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regino flores

regino ... 4/2/2010

2002 Land Rover Discovery Series II SD 8 Cyl 4.0L


NO run conditon, just cranks over after parking and is intermittent.

Two questions, one is when i shut off the engine i hear some kind of a buzzing or chirping by the ABS motor on the left side of the engine compartment right above the left front wheel and also a sound at the fuse or relay compartment on the right side of the engine above the right front wheel and when I disconnect the fuse number F11 (ABS) the sound goes away. Two-I have an intermittent no run but cranks over, just like having no fuel , there is spark on plugs. When it runs it is OK no miss or hesitation. What is my problem?

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TechSam 8/24/2010

If there is ABS modulator coming ON every now and then, then please check all tire size and pressures they should all be same. Second if there is spark then see if fuel pressure is at 40 to 45 PSI when the vehicle dosnt want to start. Good luck.


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