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C 6/9/2022

1989 Ford E-350 Econoline Custom 6 Cyl 4.90L


Off rhythm / spinning noise

We were driving the other day and felt like we sucked something up into the engine or something. Not sure what happened, but now there is an off rhythm sound, with occasional grinding... does not change with starting car or acceleration. Also, when engine turns off, it sounds like something Is slowing down (spinning), losing momentum vs shutting off with car. I know nothing about cars. We haven't been driving much, scared to make it worse. Taking it in on Monday. We just spent a lot of money on a major tune up and replacing pulley system ( I think) about a week before having this new problem. Don't know if it's something mechanic did, or just another failing system....

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Jimm 6/9/2022

No real or accurate method to determine any noise issues via the internet. Recommend that you take the vehicle to a trusted and reputable repair shop in your area for a full diagnosis.


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