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  • Pat Hobbs
    Pat Hobbs - 1996 Buick Park Avenue - Engine - 2/24/2015
    Why does oil pressure fluctuate
    My check engine light is on and when my car is warm and when stopped my oil pressure drops a fair bit. What am I looking at for repair, my husband thinks it is the crankshaft bearings. What do you think? It has 186,000 kms on it. Ultimately if this is the problem ...
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  • chris1901
    chris1901 - 2001 Buick Century - Engine - 2/22/2015
    I replace my fuel pump my crank sensor my throttle body on my 2001 Buick Century Link wont crank it ran for 1 week and n
    I also replace my fuel pump relay fuse I also replaced my battery is well
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  • rob1macho
    rob1macho - 2002 Buick Century - Engine - 2/21/2015
    Slow turn over starting vehicle
    When I start the car it turns over slow like it wants to stop but it luckily starts all the sudden. I had a mechanic change the battery a year & half ago. It's been very cold here in N.Jersey.
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  • DJDougherty
    DJDougherty - 1988 Buick Reatta - Engine - 2/19/2015
    Engine wont start when outside air is under 20 degrees
    1988 Buick Reatta 3.8 , changed plugs and wires, crankshaft position sensor, fuel filter, put in dry gas ,it does try to start, have to heat engine with hot air gun for 30 min then it will start and run fine. the next day same problem if outside temp under 20. car ...
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  • DJDougherty
    DJDougherty - 1988 Buick Reatta - Engine - 2/19/2015
    Engine wont start if outside temp is under 20 degrees
    Engine trys to start, i changed plugs and wires, fuel filter, crankshaft position sensor, put in dry gas, if i put heat on engine with heat gun for 30 mins it will start and run fine.i also tryed disconnecting temp sensor, and did the same with MAP sensor, still no ...
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  • Chris
    Chris - 2000 Buick LeSabre - Engine - 2/17/2015
    Car starts up fine, just doesn't stay running. Just changed al the spark plugs, wires, and ignition coils.
    After starting it spits and sputters and then stalls. Won't start right back up, but it will after it sits for a little while. Seems to me like its getting to much fuel, just not sure why!
    • kyle
      2/17/2015 kyle
      pull a spark plug and see if its dripping with fuel, also turn car to on position and listen to see if your fuel pump is kicking on may be a lack of fuel. also had a similar problem with a metro ended up being timing belt wasnt getting any compression
  • jayandmaryblackburn83
    jayandmaryblackburn83 - 1990 Buick Regal - Engine - 2/3/2015
    My car stopped running as I was driving, I pulled over and restarted and drove home, then let it sit and run for 5min th
    Shut it off. The next day it would turn over but not start
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  • Laura McFaul
    Laura McFaul - 1994 Buick Park Avenue - Engine - 2/2/2015
    When I put my car into park, it sounds like the engine is revving and RPM's go up to 2, and I am no where near the pedal
    I drove it an hour today on the high way to go back home from visiting family. My check engine light has always been on, so I am not sure if that helps. Recently my dad had to replace a brake line and my transmission leaks slightly. It is the first time I noticed ...
    • Zolen
      2/2/2015 Zolen
      I would check the throttle body to make sure it's closing properly, and nothing is stuck in there. If it checks out ok, I would suspect the idle air control valve.
  • Bud
    Bud - 2006 Buick LaCrosse - Engine - 2/2/2015
    Car overheats when driving only, not when sitting idle. Not the water pump or thermostat. Any ideas?
    188k miles It just happened Thursday. My mechanic is stumped No lights were on and the heat gauge was normal. All of a sudden it over heated, and the warning lights came on to shut off the engine it was overheating.
    • Zolen
      2/2/2015 Zolen
      Make sure there's nothing blocking airflow through your radiator, like a piece of cardboard or other road debris. Could be the radiator is gummed up or otherwise compromised. It may be working just well enough to cool at idle but not under load while driving. To me it sounds like airflow is restricted across the radiator. Also, are you SURE it overheated, or was the PCM just thinking it overheated? Did the system boil over or vent steam? If not, it could be a faulty temperature sensor, or a trapped air bubble in the system. That could cause the PCM to THINK it was overheating and go to safe mode or shut down.
  • Ronnie Murray
    Ronnie Murray - 2002 Buick Century - Engine - 1/21/2015
    • jdl
      1/21/2015 jdl
      Is the radiator full? Do you have a radiator cap on this vehicle? Check when cool. Could be problem with low coolant sensor or wiring?
  • benz
    benz - 1987 Buick Regal - Engine - 1/20/2015
    On a 1987 Buick Regal Turbo. Engine stalls on take off and acceleration.
    Stalls under heavy acceleration
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  • susan
    susan - 2001 Buick Century - Engine - 1/13/2015
    My car will not start at times. The lights come on andevery thing is fine. But will not start.
    It may start great for months rhen you get in it an every thing comes on but it will not start. So you move the steering column and make the geer shift up and down and then it one can tell me what the problem is.
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  • David
    David - 2005 Buick Terraza - Engine - 1/11/2015
    Why does my van blow cold air and sometimes overheat
    I changed the thermostat and flushed the radiator its not the heater coil cuz there's no coolant on the floor bored and when I have on the defrost nothing blows on the windshield. Any ideas of what it can be?
    • CVO
      1/11/2015 CVO
      The blend door actuator is a servo responsible for controlling the mix of warm air from the heater core and cool air from the A/C and outside. If it malfunctions, your climate control system may not respond properly when you change the temperature on the climate control system.

      Both the manual and the automatic systems use this servo to control the blend door. If your ATC system fails to automatically change temp, this is also an indicator that the servo has failed.

      The Mode Door Actuator controls the direction of airflow. It selects which way air flows through the different ducts. If your climate control system has lost the ability to control which vents the air comes out of, the MDA has probably failed. Both the ATC and MTC systems use this device.

      Both failures can be seen by the climate control system's integrated diagnostics system.
  • Everett Wiltse
    Everett Wiltse - 2004 Buick Park Avenue - Engine - 1/5/2015
    Have to keep pumping accelerator to keep running
    the car has 106,000 miles been running great, stopped for an hour visit, got in and it wouldn't keep running without pumping accelerator, like and old car running out of gas. unhooked neg. battery cable for a while then it ran and idled great for a while then did ...
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  • Winks
    Winks - 2006 Buick LaCrosse - Engine - 1/2/2015
    Car overheating, thermostat is working. No heat
    Oil level was high so I drained to proper level, now, car runs fine but overheats when thermostat opens up. Antifreeze level is good
    • alex
      1/2/2015 alex
      no heat in the cab? i would look at your water pump i have had the impeller slip on the shaft and some of them are plastic impellers and have had them break apart