
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      It could be the flex plate is loose, where the torque converter is attached. Check that one and fix it accordingly. Check also the catalytic converter and PCV valve if clogged for chugging issue.
  • brent
    • yboy82
      3/9/2011 yboy82
      It is possible, you have to diagnose your vehicle with a scan tool to determine if there is a stored trouble code in your PCM. Also check the condition of your brake light switch it might be stuck/defective.