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  • billdc
    billdc - 2008 Chrysler Aspen - Brakes - 3/23/2012
    Do I have to change the brake rotors every time I change the pads.
    • yboy82
      3/21/2012 yboy82
      No you don't have to replace brake rotors everytime you got to change your brake pads. But the brake rotor should be machine/ resurfaced. Brake rotor should be replace when it is out of minimum thickness or damage upon inspection.
    • billdc
      3/23/2012 billdc
      thanks yboy. I used to have them resurfaced but in my area it is almost as expensive to resurface as to buy new. So the last couple of times I just recycled them. I was hoping that I could just replace the pads every year or 18 mts and maybe rotors everyother time.
  • perry
    perry - 2002 Chrysler 300M - Brakes - 3/20/2012
    How do i know if its a brake booster or something else.
    my car wont come toa stop.the pedel goes to the floor and i hear what either sounds like hiissing or air but its a constant sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!i checked my fluid its fine.i didnt see no busted hoses or nothing is ...
    • Spoon Sports
      3/8/2012 Spoon Sports
      Sounds like the brake master/booster needs some attention.
    • mopartech85
      3/10/2012 mopartech85
      master cylinder needs replacemen the sssssssssssssss sound is due to the execessive travel of the brake pedal and air entering the booster to compensate
    • Spoon Sports
      3/20/2012 Spoon Sports
      ANy update on this?
  • Cyndit
    Cyndit - 2002 Chrysler 300M - Brakes - 3/18/2012
    Hello i'm Cyndi and would like instructions on instaulling my brake pads?
    I kinda understand the first steps but wanta make sure after i take rim and tire off what then, what tool i'll need?
  • Bob R.
    Bob R. - 2001 Chrysler Town & Country - Brakes - 3/7/2012
    ABS warning light intermittent - turning on and off.
    My ABS light comes on once I reach 20 MPH, and it stays on until I turn the car off. It is on when I restart the car, then turns off once I start moving, then comes back on once I reach 20MPH. I suspected the wheel sensors. The rear ones are clean, and the rear ...
  • ron
    • Spoon Sports
      3/3/2012 Spoon Sports
      "Will vented slotted disc rotors eliminate rotor wobble" - Depends, if the hub is the reason why it is wobbling then it wont, however, if you have a warped rotor, then you can even buy the solid ones and it will work out fine.

      Get back to me so i can give more advice as needed.
  • Doug
    Doug - 2008 Chrysler Town & Country - Brakes - 3/2/2012
    Brake pedal goes to the floor
    replaced front and rear pads and rear calipers. Brakes were blead manually and by scanner. Pedal still went to the floor. Replaced master, reblead. No change. Possible cause and solution?
    • Spoon Sports
      3/2/2012 Spoon Sports
      Check the Brake System Fluid Level - Check the level of fluid in the brake master cylinder. It is natural for fluid to be a low if the front or rear brake pads-shoes have worn down, but if they are in good condition and the brake master cylinder reservoir is empty you might have a brake fluid leak somewhere in the system. Inspect front brake calipers, rear wheel cylinders (drums) or rear brake calipers and flex hoses front and rear of vehicle and look for any sign of fluid leakage.

      Also check the rear of the brake master cylinder for fluid leaks, if brake fluid is present the master cylinder seals have failed and the master cylinder needs to be replaced. Replace any parts that are leaking or show signs of previous leakage. Refill and bleed the brake system as needed. (Note: if brake fluid has contacted the brake components i.e. brake pads or brake shoes the brake lining material is contaminated and must be replaced) If the brake fluid in the reservoir is full proceed to the next step.

      Brake Master Cylinder is Full of Brake Fluid - If upon inspection the brake master cylinder is full of fluid, the brake master cylinder may be bypassing internally. This means the seals inside the master cylinder have failed allowing the fluid from the front of the master cylinder plunger to slip through to the rear of the plunger and back into the fluid reservoir. Allowing the brake pedal to go to the floor with out pressurizing brake fluid into the system. Replace master cylinder with new unit and bleed system as needed.

      Failing Axle Bearings - The vehicle axle bearing holds the wheel true to the axle shaft while allowing the wheel to rotate. If the bearing fails it will allow the rotor to move back and forth, forcing the brake pads inward into the caliper. Then as you apply the brake pedal it will go to the floor as the caliper fills with fluid. In this case it may take one or two pumps to the brake pedal to regain normal operation. Inspect and replace failed axle bearings as needed, finish by bleeding and adjusting the system.

      Air in Brake System - When brake calipers or rear wheel cylinders fail they can allow air into the system when the brake pedal is released. Bleed the brake system by loosening the air bleeder, if air is observed from the bleeder replace the caliper or wheel cylinder and re-bleed system. This condition is rare but it does happen.
  • RICK68
    RICK68 - 2005 Chrysler Sebring - Brakes - 2/29/2012
    I have a 2005 Chrysler Sebring Convertible Touring with rear disc w/o ABS, 2.7 L V6 VIN R.
    Can you tell me if RAYBESTOS CERAMIC PADS PGD866C will work on my vehicle?
  • RICK68
    • yboy82
      2/29/2012 yboy82
      From what website did you get that? Thanks.
  • george
    george - 1996 Chrysler LHS - Brakes - 2/23/2012
    What is the name of part where front caliper mounts on the the car.
  • MikeDL
    MikeDL - 2008 Chrysler Sebring - Brakes - 2/22/2012
    What might still be causing intermittent grinding when applying the brakes hard?
    Happens during fairly hard braking sometimes. Sounds like it is coming from front brakes. Turning wheels does not make a difference. The front tires do need replacing soon. The front pads were just replaced and rotors turned by a local dealer.
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  • bob
    bob - 2007 Chrysler Pacifica - Brakes - 2/13/2012
    How to remove rear wheel bearing and brake
    • CVO
      2/13/2012 CVO
      Does this vehicle have a rear drum brakes instead of a disc rotors ? I'm assuming, it must be a rear drum brakes and the rear wheel bearing must be remove prior for the removal of the drums.Am i correct ? Give me an update and i will show to you the instructions of another vehicle which it has the same prescription of the post.

      Note : provided the instructions for this vehicle ( 2007 Chrysler Pacifica Touring ) with a rear disc rotor on it.

      2/13/2012 CVO
      The other vehicle is the 1991 Dodge Caravan 3.0. which it has the exact prescription from your post. See this
  • randy wolf
    • Spoon Sports
      2/7/2012 Spoon Sports
      Usually its not the rotors but the the brake pads reaching the end of their life.

      Not much info so thats the only answer i could give.
      Spoon Sports
      2/7/2012 Spoon Sports
      What sound does it make?
      Spoon Sports
      2/8/2012 alfonza Johnson
      i had new brake pads installed, and started to hear the noise, after almost totaling the car, returned to the dealer, informed i had defective brake pads.
    • Spoon Sports
      2/10/2012 Spoon Sports
      Hmmmm, new brake pads usually squeal because of their break in coating. Example like in EBC brakes.

      How can brake pads be defective? Its the calipers who do the squeezing.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser - Brakes - 2/1/2012
    Why do I hear a pop when I press on the brake pedal at low speeds?
    No brake light is on. When I press the brake pedal down when going slow speeds it makes a pop noise and I can also feel the pop in the brake pedal. Seems to be coming from the front drivers side?
    • Spoon Sports
      2/1/2012 Spoon Sports
      The popping sound could be a couple of things first off is your wheel tight? check lug nuts. Some of other causes may be damaged rotors and pads. check them by removing wheel and looking for damaged parts or worn out pads. other things could be front wheel dive axle CV joint but you would hear this when turning also.
  • Tony
    Tony - 2002 Chrysler Voyager - Brakes - 1/31/2012
    "Clacking" noise when braking
    I hear a "clacking" noise when braking during the last second or two before the van comes to a stop. The noise seems to be coming from the left rear wheel area. The rear brakes are drum brakes if that helps.
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  • Harold
    Harold - 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser - Brakes - 1/31/2012
    How does a dealership use a machine to do a brake fluid flush on a 01 PTC without antilock brakes?
    Dealer service rep says one person and one machine does a complete brake fluid flush.
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