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wayne 4/28/2010
2001 BMW 740i Base 8 Cyl 4.4L - Steering & Suspension
rubbing sound when turning hard LFT not RT.
Turning the wheel hard LFT produces a slight rubbing sound,check for an abrasion see nothing.
wheel well is clear and clean. Stock factory wheels ,only started recently,hard turns only full LFT not RT.
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  • Nissan Technical Advisor
    Hi Wayne, check the steering fluid if present. You might losing fluid due to leaks somewhere along the system.
    Nissan Technical Advisor
    wayne 9/22/2010
    650CC, I do have a slow leak in the power steering Res. area. top off about every three months with about 1/8 cup not much.
    Thank you for the heads up. I will pay closer attention to this issue,if it is worst than noted I will just replace all respective parts and eliminate this possible issue once and for all.
    Thanks for the heads up again,

    Nissan Technical Advisor
    wayne 9/22/2010
    Do you think it is getting air in the system?

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