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leelee 9/22/2012
1999 Mazda Miata 10th Anniversary 4 Cyl 1.8L - Engine
The think is still running hot. Changed thermostat. Replaced one that was incorrect; wedged with metal pin.
Belt sqeeks sometimes. Overflow bucket boils.
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  • rick
    rick 9/23/2012
    Need to know a little more but a few things to check / tell us . Is it going thru coolant , any white smoke coming out the tail pipe , coolant in the oil ? And last all the bubbling in the over flow tank points to a bad head gasket or bad head . This will make it over heat .
  • tombobbarker
    tombobbarker 11/15/2012
    if no loss of coolant is seen, check water pump. this part is usually replaced along with timing belt at 60000 mile intervals or every other change of timing belt(120000 miles) because of it"s accessibility durig this repair. the plastic impellar on some water pumps can shear away from the shaft into itty bitty bits. so go metal. note: if a plastic impellar goes "itty bitty" on you, you should flush the radiator and coolant system to get rid of all the bits 'n' peices.

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