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Dane 5/13/2010
2002 Ford Ranger XL 4 Cyl 2.3L - Engine
can rethreading of stripped oil pan threads be done instead a super costly oil pan replacement
3 Answers
  • John Armbruster
    John Armbruster 5/13/2010
    some times but if it alm. pan then no try a over size plug
  • i-anderson
    i-anderson 3/8/2012
    they make an expansion plug that is made of rubber with a nut or bolt in the center. get the size that is a snug fit in the oil drain hole. when inserted tightenthe nutor bolt which will expand the rubber plug. just don,t go hogwild and over tighten it. next oil change reverse procedure and plug should slid right out. if not unscrew the rubber plug same way as a regular plug.
  • Bobby
    Bobby 5/13/2010
    as long as its not aluminum, you can sometimes find kits for it they'll sell the rethreading tool and the new plug together.

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