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  • Jessica
    Jessica - 1995 Eagle Vision - Body & Interior - 3/9/2015
    Is there a way to stop the overhead lights from coming on when you open a door?
    I want to be able to open my door without lights coming on if that is possible
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  • ktloucamp
    ktloucamp - 1995 Eagle Vision - Body & Interior - 2/5/2013
    Thin metal bar under gas tank broken off on one side, dragging on ground. Could be tempered.
    Appears to have been flush with gas tank (can see outline) and attached on either side. Low clearance so can't see exactly how it was attached.
    • Ray
      2/5/2013 Ray
      Sounds like you need a tank strap or one of the L shaped latch bolts broke. What is your question?
  • RJ
    • CVO
      9/28/2011 CVO
      Local auto parts stores will have those in stock or Junk yards too.
  • kerb681
    kerb681 - 1996 Eagle Talon - Body & Interior - 6/5/2011
    1998 Eagle talon...dash lights
    I have no dash lights or ac lights when i turn on the parking lights or headlights
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  • Brandon
    Brandon - 1991 Eagle Talon - Body & Interior - 3/15/2011
    Why have my instrument cluster lights gone out all at once?
  • Joe B
    Joe B - 1994 Eagle Vision - Body & Interior - 2/28/2011
    How do I find and test the voltage Regulator?
    Battery is OverCharging, Gages going haywire.
    • Bill
      2/27/2011 Bill
      Voltage regulator may be an integral part of alternator(built-in) Have to change alternator in this situation.
    • HPI Vorza
      2/28/2011 HPI Vorza
      Start your car. You may need to use jumper cables to get it started. When you get the engine going, remove the cables and measure the voltage that runs through the battery terminals. The voltage should be somewhere between 12.8V and 14.7V. Anything higher than 14.7V indicates overcharging in the battery.

      Check for a faulty regulator if you find that the voltage regulator works like an electrical current that runs volts through the battery. If the voltage regulator goes bad, it can overcharge your car battery.

      Measure the voltage from the alternator. Again, the voltage should show a measurement between 12.8V and 14.7V. When you diagnose an overcharging battery, you need to always take a close look at the alternator because the alternator may be sending too much voltage to the battery.
  • emg111
    emg111 - 1997 Eagle Talon - Body & Interior - 2/17/2011
    Key is stuck in the ignition
    Didn't have the problem when we bought it 2 days ago, took it to the shop they couldn't remove the key. Got it home and tried like hell to get it out but still no way to get it to release.
    • yboy82
      2/17/2011 yboy82
      It is possible that your ignition cylinder is already defective.
  • Chels
    Chels - 1996 Eagle Talon - Body & Interior - 12/3/2010
    When i go to start my car it SOMETIMES won't start..why?
    When i go to start it, it will shut off, UNLESS i keep giving it gas and hurry up and start driving, yet if i come to a stop sign or light it will shut off again unless i keep giving it gas. I have no idea why it does this. But it did have a security system ...
      Chels how old is your battery if more than 3 years old i would replace it also i been told by a very smart man that chrysler is very sensative to low voltage have your battery tested and keep us posted on your findings............thank-you and good luck
    • tnharpman
      12/3/2010 tnharpman
      Joe makes a good point. Card are very sensitive to voltage levels due to all the electronics. Idle speed is controlled by the electronic control module("computer") and is a learned value. If the voltage is dropping to low, this value is erased and must be relearned, causing idle issues at startup. A known good battery is essential to every function on the car. Have it tested.
  • Chels
    Chels - 1996 Eagle Talon - Body & Interior - 12/3/2010
    The heat in my car will work till i start driven then it's like the air conditioning is turned on, why does it do this?
    My temp gage will read normal as my car sits there in park while i'm letting it warm up on cold days, but as soon as i begin driving my temp gage drops to below cold and all i get is cold air blowing in my car and it's freezing. I have no idea why it does this.
    • TechSam
      12/3/2010 TechSam
      You need to have the thermostat changed and make sure there is no air in the system when you fill antifreez. Your thermostat sticks in open position.
      12/3/2010 Chels
      Ok but it's was also doin just the opposite over the summer like id have the ac turned off but yet i'd just be driving around and for some reason it would still be blowing out heat and burnen me up. Would that be from the same problem? Or is this a whole new problem?