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suzehooten 1/15/2013
1997 Pontiac Sunfire SE 4 Cyl 2.2L - Engine
scraping sound like something rotating and making contact like harmonic balancer sleeve problem maybe
sound speeds up when engine is revved or in fast motion, slows down when in idle
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  • Mike
    Mike 1/15/2013
    Scraping sounds are usually metal to metal. Why are you thinking a harmonic balancer sleeve? Check pulleys and idler bearing.
    suzehooten 1/15/2013
    I saw this diagnosis here:
    It mentions if the sound speeds up and slows down it's probably not a bearing problem:
    Inspect Harmonic Balancer: The harmonic balancer on your engine is used to help silence engine vibration by utilizing a rubber mounting metal ring attached to a hub that is connected to the front of the engine. If this ring becomes dislodged because the rubber insulator has failed it will allow the outer ring to bounce and scrap

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