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vicki 10/9/2016

2001 Mercury Cougar V6 6 Cyl 2.50L


Is it safe to drive or will I do more damage?

Yesterday battery light on when idling. Then last night lights began to dim, I heard a pop, then a loud thump. 10 seconds later it lost all electrical and died. Towed it home. This morning battery tested 12.3 and car wouldn't start. After charging it to 12.8 it started.

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Chuy D

Chuy D 1/9/2017

If I'm not mistaken it sounds like you're alternator its not charging like it should if you continue to drive like that its only going to take you as far as the battery runs out of power. A quick way to check if its bad start the car with engine running unplug the battery if the engine stops its bad alternator. Hope this tip helps you. God bless.


Jimm 1/9/2017

Caution, do not disconnect the battery terminal with the engine in operation. This will cause the alternator output to spike, possibly damaging the alternator.


TowingButteMT 2/8/2017

I agree with the other answers regarding damage to the alternator. I wouldn't drive it any more than to a mechanic, as that type of condition can put a lot of strain on damaging other parts of your vehicle.


Teddy B 2/9/2017

The practice of removing a battery cable with a vehicle running is long
gone,like 30 years ago
You will not only chance ruining an alternator,that is the least of your problems
Jumping a Vehicle with another vehicle or removing a battery cable can destroy
electronic modules & cause a nightmare no one wants to diagnose

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