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Andrew Roberts

Andrew ... 3/28/2019

2016 Dodge Challenger SXT 6 Cyl 3.60L

Preventive Maintenance

Screen frozen. Goes black for 30 seconds comes back on to show red screen with dodge logo

Out of the blue one day screen went black and then about 30 seconds later screen comes back on it's red and only shows dodge and Sirius xm logo. Can only change volume and turn knob to adjust rate air or heat comes out, have tried everything not sure what to do

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Jimm 3/30/2019

This is a well known problem. Dodge still doesn't have this fixed so I'm adding to this that if you simply pull fuse F37 from the fuse box in the trunk, count to 10, and put it back in that will power down and reboot your radio. Seems to be a software issue - but recommend you contact the local dealership for assistance.


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