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donovan13 9/4/2011
1999 Mercedes Benz CLK320 Base 6 Cyl 3.2L - Body & Interior
Replacing release actuator for conv. top. Can you tell me where the hydraulic fluid get's added for this system
Can't find place to fill the hydraulic fluid after replacing the conv. top actuator( Hydraulic system) for the top. It's not in the engine compartment nor in the trunk ?
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  • Benice96
    Benice96 7/22/2012
    Yes pump is in between the back seat and the trunk, but you can only get to it if you have the back half of the top up and the boot up at the same time. This is a small space that you have to work in, but you have to remove all of the covers and metal plate to get to it. Good luck
  • donovan13
    donovan13 7/22/2012
    In the trunk remove the fabric cover on the wall behind the back seat.on the left side is a round hole(small) i used a piece of tubing attached to the hydralic fluid to reach the top of the fill container. you can also remove the bolts on the bottom of the metal frame there and lift it a little to get your hand in there. it's tight but i just did it last month.good luck.

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