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  • victoria
    victoria - 1998 Chrysler Cirrus - Body & Interior - 4/6/2015
    How do i turn off auto door lock
    i want the auto door locks to stop i don't know how to shut off
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  • Jonita12
    Jonita12 - 2000 Chrysler Sebring - Body & Interior - 3/15/2015
    Do you do lambo doors
    I wanna edit my car doing the lambo doors and i need to know if you do this kind of work thank you
    • Jimm
      3/15/2015 Jimm
      No repair work is 'done' at AutoMD. Check local auto body shops in your area.
  • jim calu
    jim calu - 2009 Chrysler 300 - Body & Interior - 3/8/2015
    Drivers side window switch not working
    will not open front windows
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  • Peter
    Peter - 2004 Chrysler 300M - Body & Interior - 3/7/2015
    How do I get the overhead console down? I see there's a Philip screw but still can't get it down?
    there's a Philip screw at the front of the overhead console (near the windshield) took it off but the console seems to be held at the other end (the back) If I get this down, will I be able to replace the map lights and remove the sunroof switch?
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  • Lou
    Lou - 1997 Chrysler LHS - Body & Interior - 2/14/2015
    Power windows inoperative.
    All electric windows do not work.
    • Jimm
      2/14/2015 Jimm
      Several possibilities; faulty fuse, faulty control relay, faulty main window switch, faulty wiring / connection to the switch.
  • steve
    steve - 2008 Chrysler Town & Country - Body & Interior - 2/6/2015
    How do I change the low beam headlamps
    both low beams went out in 1 week time period thay are the original lamps
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  • Lester L
    Lester L - 1997 Chrysler Sebring - Body & Interior - 1/26/2015
    What would cause my radio light to go dim when my head lights or on
    When I put my head lights on radio light goes dim and when I turn off head lights radio light brightens up
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  • nbktvs2
    nbktvs2 - 2013 Chrysler 200 - Body & Interior - 1/26/2015
    What is wrong with power window?
    The passenger side power window motor went out. I had it replaced and the window will roll down but will not go up. the motor is not evening turning when you hit the up switch. What could be the issue
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  • Cliff
    Cliff - 2008 Chrysler 300 - Body & Interior - 1/20/2015
    How much would it cost to repair or replace the front passenger side fender
    Im not sure if it would need to be replaced. Can you please give me a quote for replacing the fender and a price for repairing the dent. Painting to match original color, it's dark grey/green. I would also like to know what it would cost to add a new exaust like ...
    • CVO
      1/19/2015 CVO
    • Jimm
      1/20/2015 Jimm
      There is no accurate method to provide an auto body repair quote or estimate via the internet. Recommend to take the vehicle to a local auto body repair shop to obtain an inspection and quotes.
  • len
    len - 2002 Chrysler Town & Country - Body & Interior - 1/17/2015
    H/ac blower fan does not work at all for days then comes back on.
    I have checked the relay,fuse and since it does not come on at all I do not think it is the resistor(if it was thE resistor it come on on high only) Len- COLD IN CT.
    • jdl
      1/17/2015 jdl
      When problem is ongoing, did you check for voltage and ground at the blower motor connector? With hvac turned on, if good voltage and ground at the blower motor, suspect the blower motor. I haven't l0oked at the wiring for this. Just basic info.

      If the brushes, where applicable, in the blower motor get bad, engine vibration or hitting a bump may cause the brushes to reseat and the blower runs, intermittently.

      Of course there could be issues with blower motor control?
  • BKsmith
    BKsmith - 2003 Chrysler Town & Country - Body & Interior - 12/27/2014
    Why do all the exterior lights come on when I open the doors and wont turn off by the switch for 20 min.
    The battery is now dead.
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  • Bugnya
    Bugnya - 2001 Chrysler Town & Country - Body & Interior - 12/15/2014
    What is wrong with my headlights?
    The right, running light is on during the day the left is out, When I turn on the headlights the left one come on and the right is out. turn on the brights the lefts goes out and the right comes on. When I pull and hold turn signal switch both bright lights come on. ...
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  • John R
    John R - 2006 Chrysler Town & Country - Body & Interior - 12/14/2014
    Heat not hot on passenger side and rear heat
    Heat not hot on passenger side, dual controls and rear heat not hot
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  • Jmcfadden
    Jmcfadden - 2012 Chrysler 300 - Body & Interior - 12/13/2014
    2012 Chrysler 300 3.6 noise behind the dashboard.
    I've got a 2012 Chrysler 300 base with a 3.6. I'm getting a knocking noise in the cabin on start up. It goes on for about 45-60 seconds and stops. It sounds like something is spinning and hitting something inside the dash in the middle to over by the glove box area. ...
    • Teddy B
      12/13/2014 Teddy B
      HVAC Blend Doors possibly making the noise

      The vehicles computer runs tests on may things
      It may look at those blend doors to check voltage
      in their present positions on start up

      Not sure what happens next if it don't like the reading
      I have had that on a Lincoln & it was failed Blend Door

      You may have, as I did, scan tool data or codes for those motors in the
      HVAC Module

      Otherwise you need factory manuals to diagnose the issue

      A Generic Code Reader you hear about will Not Access that
      module,only professional tools
      Teddy B
      12/15/2014 Jmcfadden
      Thank you Teddy B. I think that may be right. I am taking it to the dealership some time this week or after Christmas to have it looked at.
  • margaret
    margaret - 2005 Chrysler Town & Country - Body & Interior - 12/6/2014
    The dashboard lights flicker and sometimes the dials flick down, the radio turns off and warning lights flash on.
    This only occurs for a second then resumes operation. The headlights also flicker. Occurances are sporadic. What is this?
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