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  • Ed Sloan
    Ed Sloan - 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 - Brakes - 8/16/2012
    My brake light and ABS come on after I have been driving for 10 minutes or so.
    My brake pads and shoes are fine. I have an adequate amount of brake fluid in the resivoir. Could this be a speed sensor, since my cruise control is not working either?
    • Dodge hemi
      4/30/2012 Dodge hemi
      I just had same problem with my truck did a little checked around on internet found out could only be two things in which it was in the end. First found out the speed sensor are a big problem on these trucks and make both brake and abs light up on dash if that doesn't do the trick it could be that you have some play in your ebrake wire so try released your ebrake while pulling the lever up at same time and have you checked your fluids levels some time it could be something as small as that hope this help
      Dodge hemi
      4/30/2012 Ed Sloan
      Thank You, good on fluids, adjusted the Brake cable, I will drive it around and see what happens.
      Dodge hemi
      8/16/2012 connie
      mind douse the same thing and it is the speed sensor it saties on the top of the runend.
    • moon
      4/30/2012 moon
      chk release pedal
      4/30/2012 Ed Sloan
    • connie
      8/16/2012 connie
      mind douse the same thing and it is the speed sensor it saties on the top of the runed.
    • Mark A.M.D
      8/16/2012 Mark A.M.D
      Obvious problem with the ABS system, Scan the ECU and go from there.
      Could be wheel sensor faults, ABS Control module fault.
  • bob
    bob - 2002 Dodge Dakota - Brakes - 8/12/2012
    What is causing my brakes to pulsate, and how do I fix it?
    • Jimm
      8/12/2012 Jimm
      Usually, the vibration while braking is due to warped front brake rotors. Simply replace them and the problem will be resolved. When replacing the front brake rotors, be sure to check the front brake pads friction material thickness - if too thin, then replace the brake pads at the same time.
      Try the many on-line auto parts sources, such as; or for the replacement parts.
      For example, they (Rock Auto) list the front brake rotor from around $16.00 (each) and the brake pads for around $14.30 (axle set) - for your vehicle. Recommend to stick with name brands and the best quality parts for the brakes; look for; Raybestos, Timken, SKF, Bendix, Wagner, and Beck Arnley.
      Try the 'How-To-Guides' feature on the AutoMD website for the specific steps to replace the brake rotors - it's not a difficult task.
    • stephano2eghbp
      8/12/2012 stephano2eghbp
      I agree with jimm however sometimes a residue from the pads will make the brakes pulsate and grab taking into consideration that your pads have not worn into your rotor and still have wear left you can spray wd40 on the brake rotors pads and caliper . Do it when there not to hot after you spray them take a little time driving and applying light pressure to brakes . Do this along with spraying again you should see immediate improvement if not go with what jimm said
    • Jimm
      8/12/2012 Jimm
      Do not spray any lubricant (WD40) on the brake pads or caliper - this will cause loss of braking power / control and possibly causing an accident.
      If there is lubricant needed - it will be with the caliper sliding pins or bolts - in which case the front wheels and calipers need to be removed for this lubrication - using the correct white lithium grease for this purpose.
      8/12/2012 stephano2eghbp
      I promise you wont crash try it and let us know if it helps. This is standard factory approved practice in the aviation world every thing from chattering rotor brakes on helicopters to sticking brakes on jumbo jets i have not heard of any running off the end of the run way its worth a try and does not cost much. If it doesnt help you may can have your rotor or rotors turned at a fraction of the cost about 5 bucks around here i would change the pads with the rotors
  • breeves
    breeves - 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 - Brakes - 8/11/2012
    My brake lights are all but my third brake light ive already changed the brake light switch i dont know what to check
    when i noticed afuse was blown i changed it
    • littledan
      8/11/2012 littledan
      Sometimes there is a problem in the turn signal switch that is wired in with the brake lights. Check a junk yard and remove and replace.
  • J-Mac
    J-Mac - 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 - Brakes - 8/10/2012
    Brake transmission switch interlock solonoid
    I need a picture
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  • Richard
    Richard - 2008 Dodge Avenger - Brakes - 8/9/2012
    Squeaking brakes. Could air in brake lines cause this? Or if the pins are sticking and need to be greased?
    Squeaks randomly and I know a pin on one side of the rear is seized up. And I changed rotors and brake pads and didn't bleed the lines
    • Jimm
      8/9/2012 Jimm
      Usually, the squealing / squeaking sound is due to brake pads anti-squeal clip missing or anti-squeal gel not applied to the pads metal backing plates. Also, you'll need to remove the stcking pins to lubricate and/or service / replace - otherwise the sticking pins may cause the brake calipers to stick and pads premature wear.
  • acheatham847
    acheatham847 - 2004 Dodge Neon - Brakes - 8/5/2012
    Do I need new rear brakes?
    I reversed out of my parking space and switched into drive without the car being fully stopped. The car made a grinding noise by the passenger rear tire and would not go. So I put in into park and looked at the tire, which looked fine. Then I started to drive it and ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      8/5/2012 HouseCallAuto
      If you used your parking brake it may have become stuck and not fully released from the pass rear tire or else something in by the brakes on that side broke or came out of place when you moved the car. I think parking brake.
      8/5/2012 acheatham847
      No, the parking brake was not in use.
  • twydick
    twydick - 2005 Dodge Dakota - Brakes - 8/2/2012
    What do I need to convert my rear drum brakes to disk brakes?
    Please reply via e-mail to [email protected]
    • Jimm
      8/2/2012 Jimm
      You will need these parts; brake rotor (x 2),rear brake caliper (x 2), rear brake flexible hoses (x 2), brake proportioning valve (for disc brakes), rear disc brake pads, rear wheel bearings (both inner and outer) for the rear rotors, rear brake rotor seals (x2).
      Try the many on-line auto parts sources, such as;,, or for the replacement parts.
  • J-Mac
    J-Mac - 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 - Brakes - 7/31/2012
    No brake lights but reverse lights come on instead. What should I do?
    Some kind of magnetized switch connected to a wire fell down and I can't figure where it went.
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  • cjmartin
    cjmartin - 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 - Brakes - 7/28/2012
    Keep blowing #5 stop lamp fuse under the hood
    Where cold it short out all bulbs are new.
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/28/2012 HouseCallAuto
      Need to know if the fuse only blows after you step on the brake or does it blow right away as soon as the fuse is replaced.
  • diskrat
    diskrat - 2002 Dodge Caravan - Brakes - 7/19/2012
    How do I rep;ace brake lineleft side of van
    petal goes almost to floor before staping. fluid spots on grond left side
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/19/2012 HouseCallAuto
      You have to use a double flaring tubing set, this is not optional, it is required. Remove the leaking tubing by cutting the tubing beyond the rusted through and leaking area and fabricate a new line using the double flaring kit you will have to buy for about $30. A 25' roll of 3/16" brake line is about $20 and various flare unions and flare nuts may add another $10. Depending on where the tubing is leaking and how long a piece you are replacing, this job can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to complete. You may find a how to video on YouTube, try search YouTube for "rusted brake line repair"
  • Lois
    Lois - 2006 Dodge Caravan - Brakes - 7/16/2012
    What does it mean when the ABS light comes on?
    While driving on the free way it sounded like something dropped on the road then the ABS light appeared.
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  • jeepgirl29
    • CVO
      7/15/2012 CVO
      Anchor plate.
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/15/2012 HouseCallAuto
      When looking to buy a replacement, they call it the caliper bracket.
  • braxtonfullmer
    braxtonfullmer - 1988 Dodge 600 - Brakes - 7/14/2012
    If I have already bled the brakes, what else could be causing a soft brake pedal?
    Brakes work fine if I push suddenly or with more abrupt force but if I have been slowing down holding the brake for about 5 seconds and then try to come to a complete stop the brake pedal sinks to the floor and I loose majority of my brake power until I release it ...
    • Jimm
      7/14/2012 Jimm
      Several possibilities; air in the brake system, air in the master cylinder, leaking brake system - check the calipers and wheel cylinders for fluid leakage.
  • ms4eva21
    ms4eva21 - 2008 Dodge Avenger - Brakes - 7/12/2012
    Squeaking brakes?
    Trying to find out why my brakes are squeaking?
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/12/2012 HouseCallAuto
      I'll assume for the sake of this question that you have already replaced the brake pads. This time when you buy new pads, buy the pads at the dealer using genuine Chrysler pads and replace the rotors also. The rotors need not be from Chrysler.
  • objen
    objen - 1999 Dodge Dakota - Brakes - 7/12/2012
    Brakes locked up but work now. ideas?
    after driving a while. felt like brakes started locking up. pedal got stiff. this was even between all brakes no pulling to one side and pedal was not returning to its top position. decided I better get it home. I had to stop on side of highway could not go any ...
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