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  • paulmaryanski
    paulmaryanski - 1996 Dodge Ram 2500 - Body & Interior - 8/13/2013
    Why do my brake lights not work when I turn on my running lights
    they work ok when my running lights are off
    • wbrockstar
      8/9/2013 wbrockstar
      The only thing that comes to mind is,either the bulb sockets have corrossion on them or they got a bad ground.The bulb is tryin to use the ground from the running lights,so when thats happening the brake light no longer has power goin to it.There might also be a short which is only occuring when the running lights are on.
    • NELSON
      8/13/2013 NELSON
  • pjbonner42
    pjbonner42 - 1999 Dodge Durango - Body & Interior - 8/10/2013
    Can a front bumper of a 2001 dodge durango fit a 1999 model
    i have a hole in the top part of my two piece front bumper and i found a 2001 and i was wondering will it fit a 1999
    • wbrockstar
      8/10/2013 wbrockstar
      Yes the 01 bumper will fit,but youll also have to get different brackets because the brackets on yours wont fit the newer bumper
  • cox3846
    cox3846 - 1996 Dodge Avenger - Body & Interior - 7/31/2013
    How do I remove the ignition cylinder to repair or replace it? My key stays stuck in the "off/lock" position.
    The car is an automatic. I have already tried: WD-40, tapping the lock w/ a small hammer (key in & without), jiggled the steering wheel while jiggling/pushing in key, made sure the car was in park, pushing on brake pedal, emergency brake on & off & even had someone ...
    • CVO
      7/31/2013 CVO
      The Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR) system must be disarmed before working around the steering column. Failure to do so may cause accidental deployment of the air bags, resulting in unnecessary SIR system repairs and/or personal injury.

      Disarm the air bag system.
      Remove the left end instrument panel cover/fuse panel and remove the retaining screw holding the end of the instrument panel top cover.
      Remove the instrument panel center bezel.
      Remove the screws that secure the instrument panel top cover to the center of the instrument panel.
      Lift the instrument panel top cover enough to gain access to the knee bolster attaching screws.
      Remove the lower knee bolster attaching screws and knee bolster from the vehicle.
      Remove the lower steering column cover attaching screws. Pull down on the lower cover to clear the ignition key cylinder and key release (if equipped).
      Remove the lower steering column cover, sliding the cover forward while holding down the steering wheel tilt lever.
      Tilt the steering wheel down to the fully lowered position and remove the upper steering column cover.
      Remove the screws that hold the combination switch to the ignition lock housing.
      Place the ignition lock cylinder in the RUN position.
      Insert a small prying tool into the hole in the lower cover and depress the cylinder release tab.
      Remove the ignition lock cylinder from the steering column.

      For more information, go to
  • wbfhales
    wbfhales - 2002 Dodge Ram 3500 - Body & Interior - 7/22/2013
    I can't figure out how to get the battery holder out to get to the wiring for the driver side headlght. rats ate wiring
    Ive removed 4 bolts/nuts and its still firmly in there.
    • wbrockstar
      7/22/2013 wbrockstar
      Try this,cause its how an 06 model is.May/may not need to remove wheel.Sometimes there are 2 bolts that run through the plastic wheel well cover( the part that keeps water from getting into engine bay,between tire tire and fender.There are either 2 bolts goin through that part and into battery tray or youll have to remove that part completely to get to those 2 bolts
  • clarkbricar217
    clarkbricar217 - 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan - Body & Interior - 7/22/2013
    How to fix the air conditioner leaking on the floor board?
    while running air conditioner or defrost, i have water leaking on passenger side floor board
    • Jimm
      7/22/2013 Jimm
      The evaporator drain hose may be clogged and it's located underneath the chassis - near the passenger floor board. The drain hose simply drains off the moisture from the a/c system - from the evaporator on the interior (distributed through the cold air registers). Locate the hose and use a coat hanger wire to unplug it. Note: dirt / debris accumulation is the most likely cause of the hose plugged.
    • wbrockstar
      7/22/2013 wbrockstar
      Open hood and look on firewall way down near the bottom ( passenger side) or you might have to lay a piece of carpet down,then lie on your back and look for a hole usually has a black grommet around it.For easier way to locate,start van and turn air on to see if any water is coming out of this hole.Its called a weep hole and its clogged up.Take a coat hanger wire and run it into that hole until you clear the blockage and see water coming out.A pan sits under the ac core and if the weep hole gets clogged,the pan will fill up with water and overflow onto floorboard.If the same thing happens when you turn the heat on,then the heater core is leaking
  • epcr50
    epcr50 - 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan - Body & Interior - 7/17/2013
    No gauges working mileage doesn't light up
    no cluster lights speedometer tach gas gauges don't work. mileage and shifter letters don't light. also no turn signals have head and parking lighs but turn signal wont work radio a/c blower and dome light working also lights you get when you first start car ...
    • wbrockstar
      7/17/2013 wbrockstar
      First thing to do is check all fuses related to these circuits
  • violec
    violec - 2005 Dodge Caravan - Body & Interior - 7/16/2013
    Does window regulator have to be replaced with the motor?
    i'm about to order a new motor for the driver side window on my caravan. is it necessary to replace the regulator as well?
    • CVO
      7/16/2013 CVO
      I would replace both. Check with
  • threewiz
    threewiz - 1998 Dodge Caravan - Body & Interior - 7/14/2013
    What is wrong with heat/ac when the fan comes on & off inconsistently?
    Setting of dial & function of fan are not in sync.
    • CVO
      7/14/2013 CVO
      First, apply a 12 volts direct to test the blower motor.
      1. If the blower runs inconsistently on & off, then the cause is a bad blower motor.
      2. If the blower motor runs as normal.
      a. Then the blower motor resistor ( controlled the multiple speed setting Low, M1, M2, M3 ) is broken.
      b. The front blower motor relay controlled the highest speed setting is now intermittently working.
      3. Or the AC / Heater control module quits.
  • abe
    abe - 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan - Body & Interior - 7/11/2013
    A/C clutch won't engage trace all the wire all okay pls I need your help
    A/C won't engage
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/11/2013 HouseCallAuto
      No, not that simple of tracing back a wire. You need a scan tool that can show live data related to ac on-off command from switch or this will be a long diagnostic. This is not a DIY diagnostic. Only thing you can check is fuses, you could power up the clutch on the compressor just to confirm that the clutch works. You have to know that there is sufficient refrigerant in system, If there are blinking leds inside the van there is a cooldown test that has to be done before the clutch will engage, so as I said, this can get deep for a non-professional. Not one to discourage but this is one you should skip trying to fix yourself.
  • jedwardsj4
    • CVO
      7/7/2013 CVO
      1. Replace the blower motor resistor, it controlled the LO, Ml, MH of the blower motor.
      It's still running on the HI speed due the blower switch is connected directly to the motor.

      2. The Mode Door Actuator controls the direction of airflow. It selects which way air flows through the different ducts. If your climate control system has lost the ability to control which vents the air comes out of, the MDA has probably failed. Both the ATC and MTC systems use this device.
      7/7/2013 jedwardsj4
      thank you very much,and God bless!
  • kphawaii
    kphawaii - 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan - Body & Interior - 7/3/2013
    This airbag light stays on all the time. Is this a safety issue should I have it checked out?
    I am buying a used car and the airbag light stays on all the time. Is this a safety issue? Should I have it checked out before I buy the car?
    • Jimm
      1/19/2013 Jimm
      Yes, most certainly is a safety issue - do not buy the vehicle without having the airbag and all safety features functioning. Do not buy / do not consider purchase until the safety airbag system is properly serviced - your life and the lives of passengers may be at risk.
    • wbrockstar
      7/3/2013 wbrockstar
      Eventhough Jimm is giving good advice,if the horn and cruise are not working along with airbag light bein on it means that your airbag clockspring needs to be replaced.a common problem with caravans
      7/9/2013 wbrockstar
      If Im not mistaken,the airbag clockspring on caravans has a recall for that part.Youll have to check with Dodge to verify what models/years are included in recall
  • frankiedonnn
    frankiedonnn - 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Van - Body & Interior - 6/26/2013
    A/C starts cool and goes hot after driving for 10 to 20 mins.
    I consulted a trouble shooting guide in a and : I cleaned the condenser and the evaporator,I checked the R-134a with a tester that has 4 lights.It indicates that the refrigerant is low,but, when I attempt to refill it,the red light quickly glows which ...
    • howieh
      6/25/2013 howieh
      have you had the system checked It could be shutting down because of extreme high pressure if that's the case you need to take it to a a/c teck also did you charge the system yourself if you did there is most likely air in the system or you overcharged it
      6/25/2013 frankiedonnn
      It is true that I may have overcharged it but the problem started before I attempted to charge it so thats not the problem initially.Unfortunately money is very tight and though it may seem rediculous I find myself trying to diagnose everything myself.I don't have a professional a/c gauge which would give me a better idea of the problem.However,I appreciate your response and any ideas that could help.
    • John's Auto Repair
      6/25/2013 John's Auto Repair
      Another possibility is the evaporator is freezing-up. At what pressure on the low side does the compressor cycle off? If it's 20PSI or less that would cause freeze-up.
      John's Auto Repair
      6/25/2013 frankiedonnn
      John's Auto Repair: I don't have any means of checking the pressure, but I opened the cowling a week or two ago shortly after running it and it was'nt frozen.The evaporator was replaced since I owned the van but I suspect that it could be leaking again.I just have to prove it .But how?I just hoping that the problem is some little thing that i could fix myself.
    • John's Auto Repair
      6/26/2013 John's Auto Repair
      you can pickup a set of gauges for around $75.00. You would need to give me gauge readings to
      proceed any further.
      John's Auto Repair
      6/26/2013 frankiedonnn
      Thanks, I'll see what I can do about that,but it could be a while.
  • berndad99
    • HouseCallAuto
      6/24/2013 HouseCallAuto
      junkyard or new from the dealer. There is no aftermarket suppliers of dashboard trim that I have ever heard of.
  • JamesMelvin
    JamesMelvin - 1999 Dodge Dakota - Body & Interior - 6/20/2013
    Driver side turn signal will not flash. Replaced bulbs and multi-function switch.
    My driver side turn signal and the delay on the windshield wipers will not work. The parking lights still come on but will not flash with turn or hazards. The rear signal flashes faster, as if the front bulb was bad. Replaced bulbs and checked wiring, fuses and all ...
    • CVO
      6/20/2013 CVO
      1. Check the wiper central timer module, it has the wiper park switch sense and the wiper on / off relay.

      2.The multi-function switch is connected to the signal lamps through the joint connector # 1 ( power distribution center ). Check this connection pins to see if there are any contamination. A contamination pin could stop the current flow. Use a piece of sand paper or a tiny file to clean it.
      For more information, see the free diagrams at
  • m.britz
    m.britz - 2006 Dodge Dakota - Body & Interior - 6/12/2013
    I need to replace my gas props struts for my fiberglass tonneau cover
    Original part - Master lift D-56070 mlo-38-70 Measures 14 eye to eye closed and 23: eye to eye extended.
    • Jimm
      6/12/2013 Jimm
      These gas springs are manufactured by Stabilus, in the US (Gastonia, NC). Try the company website; for more information.
      You may also contact the manufacturer / distributor of the tonneau cover - they may have spare parts available as well.