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bkwillbur 5/27/2010

2010 Kia Forte EX 4 Cyl 2.0L


does running the MAC AC on my air conditioner all the time put extra stress on my engine?

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Nissan Technical Advisor

Loss of lubrication is unquestionably the most common cause of compressor failure. This can happen when there's a refrigerant leak somewhere in the system that allows refrigerant and oil to escape. Typical leak points are hoses, hose and pipe connections (O-rings and flange gaskets), the evaporator, condenser or the compressor shaft seal. An electronic leak detector or dye should be used to find the leak so it can be repaired. A restriction inside the A/C system also can starve the compressor for oil. Oil circulates with the refrigerant, so if the orifice tube or expansion valve is blocked it may cause the compressor to run dry and seize and will give stress to running engine and may come to a point the engine will halt.


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