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  • vinny
    vinny - 1995 Buick Roadmaster - Engine - 12/15/2010
    Where to find the fuel regulator on car ?
    • Bobby
      12/15/2010 Bobby
      it is part of the throttle body injectionon the top of the throttle body there are two circles over the injectors and there is a cover that cover comes off and the regulator is there but that hole top section of the throttle body assembly must be removed.
      12/15/2010 vinny
      thanks i got it
  • dziadzia
    dziadzia - 2002 Buick Rendezvous - Engine - 12/14/2010
    Why, if i don't start my car within seven days does my battery go dead
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/14/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Is this battery old? When batteries become degraded from age this is typical of what happens. If you say the battery is say less than 2 years old and you have this problem then I would say it "probably" is not the battery. But if the battery is 2 to 4 years old (or older) then change the battery and see if problem is resolved.
    • Autobahn
      12/14/2010 Autobahn
      What you have is what we call a parasitic drain, its simple to understand but quite hard to find, it just means your battery is using more power that it should.

      To find it...

      Charge your battery if necessary. Dead batteries (and even weak ones) don't give accurate results on a draw test. The dome light is a good indicator of battery strength. If the light is weak, pulsating or refuses to turn on, you'll need to charge the battery.

      Shut off everything in the car. Pull the keys out of the ignition. Ensure all service lights are off, lighted compartments closed and doors shut. Open the hood, and disconnect the trouble light underneath if your vehicle has one. Wait for 30 minutes before moving on to Step 3. (This enables normal drain from interior components to finish cycling.)

      Set your battery tester to 10 amps DC. Disconnect your positive battery connection (red cable) and position it safely away from metal components. Connect the meter's positive probe to the battery's positive post while simultaneously holding the negative probe in the air; keep it away from anything metal.

      Place the negative probe on the end of the removed positive cable to complete the circuit. Yes, you're putting a negative on a positive. Yes, this is ok. If you have a severe drain, you're likely to pop a fuse or two-identifying your problem.

      Check the meter reading. A normal reading is usually under .035 amps. If you have a minor drain that causes a higher reading, you'll need to check each component.

      Remove the first fuse in the box, and check to see if the load problem is resolved. If not, replace the fuse and check the next one. Repeat the process with all fuses. If the fuses check out fine, you have a wiring problem.

      Remove the tester and reconnect the battery. Follow the hot wire to the next connection. Remove the positive cable and connect the positive probe of the tester in its place. Connect the negative probe to a metal object. Check the meter. If the drain isn't resolved, reconnect as normal and follow the hot wire to the next connection. Repeat this step at each connection point until you narrow down the problem.
  • bluespring
    bluespring - 1993 Buick LeSabre - Engine - 12/13/2010
    How do you cut the security light off?
    security light is always on.
    • CVO
      12/13/2010 CVO
      Cut it off, it may set off some others symptoms, you could use a scotch tape or band-aid to cover the light. Hope this answer your question and be safe.
  • jimmy
    jimmy - 1987 Buick LeSabre - Engine - 12/13/2010
    I have to keep my foot on the gas to keep it running and it hessitates while going down the road.
    just once in a while. When the car is warm. it happens when i am driving. it has 86k on it.
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/13/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Does the car run perfect for about 15 minutes? Does it stall at all when it begins running badly?
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Hesitation is when your engine misfires, stumbles or lacks power when you accelerate or step on the throttle. The problem often means the air/fuel mixture is not being properly enriched or is going lean, or the ignition system is weak and is misfiring when the engine comes under load or the air/fuel mixture goes lean. The possible causes of this are; bad MAP sensor, low fuel pressure (leaky fuel pressure regulator or weak fuel pump), vacuum leaks (intake manifold, vacuum hoses, throttle body, EGR valve), the gas is contaminated with water or too much alcohol. Verified the above causes by a scan tool to determine the exact cause.
  • J. R.
    J. R. - 2005 Buick Rendezvous - Engine - 12/13/2010
    I am getting a P0446 code. What dose this mean? Can I fix it myself?
    • ref
      12/13/2010 ref
      Call the GM dealer and ask them what the code is.
  • catwoman
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/10/2010 HouseCallAuto
      It depends how low it goes. Are you comparing the action of the oil pressure gauge to how it used to react or is this something new? It is normal for the gauge to read lower at an idle but should not read 0 and no warning lamps should be on. It is not uncommon for the oil pressure sending unit to become faulty in a GM car like yours so if the gauge is acting weird just change the sender first and see if resolved. And of course engine the oil level should be at the proper level.
  • boo's garage
    boo's garage - 1992 Buick Park Avenue - Engine - 12/10/2010
    How do u change the crankshaft position sensor
    • Bobby
      12/10/2010 Bobby
      first you have to find it, crankshaft is at the base of the engine the large harmonic balancer pulley is off of the crankshaft the sensor is usually mounted somwhere around or behind the balancer pulley
    • RC
      12/10/2010 RC
      You have to remove the vibration damper (harmonic balancer) first, then unplug the connector and remove the bolts from the timing chain cover. The new sensor has to be aligned with a special tool before you tighten the bolts. If you install it without the tool, make sure the damper does not contact the sensor.
  • guss
    • TechSam
      12/8/2010 TechSam
      Sounds like a problem with the TPS throttle position sensor or MAF mass air flow sensor.
  • Bill Green
    Bill Green - 1991 Buick Skylark - Engine - 12/8/2010
    Why does my car hesitate when I step on the gas? It runs geat until it gets hot,then starts to hesitate.
    There is only 44,500 miles on the car. The Engine is a Quad 4 OH cam.I have changed plugs,new coils,oxygen module,throttle position module. I got the car several mounths ago and it was running that way when I bought it. It was stalling out at stops,it would start up ...
    • yboy82
      12/8/2010 yboy82
      Try to check the condition of your PCV valve and its hose (maybe clogged/collapsed/plugged/damaged), EGR valve, spark plug and plug wires, fuel injectors, fuel filter and if your vehicle is equipped with carburetor try to adjust it and if possible check the condition of your carburetor needle and seat’s condition.
  • biglarry
    biglarry - 1991 Buick Park Avenue - Engine - 12/7/2010
    How to tell if a fuel line is frozen
    when the weather turned cold car would'nt start
    • CVO
      12/6/2010 CVO
      Inspect the fuel pump relay and replace it as necessary. hope this help and be safe.
    • Desi
      12/7/2010 Desi
      Gasoline freezes only at - 60 degree celsius....
  • homeocsg
    homeocsg - 2004 Buick Rendezvous - Engine - 12/6/2010
    What else to do when this 2004 Buick Rendevous still runs hot?
    140,000 miles and we love this vehicle, except for running hot. Changed out thermostat, had the fans checked, change out the manifold gasket, and it still running hot. Read about the DexCool issues and don't know what to do other than keep it on defrost and the fans ...
    • homeocsg
      11/14/2010 homeocsg
      Forgot to mention we put in a new radiator, and burped the lines. Still same problem. Thought it was possible problem with the cylinder head gasket or the heads.
      12/6/2010 CVO
      That is a possibility issue. Do a combustion leak test.
    • mopar
      11/14/2010 mopar
      check water pump...and have the radiator back flushed to remove excess scale and deposits
    • tsheraye
      12/6/2010 tsheraye
      Manifold intake gasket probably. I had my replaced and the problem is solved.
    • homeocsg
      12/6/2010 homeocsg
      Replaced the manifold gasket too. Just took it in to the Buick dealership, and it showed a leak in the right rear head gasket. They quoted over $3000 to do the work. Had it done in an auto shop and it was $1200.

      Still runs hot.
  • trish85
    trish85 - 1993 Buick Century - Engine - 12/6/2010
    My car over heated and I don't know why
    I had driven about 11 miles to my car sat for aprox 9 hours then drove about 25 miles before overheating the radiator was completly empty but the coolant resevoir was full
    • Ray
      12/6/2010 Ray
      You will have to locate the cooling system leak.
    • yboy82
      12/6/2010 yboy82
      To locate any visible leak in your cooling system you can perform a radiator and cap pressure test, you can visit this link to have an idea how to perform it

      If possible remove your thermostat from your vehicle and inspect it, and flush your radiator (it is possible that there are clogging or blockage inside your radiator).

  • jose gonzalez
    jose gonzalez - 1993 Buick Regal - Engine - 12/6/2010
    No sparks coming out of two cylinders
    changed plugs and new wires also replaced ignition coil with no change in engine its still misfiring.
  • king_james
    king_james - 1994 Buick LeSabre - Engine - 12/6/2010
    Car starts but don't stay started
    I have a 1994 buick lesabre custom and it wouldnt start at first. I took it to a shop and they said tghey put a ignition control module on and it started but wouldnt stay that way. They then began to tell me i needed to get the pcm reprogrammed to fix this problem. ...
    • yboy82
      12/2/2010 yboy82
      When they replaced your ignition control module did they also check the condition of your ignition switch? It may be faulty. You can use the Find a Shop feature of AutoMD ( to see a list of shops near you with their address, telephone # and labor rate per hour. You can compare prices and ask their opinion about it by calling some of the shops near you.
    • king_james
      12/3/2010 king_james
      I dont know honestly but i contacted a dealer and they said that it can be one of the reasons thanks.
    • yboy82
      12/6/2010 yboy82
      Your welcome king_james =)
  • mluna422
    mluna422 - 1990 Buick LeSabre - Engine - 12/5/2010
    Help with.Trouble code 41
    Trouble code 41 buick lesabre '90: my car was stalling all the time, and after a while would not start, (didnot turn over), or start and the die immediatly, so I replaced the cam shaft sensor, like it the chilton manual. Now it starts but the engine is ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/5/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Defective Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor Magnet which is attached to the cam gear. Remove the sensor from the engine and roll the engine around until the magnet is found on the cam gear. Check for it to be missing or damaged.
      12/5/2010 mluna422
      I looked thru and I saw a part that had three prongs and a hole wher a prong looks like it should be, so I assume the magnet is missing, how would I get to that?
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/5/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Remove the front of the engine like you were going to do a timing chain, because in fact you will do that. The magnet is on the cam gear and I assume a new gear comes with the magnet attached.