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Noor 6/6/2018

2008 Mercury Milan Premier 4 Cyl 2.30L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

RPMs are going high to 4000-5000 but car is hesitating to accelerate above 80 KM/H

I have Ford Mercury Milan 2008 with FNR5 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION.
The car was excellent at high speeds and acceleration was also excellent since last 3 years without any maintenance.
I was coming back from long journey of 1000 KM, I gave the car to another person to drive.
This new guy never drove Automatic Transmission.
He is driving Manual transmission only.
After 1 hour I had alarm wrench (spanner) warning light and car was not speeding above 80 KM/H and was hesitating too much to go 100 KM/H.
RPMs are going to 4000 - 5000 but car is hesitating to cross even 100 KM/H.
Previously it was going to 170 KM/H easily.
I took the car. But the damage was done.
Battery terminals were disconnected many times and for overnight for hours also.
But once the car is just moving for a minute the wrench (spanner) warning light is coming again.
Checked the fuses. Fuses are Ok.
Checked air sensor. Air sensor is ok.
Oil filter changed. Oil changed.
Air filter cleaned up.

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Jimm 6/6/2018

Have the check engine light (CEL) and fault code scanned, to retrieve any stored codes.

This can be done, for free at most local auto parts stores.
Post your reply with the code or codes for further assistance.


JustKim 6/8/2018

No check engine light - no codes.


JustKim 6/7/2018

Mother's Day weekend, cleaning my car the battery went dead. Charged then started with no problem. (at this point did not know needed to relearn strategies). Next day after driving 60 miles the brakes started to shudder and then ABS/traction control light came on. C1236 code - had rear left wheel speed sensor replaced (come to find out installer didn't test removed sensor until after installed new - removed was still ok). Codes cleared. Drove still C1236 error with brake shuddering, some hesitation from stop, followed by ABS/traction control light coming on. They looked at wheel bearings found front right had some give and suggested replacing - did. Still no change. Took to brake/tire shop - they said everything looked fine and was puzzled by cars reaction -- told to drive the hell out of it until it failed. Next day drove 7 miles, extreme hesitation when accelerating from stop and wouldn't come out of it - engine ended up dying and wouldn't turn over. Towed to shop. Suggested replacing battery and battery cables - did. Found blown ignition fuse. Started and vehicle had very poor idle. Checked codes - bad ignition coil. Cleared codes then code didn't return but no improvement in idle. Decided to risk it, followed relearn strategies instructions and took it for a drive. Drove 15 miles - no improvement. Considering replacing coil packs but this issue is becoming pricey through parts at with no resolution. Suggestions?


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