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Scribe ... 1/8/2020

2002 Volkswagen Golf GTI 337 4 Cyl 1.80L


Would a ruptured brake hose cause the seals on the master cylinder and calipers to dry/fail

Had to haul my car into the shop after a cracked exhaust melted my brake line and bleed all the fluid. I had the car turned off and a tow on the way within 10 minutes of the leak occurring, but the shop is telling me that its damaged the seals on the master cylinder as well as the rear calipers and disks and that they'll need to replace the whole set. They're a pretty reputable shop but I'm just scratching my head as to how 5ish minutes of driving with bleeding brake hoses.
Obviously no two cars are the same and I'm famously unlucky with cars, but I've had friends bleed hoses with no problems and it just seems like a very short window for the brake seals to dry and crack

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Jimm 1/8/2020

Unlikely there is any master cylinder seal damage. Even with the loss of the brake fluid due to the open hydraulic brake hose - there would still be a sufficient quantity of residual brake fluid left inside the master cylinder.

I'd obtain a second opinion and diagnosis.


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