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Hannah Hueth

Hannah ... 9/27/2019

1998 Dodge Durango SLT 8 Cyl 5.20L

Preventive Maintenance

Reverse lights won't work

My Reverse lights won't work and it isn't the bulb. What's the best step I should take to get them working again

2 Answers


Jimm 9/27/2019

Next steps, check the wiring, connections from the switch on the transmission back to the reverse lights.

You will need an electrical schematic / wiring diagran and a volt-ohm meter.


roland 9/28/2019

I have the electrical schematic/wiring diagram for the "04 Durango which may be the same as your '98. Do you have a light which comes on also when you put it in reverse gear which is located in the interior rear view mirror? The diagram shows there to be two bulbs at the rear exterior and this third light which only come on at the same time and is located inside the truck as part of the rear view mirror. Were that the case I can tell you how to check the circuit to find where the problem is. If not, then my diagram may not be applicable to your '98,


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