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Mike 2/25/2017

2006 Volvo S40 2.4i 5 Cyl 2.40L


Safe to drive after urgent service light comes on? No noticeable change in engine.

Light first came on shortly after it felt like the engine slipped, or stopped completely for a moment while on the highway going about 60. I pulled over and had the car towed. The mechanic said his computer read out was telling him that a software update was required because of something in regards to the pedal(s). Over the past couple of days I have driven the car with no problems, no lights coming on; a smooth ride. Today, while getting on the exit ramp, the urgent engine service light came on again, but no noticeable change occurred prior to it going on.How safe, if it all is it to drive with this message on?

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Jimm 2/25/2017

The service light comes on for a reason. Might be related to the software upgrade needed, or may be other issues; alternator, battery, charging system, drive belt, belt tensioner, etc.

Not sure if safe to drive as no testing or diagnosis has been performed to determine the root cause or issue.

Teddy B

Teddy B 2/25/2017

I wouldn't use any vehicle-- with any problems-- regardless
of dash lights being on--check lights-- codes or no codes

Find & resolve all problems when they happen & do so
at a non dealer shop

I park my vehicles as soon as they are not 100% & I can get them
home & in my case I go to work on diagnosing things the same day
or the next

Of coarse few people can do that -- but you can use a different vehicle
& not chance ruining the one with problems

I have too ask---What exactly did the mechanic tell you ?
I would think that is where you would get your info from
after all the car is there & they started to figure out the issue !!


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