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    DEWITT - 2001 Buick Century - Engine - 12/31/2010
    Service engine soon light stays on
      you will have to have it scanned for fault codes and post them on here so we can help you better advance auto parts and auto zone will scan it for free................good luck and happy new year
  • Steve Alms
    Steve Alms - 1992 Buick Regal - Engine - 12/31/2010
    When driving in town, low mph, the car will just die. starts right back up.
    milage is 350,000+. happens hot or cold.happens stopped or driving. happens at least once every time i drive it.check engine light goes on and other warning lights on.code reader doesn't work on that old of car.the repair book indicates ignition. had module ...
    • Bill
      12/31/2010 Bill
      Could be a vacuum leak ,check all hoses for cracks loose or wear. Also run some carb/injector cleaner through system. Something rubber might be expanding when engine warms up that's why vacuum leak suspicious with info given.
  • rendezvous
    rendezvous - 2006 Buick Rendezvous - Engine - 12/30/2010
    Avg fuel economy is dropping rapidly started at 17.1 now its 12.5. dropped from 14.0 to 12.5 in one day
    57,256 miles..added gumout complete system cleaner a week warning lights are lit..
    • TechSam
      12/30/2010 TechSam
      Reasons for high fuel consumption: O2 sensors not working and engine running in open loope, Injectors pluged or losts of carbon, vacume pipes off or cracked, bad spark plugs or air cleaner, and few more. Now is the MIL light on? if so retrive the codes and go from there, If not then first of all get the Injector and carbon cleaned.
      12/30/2010 rendezvous
      would adding the gumout complete engine system cleaner be okay...I added that a few days ago
      1/2/2011 TechSam
      I used to beleve, repair in a bottle but after buying an Injector/Carbon cleaning machine MOTOvac I realised its nothing like those over the counter cleaners.
      Cause #1:

      Poor vehicle maintenance is the number one thing that causes your gas mileage to drop dramatically. If your spark plugs are not firing properly all of the gas in the cylinder will not be used and you will just blow it out the exhaust. To make sure your plugs are firing properly means you also need to insure the plug wires are in good shape. Poor plug wires don't allow the plug to receive the full amount of electricity to produce the spark that is required for complete combustion of the gas. You should change your plugs and wires every 50,000 miles.

      Cause #2:

      Low grade or old engine oil can cause the engine to work harder due to friction. This added friction is what causes bad gas mileage You should check your owner's manual an replace the oil with the proper grade. It is highly recommended that you use synthetic oil. Also, you should change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Just by changing your oil and using the synthetic oil you could improve your gas mileage by 12%.

      Low tire pressure, using A/C, keeping windows open (wind drag), high profile vehicle (wind drag again), poorly serviced engine...there are probably more.

      Incomplete combustion due to ignition problems, poor compression, worn or broken EGR valve, sticking injectors, old O2 sensor, dirty air filter, and just about anything else that affects how well the engine would run.

  • ron
    ron - 2001 Buick LeSabre - Engine - 12/29/2010
    The electronics suddenly went haywire, lights flashing on and off, door locks locking and unlocking, it died, won't star
    mileage is 112,000 .in the past drivers window would not operate intermitently, some dasboard indicator lites would operate intermitently. No check engine or warning lights have displayed. Electrical system is totaly dead.
    • david
      12/29/2010 david
      ck battery cables clean termals
    • Bill
      12/29/2010 Bill
      Try disconnecting battery ground clamp, wait 2 minutes and reconnect. Tell us what happened.
  • speedy57
    speedy57 - 1991 Buick Century - Engine - 12/29/2010
    Why wont car accel when you give it gas untill you let off gas pedal some
    it does it all the time hot or cold once it does get up to speed as long as u dont accel to much (barely accel) or if you not on a hill it will keep same speed it will sit and idle ok
      hi speedy you should have your fuel system pressured tested to see if it is holding correct psi also sounde like the injectors maybe clogged .............good luck and happy holidays
  • Arthur
    Arthur - 1997 Buick Park Avenue - Engine - 12/27/2010
    My gas guage does not work, Is there a fuse controling the guage
  • skinz80
    skinz80 - 1996 Buick Century - Engine - 12/27/2010
    What's really wrong with my car?
    when I start my car up everything is fine. Then I put it in drive to take off. Affter like 15 minutes of driviing my car starts to hesitate and shake like it's losing power. I just got a new radiator,battery,oil filter,spark plugs,and got the radiator flushed so it ...
      have your fuel system pressure did all that but did not mention if you did cap and rotor? also you said new radiator then why have it flushed ?doing that don't get rid of air pockets you need to bleed the system to have no air...good luck and happy holidays
    • Bill
      12/27/2010 Bill
      Replace fuel filter and clean injectors.
      12/27/2010 Bill
      Could also be a bad catalytic converter
      12/27/2010 Bill
      Go in and have codes read, Auto parts store can do it.
  • lorie
      are you saying it takes a long time for the noise to appear then yes .........advance auto parts has right side motor for $23.99........part number.........35656 and left side motor for $32.99............part number.............35694...............good luck and happy holidays
  • adams
      check your oil see if it is milky looking and if not i do a compression test on the motor to see if rings and valves are ok ......keep us posted thank-you and happy holidys
    • sean
      12/26/2010 sean
      some radiators have plastic drain valves that tend to drip, especially if the car ever overheated. run car at temp and look both sides of radiator at bottom for moister
    • david
      12/26/2010 david
      i have 2 bonnilles with 3.8 motor in them i do machanic work the intake gasket are bad and maybe the upper intake is going bad i have change mine 2time on each car intake are no good buy a new from auto zone need help call 9106545823 leave a message
  • jimmyjames
    jimmyjames - 1993 Buick Century - Engine - 12/26/2010
    Its running really rough and chugging along when its in gear, some times the engine shutters wile running.
    It happened after exiting the freeway after a long trip,(Thursday night) It feels like a cylinder isn't firing right; I have checked my spark plugs (a little dirty but in good shape, I cleaned them up), replaced my spark plug wires and am now at a loss of what to ...
    • david
      12/26/2010 david
      put on computer sound like cooltemp sensor , or o2 sensor does it chug when you slow down o come to a stop call me at 9106545823 i can help you
      12/26/2010 jimmyjames
      thank you i will look into that in the morning when a shop opens....
    • david
      12/26/2010 david
      leave a message if no body answers
  • bula2000
    bula2000 - 2000 Buick LeSabre - Engine - 12/26/2010
    Why wont my car start?
    ok i have been dealing with thisfor about a month now,my car wont start, it would turn over fine but wont start. the check engine light is flashing,i had someone look at it fuel pump and the fuel tank look like it sucked in, so i had the sit in the drive way for ...
      if your engine light is on you will need to scan for fault codes and post them on here so we can help you better.......thank-you and happy holidays
    • david
      12/26/2010 david
      ck gas cap or vent on gas tank you said tank is sucked in the tank could be up aganst the tank where it can not get gas ck fuel pressure with a gage if you need help call 19102072033 or 19106545823 leave a message if no body home
      1/11/2011 bula2000
      ok i will try that thanx
  • leroy
    leroy - 1992 Buick LeSabre - Engine - 12/25/2010
    This is a 92 buick 3.8 with coil pks the engine turn over but do not start we replace plugs & wires, no start its pu. pu
    sounds like it wants to start at end of crank it pu loud
    • CVO
      12/25/2010 CVO
      Place a piece of wood under the fuel tank and give a nice whack under the piece of wood to wake up the fuel pump. In the event the car will start, replace the fuel tank. Hope this help and be safe.
      12/27/2010 leroy
      thanks cvo but i do get a good sound from the gas filler hole meaning that the pump is working
  • spacekadet7777
    spacekadet7777 - 2003 Buick Regal - Engine - 12/25/2010
    Hestitation and rpm wont move
    101000 miles on it, i have changed the plugs and wires and tranny fluid and filter it wont go above 30 miles per hour rmps wont go above 3 even in park and applying the gas
      what are the code numbers?
      12/24/2010 spacekadet7777
      If your CHECK ENGINE light
      is on and you have found a P0300 diagnostic trouble code (DTC) by plugging a scan tool or code reader into your vehicles
      diagnostic connector, your engine has a "random misfire" problem.

      A random misfire code can be set on newer vehicles with OBD II onboard diagnostics when multiple misfires occur randomly in multiple cylinders. The cause is typically a vacuum leak in the intake manifold, throttle body or vacuum plumbing, a defective Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve that is leaking exhaust into the intake manifold, or even bad gasoline. Less common causes include bad spark plug wires, worn or fouled spark plugs, a weak ignition coil, dirty fuel injectors, low fuel pressure, or weak valve springs. If a misfire is occurring in only one or two cylinders, you will usually find a misfire code for that specific cylinder rather than a random misfire code.
    • david
      12/25/2010 david
      it brobly got a bad coil pack pull wire off coils one wire at a time see if it firing if not replace coil i had a buick that had a miss in it was a injector if u need help call at 9102072033
  • thdoo
    thdoo - 1997 Buick Regal - Engine - 12/20/2010
    Why is my car stalling when i use my turn signal
    the problem started with loosing power whenever the turn signal is used now it has escalated to either not starting at all or once it is started it will not engage into gear.
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/8/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Check the battery. If you put the headlights on does it stall or just the turn signal?
    • thdoo
      9/8/2010 thdoo
      please read all posted info but the answer is no
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/9/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Again, it sounds that all the symptoms are of insufficient battery voltage. So either there is a bad battery or a bad alternator. I understood the question the first time I read it. I asked you about the headlights because the headlights draw more power than the turn signals even so it was logical of me to want to know if anything else besides the turn signals could also stall the engine like you said is happening.
    • richard
      12/1/2010 richard
      same thing happen to my car and I was tolded that the ignition switch needs to be replace
    • manuel
      12/20/2010 manuel
      it might be ur batttery terminal my car did the same thing so i replace it and does not do that any more and charge ur battery
  • Elmor Schozenhauser
    Elmor Schozenhauser - 1999 Buick LeSabre - Engine - 12/19/2010
    Oil pressure gauge suddenly dropped into red zone?
    Just did a lower and upper manifold job, new oil and filter. Oil level checks OK