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  • carol
    carol - 2002 Buick Century - Engine - 11/28/2010
    Is it the alternator if when I jumpstart my car, go down the road for a mile ,the speedometor not working ?
    New battery....I'm locked in my car when it dies out !!
    • backyardfixer
      11/28/2010 backyardfixer
      im guessing that every thing goes dead when this happens no head lights radieo resets every time if so with a new battery the altinater is not charging the battery and its a matter of time befor you stall out replace altinater
  • mary a ybarra
    mary a ybarra - 1997 Buick LeSabre - Engine - 11/27/2010
    How do i get the security code?
    my car won't start and i'm told that it needs the security code.
    • Gina
      11/27/2010 Gina
      im pretty sure anything that has to do with security codes for a car, you have to call the dealer or a locksmith, but the dealer is cheaper, this is if your talking about the key and ignition
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/27/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Where are you going to input a security code? If the SECURITY lamp is illuminated while trying to start the engine it is not looking for someone to manually input a code. There is no place to manually input a code. It means that there is an open circuit in the ignition lock cylinder which reads the resistor pellet embedded in your ignition key on both sides, you can see it on your key, take a look. The lock cylinder would be the cause.
  • maureen
    maureen - 1998 Buick LeSabre - Engine - 11/27/2010
    Turn the ignition switch...all the lights come on but the motor doesn't turn over. Help and thank you!
    ran fine before...just happened.
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/27/2010 HouseCallAuto
      In the absence of other info it is likely that you have a bad starter motor unless the SECURITY light is illuminated while trying to start the engine. In that case you will need a new ignition lock cylinder. A small wire breaks at the inside of the lock cylinder that you turn with the key and the signal is then not received by the security module which allows starter function. If the SECURITY lamp is not lit then its the starter with a 90% probability.
  • dee
    dee - 1985 Buick Regal - Engine - 11/26/2010
    How do i know if water pump is bad
    • mopar
      11/26/2010 mopar
      has a weep hole that will leak antifreeze...and or...listen for grinding, crunching noise when running...or with engine stopped, belt off grasp it and see it it has alot of slop in it..should be tight and smooth turning
  • david
    david - 1997 Buick LeSabre - Engine - 11/25/2010
    I have miss on no. 6 cly
    15000.mile i change module coils spark plugs and wires
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Check the condition of the spark plug in cylinder number 6, it must be free of oil or any contaminants that prevents it to fire; If there oil or contaminants present, you have a problem for that cylinder. And if the spark plug is good, check the spark plug cables seat in the ignition coils if fitted properly; loose cable will create resistance. If a coil problem is suspected, measure the coil's primary and secondary resistance with an ohmmeter. If either is out of specifications, the coil needs to be replaced. A coil can be easily bench tested with a digital 10 megaohm impedance ohmmeter. Refer to the vehicle manufacturer’s service information for the coil test specifications because the values can vary depending on the application.
      Nissan Technical Advisor
      11/29/2010 david
      i got problem fixed the ihjector on no.6 was bad
      Nissan Technical Advisor
      12/24/2010 CVO
      Nissan Technical Advisor
      Belated Christmas Master David, and Happy New Year!
  • renato
    renato - 1994 Buick LeSabre - Engine - 11/25/2010
    Car won't start cold weather
    • Autobahn
      11/23/2010 Autobahn
      First thing i would check would be the battery, since cold weather will reduce the strength of your battery. The click is the starter solenoid trying to engage the starter but it doesn't have enough power from the battery to make it happen. Also I don't know where you live or how cold it gets but in really cold weather you need to plug in a bock heater to your car so the engine will start, if you live in a warmer climate your car might not even have a bock heater but if it does you could plug that in to make it easier starting but first I recommend you get a new battery.

      Next iwould check the starter motor for condensation, worn carbon brushes and replace if worn.
    • vince^_^
      11/23/2010 vince^_^
      The common causes of an engine not to start in a cold weather are your battery is bad or low of charged [check your battery voltage, cranking amperage, state of charge] (also check the condition of your terminals and cables) and (if winter season) wrong engine viscosity for winter temperatures. Battery’s life is 3yrs – 5yrs only and its performance will deteriorate. Also check the condition of your spark plug wires and spark plug.
      11/23/2010 vince^_^
      When you turn your key to start does your engine turn over? Or nothing happens?
      11/24/2010 renato
      thank u. full power but nothing happebs ?
    • CVO
      11/25/2010 CVO
      Go to this link, and look at in the simplified diagram. Check the 12 volts run from the ignition switch to the solenoid with a digital voltmeter. With one of the positive lead connected to that terminal and the other to the negative of the battery. Have a person to turn the ignition switch to see if there is any 12 volts from that terminal. In the event, there is 12 volts and there will no cranks, the starter will be consider as a culprit.
    • david
      11/25/2010 david
      ck fuel pressure with a gage ck and see if it has spark at plug wires
  • Larry
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      The alternator is not charging, probably defective or the belt is slipping. Check also the cables if loose or corroded; clean the terminals and hooked properly the cables.
  • 96030102
    96030102 - 2000 Buick Regal - Engine - 11/23/2010
    The car sometime dosent want to to start and smells like gas and when does start it will stall and at any driving cond.
    this car has a new transmission in it and the serive engine soon light is on with the code p0141 and it get bad fuel mile age so im not sure what wrong i though maybe a plugged cat or feul pump or crank position sensor but just not sure help please
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Plugged CAT and CPS failure are one of the possible reasons why the engine stalls and does not want to run. Replacement of these has a higher chance the engine will run again. But what causes the CAT and the CPS to fail? Rich mixture and unburned fuel will damage the CAT easier and a plugged CAT will have an adverse effect in the engine performance. If the vehicle engine is experiencing cylinder misfires, the CPK may not be providing the computer with accurate information on piston position. If the vehicle hesitates during acceleration, the CPK may not be providing cylinder position data to the computer fast enough to fire the appropriate cylinder to accelerate the vehicle in response to driver input. The most serious indication of CPK malfunction is intermittent start, and eventually no start. When the sensor fails, the computer will register a malfunction code and illuminate the check engine light on the instrument panel. There may be an indication of sensor failure due to defective electrical connections such as high resistance, or an open condition in the circuit going to the sensor or returning to the vehicle engine control module. The O2 sensor plays a part for good engine performance; inputs obtained from it resulted for a lean or rich mixture to be injected into the combustion chambers (have this one check and replace if necessary). Also a failing fuel pressure regulator can provide the engine of richer mixture that can damage the CAT (test it and replace if necessary). Failing spark plug may create a misfire and will result for rich exhaust gas (that’s why it smells gas at the exhaust emission.
  • manuel correa
    manuel correa - 1998 Buick Century - Engine - 11/23/2010
    Why is speedometer/odometer not working?
    • vince^_^
      11/23/2010 vince^_^
      Check first the condition of your speed sensor pick up and the wiring/connection between your speed sensor to your speedometer, to determine that your speed sensor and the wiring are operating well and that the fault is your speedometer
  • scott
    scott - 1990 Buick Regal - Engine - 11/22/2010
    How to tilt engine on 3800 motor
    need to "tilt" engine to reach rear plugs
    • CVO
      11/22/2010 CVO has the procedures and the sketches for this project.It's called "Rotating the engine" in order to remove the rear plugs.Navigate to that site and take a look. Login_year of the car_enter" spark plugs" in the product research box and click on the vehicule repair guides, then in that spark plugs page, it will refer to another page " engine and engine overhaul_engine mechanical_rotating the engine.Hope this helps for the task and be safe. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.
  • 1999 buick century 3.1 motor
    1999 buick century 3.1 motor - 1999 Buick Century - Engine - 11/19/2010
    I have raw gas coming out of the aircleaner
    i was just driving down the road and it started to seem to die out an then it quit running i opened the hood and could smell gas after some checking i took apart the air fillter cover an gas was pouring out of the cover housing now car won't start at all dealer has ...
    0 answer
  • Gregg
    Gregg - 1984 Buick Century - Engine - 11/18/2010
    1984 buick century 3.0 runs great until running or driving for 25 mins or so, when exiting freeway it diesels and shakes
    Then dies . Car restarts on high idle then after a few minutes will return to normal idle and drive off?No check engine codes, has new o2 sensor , temp sensor and swapped ecm for a used one and have same problems.I think there may be a ecm and or eprom update?Please ...
    • bob
      11/18/2010 bob
      it sound like the EGR valve it biuld up carbon and sticks
  • bumfuzzled
    bumfuzzled - 1992 Buick LeSabre - Engine - 11/18/2010
    My engine has stalled and will not start. I have been told I have no spark at the plugs.
    The car has 140,000 miles. Several months ago the serpentine belt broke, and wiped out the crank angle sensor. Both items were replaced, and shortly after, the car stalled and would not start (engine cranked fine). When family came to trailer the car home several ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/9/2010 HouseCallAuto
      The code 41 which pertains to the cam sensor circuit will not cause a no start. Your no-spark situation is likely caused by a bad ignition module which lies directly under the coils. The code 41 code will affect the running some but to solve there is a magnet attached to the camshaft sprocket and the magnet either deteriorates or detaches from the cam gear and then the cam sensor no longer has a signal to transmit to the computer for fine tuning.
      11/10/2010 bumfuzzled
      Is there any way to test the ignition module other than to replace with a known good module? Can I use a volt/ohm meter? Also, if the magnet is gone from the cam gear, do I replace the gear, or the magnet?
    • jackofalltradesmasterofnone
      check out the spark from the coils to each plug and see if there is a problem with the coil or ?
      11/21/2010 bumfuzzled
      I checked for spark, and there is no spark from the coils. Is there a way to check the EEC, the cam angle sensor, crank angle sensor, etc, with just a volt/ohm meter. Thanks for getting back to me, also. Don
  • bill
    • vince^_^
      11/18/2010 vince^_^
      It is possible that your blend door is faulty. If possible diagnose your vehicle with a scan tool to verify if you have a stored trouble code, the trouble code will help you find the fault in your vehicle’s problem. You can visit this link to have an idea how to diagnose your vehicle with a scan tool