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Britis ... 8/11/2010

2000 Saturn SW2 Base 4 Cyl 1.9L


I s leaking coolant linked to a cracked intake manifold? How do I find one? Checked Google, Autozone & Pepboys..no luck!

My mechanic says I have a cracked intake manifold and need to replace it, he says it is a long plastic part that is easy to fix. However I can not find the part online for my 2000 Saturn SW2, I can only find the intake manifold gasket and the manifold's I have seen do not fit the description my mechanic gave me. I am guessing the valve or tube that supplies the intake manifold is what I need to look for. Is this linked to my coolant problem?

I have checked Autozone and Pep Boys to no avail. Is there anywhere else I could get this part?


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yboy82 3/7/2011

Did you already try to visit eBay and forums for your vehicle (like http://www.saturnforum.com/forum/) for your query?


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