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  • 03 S-10
    03 S-10 - 2003 Chevrolet S10 - Body & Interior - 5/25/2014
    How do I replace the ac condensor in my truck
    My ac condensor has a hole in it and my ac blows warm air
    • Chevy doctor
      5/25/2014 Chevy doctor
      Most condensers are bolted to the radiator. You need to take off fan shroud and remove all hoses and lines that go to radiator. Also disconnect ac lines that connect to condenser. Pull radiator/ condenser out together. Separate radiator and condenser by removing bolts. Usually you need to evacuate ac system with a machine capable of pulling it out but in your case you have a high pressure leak or hole in condenser. Freon should be gone already. Once you install a new condenser it needs to properly be filled with freon after all hoses and pipes are hooked up snug tight. A vacuum needs to be pulled to remove all air by a service machine. Then a ounce of pag oil should be added and however how much freon is required for system full charge.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2008 Chevrolet Impala - Body & Interior - 5/24/2014
    Loud knocking sound from inside center dash area. It lasts for about 3 minutes when the door is open and then goes away.
    When any door is opened a loud knocking sound starts up inside in the center of the dashboard and continues for about 3 minutes before it goes away. I am almost cetain that it is a diverter or air flow door that is sticking? I say this because the airflow ...
    • GT500Knights
      5/24/2014 GT500Knights
      I do know that some of the 2000-2004 ish jeeps have an issue like that. It's more of a creaking sound though. It changes with the blend door for air controls moving. If it's not a performance/funtional related issue it shouldn't be of too much concern. However, a mechanic with a stethoscope should be able to determine the origin of the noise.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2008 Chevrolet Impala - Body & Interior - 5/23/2014
    How can I troubleshoot a loud knocking noise on inside of car in middle of dash?
    When the (any) driver's door is opened a loud knocking sound starts inside the car in the middle of the dashboard. The sound goes away in 2-3 minutes, but is very anoying! I am almost certain it is related to a diverter or airflow door in the ventilation system ...
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  • wrightnage
    wrightnage - 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Body & Interior - 5/19/2014
    Why does hot air blow out of half of my vents when the AC is on?
    Every once in a while, when I turn on my AC, hot air blows out of the vents on the driver's side while cold air blows on the passenger side. The happens with both the upper vents as well as the foot vents. All settings on the dash show AC and there are no warning ...
    • Chevy doctor
      5/19/2014 Chevy doctor
      This is what happens when a temp actuator is shorting out. Replace drivers temp door actuator.
  • wildman
    wildman - 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe - Body & Interior - 5/18/2014
    Ac in front intermittent.
    A/C in front only stops working intermittently. Back is still blowing cold.controller checked ok. Turn off engine and restart and blows cold again???
    • Chevy doctor
      5/18/2014 Chevy doctor
      They do have issues with the low pressure cycling switch. Is it a automatic HVAC controller or manual adjust.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2005 Chevrolet Equinox - Body & Interior - 5/15/2014
    Front driver window problem
    the windows will go down on its own sometimes. the other times i have to hold the switch and pull down on the window. it will start to go down but makes noise. sometimes it will go up on its own, other times i have to hold the switch and pull up on the window, it ...
    • GT500Knights
      5/15/2014 GT500Knights
      Based on what you described, there's two possible problems here:
      -window motor at the end of its life.
      -window regulator defective

      The teeth of the motor-to-regulator can shear off over time, but usually the problem is the motor is beginning to burn out. This is especially true if the window motor has very slow operation. If the motor sounds like it's operating just fine, then the regulator may be binding. Does the window to up straight? Or does it sometimes tilt when moving?
      5/15/2014 AutoMD Member
      with my help it does. could it be off track?
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2013 Chevrolet Sonic - Body & Interior - 5/12/2014
    There is a high pitched clicking noise whenever the fan is running in the cabin.
    It does not matter if it's on heat or ac, the noise is the same. It still puts out what feels like the same amount of air. The only difference in noise is the lower the setting that its on the louder it gets. It's almost not noticable when on max.
    • jdl
      5/12/2014 jdl
      Check the fan, see if squirrel cage is loose or anything? Also, with interior clicking noises check the interior fuse box, relay/circuit breakers. If they are clicking on and off, you should be able to feel it?

      It could be an actuator door under the dash, that isn't working correctly?
  • Jim
    Jim - 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe - Body & Interior - 5/8/2014
    Why can't I get info on a different vehicle ? Picture and info for same car keeps coming up in the how-to area.
    Can't change autos in how--to area.
    • Jimm
      5/8/2014 Jimm
      The vehicles used in the 'How-To-Guides' section are generic and the information is provided as volunteer - that is, not specific for the repair needed or researched for every vehicle type and model.

      The photos are general steps of how to perform the service or repair. If greater detail is needed, by vehicle year, make and model - then reference these sources;, the local library in your area, the local auto parts stores of the vehicle repair manuals.
  • don
    don - 1995 Chevrolet Astro - Body & Interior - 5/5/2014
    Sliding door want open
    89000 miles is their a way to open the sliding door when it will not open on the passenger door frame or housing is 2 rubber plugs i remove them i can see what look like 2 bolts with holes in them is their away to open the sliding door with them or any other way?
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  • Valerie
    Valerie - 1999 Chevrolet Blazer - Body & Interior - 5/5/2014
    Why does my dash lights, heater, speadometer and RPM guage not work?
    First the dash lights went out; then the speadometer and RPM stopped working; then the radio and heater stopped working - in that order.
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1994 Chevrolet Caprice - Body & Interior - 4/30/2014
    I have no power going from my battery to the rest of the car. No lights no nothing. Won't start or say anything.
    It started when I was checking to see why my tail lights were not working. The headlights and the dash and inside lights were working. Later that day I went to start it. It wouldn't. Took starter off nothing wrong with it. Put the starter back on and turned the ...
    • jdl
      4/30/2014 jdl
      Did you use a voltage tester and follow the voltage? Anything at the fuse box, have voltage, key on or off?
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2003 Chevrolet S10 - Body & Interior - 4/26/2014
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Body & Interior - 4/24/2014
    When opening my door the dome lights will not turn on but will turn on manually
    I checked fuse am not a mechanic & all interior lights are working just not the dome lights
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2010 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 - Body & Interior - 4/24/2014
    Rear window wiper set
    full set with water spray system
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 - Body & Interior - 4/23/2014
    When I turn ac on it gets cold but cold air only comes out of defrost vents floor vents and rear vents
    It is blowing cold air but no air comes out of dash vents only defrost , floor , rear vents have cold air coming out of them
    • CVO
      4/23/2014 CVO
      The Mode Door Actuator ( MDA ) controls the direction of airflow. It selects which way air flows through the different ducts. If your climate control system has lost the ability to control which vents the air comes out of, the MDA has probably failed. Both the ATC and MTC systems use this device.
      Note: the actuator was made out of plastics and it's easy to break out.