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AutoMD ... 10/29/2013

2006 Mazda 6 i 4 Cyl 2.3L


Do I require a new engine or is there another alternative to fix my timing belt issues?

Over 3 weeks ago I took my vehicle to a Theoco garage for a DPF regeneration. Apparantely, everytime they try to regenerate, the timing belt jumps. I already had a water pump and timing belt replaced last year and already spent over £1200 on repairs and still have around £1000 car loan to pay!
As a consequence, the garage are advising me that a new engine is required (which may cost around £1800) as this is probably what is causing the timing belt to jump all the time or to sell the vehicle at a loss.
This garage is meant to be reputable. However after 3 weeks this issue is still unresolve and in the back of my mind I feel that they are giving wrong advise and that the timing belt jump has nothing to do with the engine. Can you please advise if there is an alternative solution or are the garage giving me sound advice? I look forward to your prompt response. Div

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HouseCallAuto 10/29/2013

Would like to answer this but I have no data on a 2.3 diesel in a Mazda 6 as this must be UK or rest of Europe and not built for USA, but I will tell you this, the gasoline version of the 2.3 in a Mazda 6 is plagued with timing CHAIN issues. Not sure if the 2.3 diesel has any shared problems but generally a chain motor and a belt motor cannot be compared to one another.


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