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dginas 8/4/2011

2005 GMC Sierra Denali Base 8 Cyl 6.0L


Running hot / no heat even after new stat was installed

Truck was running hot and didnt have heat. changed the stat and still the same. what shoud ne my next move? is there a way to check water pump? both fans come on when the AC is on but not when AC is off. that doesnt seem right either.
thanks for the help. truck has 100k mi. n

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Nissan Technical Advisor

Is the engine has an overheating issue before? Most likely the cylinder head gasket is blown or the head is warped. Check first the coolant level if correct. Check also if the two radiator hoses are hot when the engine is warm. And to check water pump. Turn the car off and locate the water pump and the water pump drive belt in the engine compartment. Use the wrench set to loosen the belt retaining bolt and pull the belt off of the pump. Spin the belt drive with your hands to see if it rolls smoothly and to determine if there is any movement or "play" in the driveshaft.

Nissan Technical Advisor

dginas 8/5/2011

I changed the pump still same problem. i didnt bleed it yet. could that be it? i didnt realize that had to be done. if the head was warped or gasket blown would the the oil be watery or discolored? i check the oil and it looks good. engine running smooth with plenty of power.

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