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  • betz.brittany
    betz.brittany - 1998 Buick LeSabre - Body & Interior - 3/25/2015
    How do I replace seat belts?
    Dog chewed off seat belts.
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  • fixitmom4
    fixitmom4 - 2003 Buick Rendezvous - Body & Interior - 2/15/2015
    My running lights are out the car sAys the parking lamp is out what do I do…
    When the car is on there is no longer head lights running all the time when I hit my brakes it said the park lamp is out
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  • becky
    becky - 1997 Buick Century - Body & Interior - 2/5/2015
    How to replace message center board
    my message center doesn't seem to be working
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  • Sam L
    Sam L - 2009 Buick Lucerne - Body & Interior - 2/3/2015
    Lane departure system failed for second time.
    unit replaced 3 years ago. Replaced unit failed 8 months ago. Is this common and have there been any service bulletins or recalls?
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  • DAKOTA1820
    DAKOTA1820 - 1998 Buick Riviera - Body & Interior - 1/22/2015
    Need to take dashboard off to change bulb where are all the screws located
    No dashboard lights
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  • Ptown
    Ptown - 2011 Buick Regal - Body & Interior - 1/18/2015
    Driver seat is very uncomfortable because I can not deflate the power seat lumbar support.
    I can only partially deflate the lumbar support. The car has 25,000 miles, I just bought the car.
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  • JackTS
    JackTS - 1999 Buick Century - Body & Interior - 1/17/2015
    Heater problem. Heat comes out of driver side. Passenger side is cold, almost AC cold.
    Unit has separate controls for driver and passenger. No matter where you place the passenger side heat control slide, air comes out AC cold. Wondering if it is the control unit or some valve in heater box.
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  • rob1macho
    rob1macho - 2002 Buick Century - Body & Interior - 12/31/2014
    Why does my gas gauge not working
    the fuel gauge is not accurate. It will go low at times with a half of tank of fuel in the tank.
    • Chevy doctor
      12/31/2014 Chevy doctor
      The failure is from the fuel level sensor is no longer reading correctly. Over time the resistor card wears out causing gauge on cluster to move all over due to the erratic readings. Fuel ank has to come out and level sensor replaced.
  • jane
    jane - 2009 Buick Enclave - Body & Interior - 12/19/2014
    My back up camera was working fine - started messing with nav system - not sure this had to do with - dirty car
    I tried wiping a little eye above the back window but I can't wash car since our temps are below freezing. The screen is completely black when in reverse. Messed with nav system which we don't use - cld be the problem - anyone have a suggestion?
    • Teddy B
      12/19/2014 Teddy B
      Maybe you turned it off

      Read your owners manual
  • newbeginnings3
    newbeginnings3 - 2004 Buick Rendezvous - Body & Interior - 12/18/2014
    Where is the key lock solenoid located?
    I can't get the key to turn to the off position but it will turn to start, run , and acc. It won't lock the steering wheel.
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  • newbeginnings3
    newbeginnings3 - 2004 Buick Rendezvous - Body & Interior - 12/15/2014
    Why won't the key turn to off position to get key out. It engages all gears but won't release the key.
    Acts like it's not in park all the way to lock the steering wheel and release the key. I can turn key from run to acc but won't go to off. Will start also
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  • jb
    jb - 2001 Buick Park Avenue - Body & Interior - 12/1/2014
    Can't remove passenger front airbag.
    Have removed all bolts, etc. but it still won't come out - does padded dash have to be removed as well?
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  • jb
    jb - 2001 Buick Park Avenue - Body & Interior - 12/1/2014
    Can't remove passenger front airbag.
    Have removed all bolts, etc. but it does come out - does padded dash need to be removed?
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  • Verne
    Verne - 2006 Buick Terraza - Body & Interior - 11/13/2014
    Temperature control issues
    Mileage 160K I have front and rear climate controls my issue is on the front. I have left and right temp adjust, the left side is fine but the right side always blows cold air. No problems with the left side or the rear or moving air flow from floor to vents to ...
    • Nancy Long
      11/13/2014 Nancy Long
      Today's automatic climate control systems allow hands-free temperature regulator, whether hot or cold. Only you need to set a temperature on your car's automatic climate control system.
      Nancy Long
      11/13/2014 Verne
      Mine has 2 wheels on the climate control one for left side one for right. rotating the wheel up (to the red) blows hot air. Rotating down (to the blue) blows cold, it's not automatic. When both wheels are up in the hot position only the left side and rear are blowing hot, left front is cold. Thank you.
  • Josh
    Josh - 1996 Buick Century - Body & Interior - 11/8/2014
    I have replaced all bulbs in rear light compartment but my rt side brake light still isn't coming on.
    Might it be a multifunction switch problem or a short in the ground wiring in the back. How do I tell and how would I go about repairing myself.
    • jdl
      11/8/2014 jdl
      Did you push in on the bulb a little in case the bulb isn't making good contact in the socket? Next I'd check the bulb socket for brake voltage, use a test light. Have helper step on the brake.
      11/8/2014 jdl
      I guess the right side rear turn signal works ok? Dark green wire carries voltage for brake lite, passenger rear.

      Look for the dark green wire under dash coming from steering column, there is probably a multi wire connector for wires going into the steering column. With brakes applied, check for voltage on that wire. If no voltage, the problem is in the steering column, either the multifunction switch or wiring.

      If you work on the steering column, make sure you disarm the air-bag first.