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  • donna
    donna - 1985 Alfa Romeo Spider - Engine - 5/31/2013
    Can the security system prevent my alfa from starting?
    having problem finding mechanic to work on my alfa.
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Yes, when the security is activated the engine ignition system is cut off. Try to use the "Find a Shop" feature of AutoMD to find find shops nearby in your area.
      Nissan Technical Advisor
      5/11/2011 donna
      Thank you .no shops in my area
    • mikanic99
      5/31/2013 mikanic99
      got one of these,,, would not problem was bad grounding of the neg. at the frame. good luck, hope it helps

  • skeeter
    skeeter - 1988 Alfa Romeo Spider - Engine - 3/20/2013
    no start, engine cranks, very strong battery, no spark at plug, plug not wet after cranking,replaced crank sensor, coil
    dist cap, rotor, ign. ecu. started as occasional no start, now nothing 120,000 miles
    • skeeter
      3/20/2013 skeeter
      Personal car .Traced problem to faulty ignition switch. Problem gone.
  • skeeter
    skeeter - 1988 Alfa Romeo Spider - Engine - 3/20/2013
    Intermittent starting problem in hot weather
    • HouseCallAuto
      5/28/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Need much more info about this problem and the kind of car you are asking about is a bit unique so all the more reason to get more detail from you.
    • Josh
      8/27/2011 Josh
      I had the same issue. I replaced my starter for cheap. $84 from mclaughlin auto in providence, ri. Many people also suggest putting a bosch 12v relay to the starter solenoid. Check alfa bb dot com
    • skeeter
      3/20/2013 skeeter
      ran analysis on brain. Showed a no start signal. Traced back to faulty ignition switch.Replaced, problem gone.Has been starting fine for over a year.
  • marcos franco
    marcos franco - 1991 Alfa Romeo 164 - Engine - 11/5/2011
    Why is my car hard to start and when it starts it runs rough and when i give it gas it dies?
    It just started doing it. I just installed a new fuel pump this week. I installed a new fuel filter this summer. After installing the fuel pump I attempted to start it, but it feels like is not getting fuel.
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  • Carla
    Carla - 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider - Engine - 9/14/2011
    Oil in water, won't start,engine turns over
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Conduct a radiator pressure test to determine if you have leak. It could be your transmission cooler is bad and mixing the fluid with the coolant. Check also battery condition if has a charge and its cables are properly fits and free from corrosions.
    • mjono59
      9/14/2011 mjono59
      If you have oil in the water, you probably have a blown head gasket. Refrain from trying to start the engine until this is verified.
      Mike O.
  • Howard
    Howard - 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider - Engine - 8/27/2011
    Alfa starts but will not keep running.
    original problem would not start at all. Replaced reference point transmitter now will not keep running.
    • yboy82
      6/21/2011 yboy82
      You should check the fuel pressure of your vehicle and the condition of your fuel pump relay.
    • skeeter
      6/22/2011 skeeter
      have you checked the start valve, also inspect the intake system for leaks
    • Josh
      8/27/2011 Josh
      Have you verified that the intake hose to the plenum that runs across the top of the engine is tight and attached? I had the same problem and it was just a little loose and it wouldn't stay running.
  • albaldini
    albaldini - 1984 Alfa Romeo Spider - Engine - 6/21/2011
    1984 fuel pump problems
    • yboy82
      6/21/2011 yboy82
      Do you have any problems with your fuel pump? Did you already check the condition of your fuel pump relay and check the fuel pressure of your vehicle?
  • donna
    donna - 1985 Alfa Romeo Spider - Engine - 5/19/2011
    Did the spider come with a factory installed alarm system?
  • donna
    donna - 1985 Alfa Romeo Spider - Engine - 5/4/2011
    Can the engine in an alfa be converted over to regular 4cyl.?
    engine wont start due to security system
    • Spoon Sports
      5/4/2011 Spoon Sports
      I dont get your question, convert to a regular 4cyl? I mean, is there a special 4cyl? They are all the same, even the engine of a Ferrari for me is "Regular".

      And i dont think changing your engine because of a security system problem is the solution. Its like requesting a lung transplant because someone has asthma.

      Feel free to clarify your question
      Spoon Sports
      5/4/2011 donna
      sorry you are correct as my fiancee just informed me.I am having problems finding someone to work on an Alfa with an electrical problem. no dealerships in my area. thank you
  • stormi
    stormi - 1988 Alfa Romeo Milano - Engine - 1/20/2011
    Car sputters from first to second gear, tachs out fine to 30k then as i decelerate will die going to a slow idle.
    188k miles did not pass NEW smog req. was suggested to put in chevron fuel additive and filled gas up with low octane, ran hard and then started to expierence for the first time car dying at an idle
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  • Mofodoug
    Mofodoug - 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider - Engine - 10/6/2010
    Tacometer operation is erratic
    • JohnS
      10/6/2010 JohnS
      The tach needs to be repaired. Alfa installed electronic speedo and tachs in late model spiders. The electronics fail. Both instruments can be repaired by specialists. Check the web. Likely no new OEM replacements.
  • John Azar
    John Azar - 1985 Alfa Romeo Spider - Engine - 6/26/2010
    Oil pressure falls almost to zero when engine is warm.
    • George
      6/3/2010 George
      Sometimes it is just a matter of the oil viscosity being high when you first start your car and therefore the oil pressure is high. As the engine heats up the viscosity lowers and indicates on the oil pressure gauge lower pressure. If there is a large disparity between the pressure when the engine is cool to when it is hot, then follow the instructions on the HOUSECALLAUTO answer.
    • HouseCallAuto
      6/2/2010 HouseCallAuto
      You must remove the oil pressure sensor switch and install a manual gauge and read the pressure for real. If it is not within allowable specs for this engine (I don't know the specs) then to diagnose the cause will require major engine disassembly starting with the oil pan to access the main and rod bearings just to check their clearances with plastigauge. If they are way beyond maximum allowable clearances you will be rebuilding the engine to solve the oil pressure issue. When the bearing clearances are too much the oil flows through too easily without restriction and reduces the pressure which then brings on engine knock also. And lots of other details.............
    • skeeter
      6/26/2010 skeeter
      alfa's use 15w50 weight oil. try it solved my problem
    • JunkFixer
      6/26/2010 JunkFixer
      This engine has an undersized pickup screen on the sump ass'y. If oil change intervals have been extended too far, or if substandard oil has been used, this screen clogs easily. This is the symptom you describe. Sump screen inspection/service necessitates oil pan removal.