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  • Roger Turner
    Roger Turner - 2005 Cadillac Escalade - Body & Interior - 9/29/2010
    The power mirrors don't fold and should, plus the drivers side mirror seems to have lost its memory
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  • Charles Hoffman
    Charles Hoffman - 2007 Cadillac STS - Body & Interior - 9/29/2010
    How do you change the Sentinal Light system sensor on the dashboard?
    It appears that it might come out of the dashboard from the top. Is there a written procedure for this published by GM or anyone else? My headlights seem to be on 90% of the time except in bright sunshine
    • cadieman
      9/29/2010 cadieman
      sensor is in top dash remove defroster grill by pryin up then remove photo cell by pryin up with screw
      driver.just pop another in.this may not fix your complaint. ill monitor this post goodluck
      10/7/2010 Charles Hoffman
      I changed the sensor and it still does not seem right. Do you have any suggestion on what might be causing this?
  • davisjam
    davisjam - 1998 Cadillac DeVille - Body & Interior - 9/29/2010
    Trunk will not close completely
    • Pave Low
      9/29/2010 Pave Low
      The trunk latch contains a switch which closes when the trunk lid is pushed closed by hand, then this switch sends power to the trunk lid pull down motor which then finishes closing the trunk lid. Often the switch or motor will go bad and the whole thing will stop working. It takes a little testing to figure out which part is at fault but they are usually quite easy to fix.
    • davisjam
      9/29/2010 davisjam
      Thanks Much! I will give the repair a try.
    • cadieman
      9/29/2010 cadieman
      easy pulldown switch is bad. youll need a 20 torx driver.remove screws at motor assy.unscrew carpet
      gromets and pull carpet away.the switch is on top it is black remove screw and pull it up and replace
      it.. it slides up and down in a little grove. good luck we enjoy your feedback. ill monitor this post if u
      need more help
  • ms.cadi
    ms.cadi - 1996 Cadillac DeVille - Body & Interior - 9/25/2010
    What could be wrong with my odometer its digital and it dont come on most of the time what could it be?
    i have a digital odometer on my cadillac and im wondering what could be the problm so it can get fixed is it a fuse or a sensor,sometimes it dont come on most of the time i cant se how fast im goin and how much gas i have ?
  • bradleesargent
    bradleesargent - 2003 Cadillac DeVille - Body & Interior - 9/24/2010
    The driver side window slides down...
    The last time I was able to raise the window using the button, I heard a loud crack noise and now the window goes down by itself and the button to raise and lower it isn't working.
    • vince^_^
      9/24/2010 vince^_^
      Did your already try to remove your door panel and check the condition of your window motor/actuator and regulator?
    • cadieman
      9/24/2010 cadieman
      u need a window regulator block post for repair
  • Gino3
    Gino3 - 1993 Cadillac Eldorado - Body & Interior - 9/24/2010
    Night driving, I turn on lights and lights flicker even interior lights. Battery new and alternator new???
    System charges at 14.3 with lights on and car running??? Just flickers......
    • cadieman
      9/18/2010 cadieman
      do u hear clickin noises
      9/19/2010 Gino3
      no clicking.
      10/5/2010 Gino3
      I do, all of the sudden hear "Clicking" sounds...maybe coming from under dash or general area....??? What could the problem be....?
    • DrkShdw983
      9/18/2010 DrkShdw983
      I would start by checking the battery terminals... clear the corrosion or replace them if they're really bad. Make sure the wires are connecting nice and tight. Inspect the wires that you can see for any missing pieces of insulation or other damage. Also if you happen to have an after-market stereo system (especially a sub woofer) you may need to add a capacitor into the system. If this is the case then the lights would be flickering to the beat of the music you're listening to.

      Hope this helps!
      9/19/2010 Gino3
      Speaking of after market stereos, someone installed a "Kenwood". Could they have a ground wire touching a hot wire or something grounding out behind the stereo? Would this cause the flickering. The stereo is a detachable face and I never bring it or play the stereo...lights flicker regardless.
      9/21/2010 DrkShdw983
      Yeah it's possible you could have a wire shorting out behind the stereo. You'll probably need a stereo removal tool to get the head unit out.
      9/22/2010 Gino3
      No sub-woofer just a Kenwood CD stereo w/ detachable face w/remote. The stereo is out now, sill have flickering when car is running. When car is off, lights are bright and glow normally. It's only when the car is ON.
    • cadieman
      9/20/2010 cadieman
      if u notice the headlights get dim and when u axcell at night and they get brighter u need to recheck
      the battery and charging sys. sometimes for interior lights it is the door jam switch. also test the
      switch it should turn the lights off before the door starts to close fully and seat. check the entry
      light sys for proper oper. it may be the entry module. its strange u say its the inside and outside
      lights.this seems like 2 problem. explain flashing or is it gettin dim than bright
      9/22/2010 Gino3
      When the car is off, I can put headlights on and open door and all interior and exterior lights are bright and steady glow. When I start the car, the lights inside and outside flicker-sitting still in park, while driving and sitting at a light. I did pull the stereo out hoping to find a wire or ground shorting system, but nothing. I kept the stereo out until I can fix this problem. I have new battery terminals, cables are tight, alternator and battery are new???
    • cadieman
      9/23/2010 cadieman
      let me sleep on this gino tomarrow
    • cadieman
      9/24/2010 cadieman
      we need to check codes with the on board system. push the off and warmer button down and hold
      it till all segments are lit then release. write all codes down. redo process if missed any ecm and bcm
      codes are there.u shouldnt need a scaner.
      9/24/2010 Gino3
      I already did codes??
  • Gino3
    Gino3 - 1993 Cadillac Eldorado - Body & Interior - 9/24/2010
    How can I fix lights from flickering when car is on. When car is off and turn on lights, they are bright and don't flick
    Battery new, alternator new, cables are new and tight, no stereo or ground wires loose????
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Hi Gino3, a bad ground wire is the possibility. You need a technician to do a continuity or resistant test.
      Nissan Technical Advisor
      9/24/2010 Gino3
      O.k., thank you, I will do that.
  • san
    san - 1988 Cadillac DeVille - Body & Interior - 9/23/2010
    How to get under hood when hood release is broke
      9/23/2010 KERNNEL
      cut your cable where it runs in to your hood release under your front clip and put a lever or some kinda handle on it and then mount it to where you can reach it to open your hood. or get a new hood release lever and crimp the cable back...

    • cadieman
      9/23/2010 cadieman
      i get a coat hanger open it. i pull the hood up on its DRIVERS side and wedge a piece of wood in. then i run the hanger by bending upbehind the latch with the hanger end bent catch it onthe release lever. you need a strong flash light to look in their. no other way
  • mike
    mike - 1997 Cadillac Seville - Body & Interior - 9/22/2010
    The trunk lid will not retrack or close
    • cadieman
      9/22/2010 cadieman
      trunk pulldown motor switch. remove screw,push carpet back,see unit switch is on top. unscrew and replace
      please give your feedback
  • luv_sykes
    luv_sykes - 1998 Cadillac DeVille - Body & Interior - 9/16/2010
    My windows wont roll down, sunroof nothing wont roll down
    • cadieman
      9/16/2010 cadieman
      ck the fuse panel see if breakers have power also ck chargin sys and battery if power doesnt read
  • curt
    curt - 1990 Cadillac Seville - Body & Interior - 9/14/2010
    Speedo don't work or gas gauge its digital it has gone out is it a short or is my dash cluster bad?
    all my check gauges still work there on lower panel but my speed, gas,voltage and oil pressure gauges dont there on top panel i took to a shop they started to take dash apart it came on they stoped the next day out again shop told me needs both panels and $700
    • Blackwater
      9/13/2010 Blackwater
      Have you checked the fuses? Check them first.

      But yes, usually the entire cluster is replaced.
    • ms. von
      9/13/2010 ms. von
      i don't have an answer but i have the same problem with my chrysler imperial,even my radio an antenna dosen't work would this have anything to do with the cluster? a week ago i had a power stearing pump put on and it's on the same side as the antenna could a wire or something come undone during this repair?
    • cadieman
      9/14/2010 cadieman
      the shop is right
  • Tab Whitaker
    Tab Whitaker - 2000 Cadillac Eldorado - Body & Interior - 9/13/2010
    The trunk lid motor not working can I go to a manual trunk latch?
    how do I tell if it is the trunk lid motor or the actuator motor?
  • Mando
    Mando - 2001 Cadillac DeVille - Body & Interior - 9/13/2010
    Why is the a/c not working in the rear vents ?
    Vent runs between the front two seats.
    • cadieman
      9/13/2010 cadieman
      hose is lose by front center of dash by your feet. u can see it look down or get in back seat in the center under the drivers seat the vent hose lose there slide it back in
  • tfet
    tfet - 1987 Cadillac DeVille - Body & Interior - 9/13/2010
    Passenger side window fell down when i pressed down button what should i do?
    window doesnt stay up when pushed up. it just falls back down again. up button does nothing. any ideas?
    • Blackwater
      8/6/2010 Blackwater
      You have a busted window regulator, remove your interior door panel so you can see what the problem really is
    • cadieman
      9/13/2010 cadieman
      u need a r/f window reg. block and install