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Richard Bonds

Richar ... 11/21/2010

1993 BMW 325is Base 6 Cyl 2.5L

Body & Interior

after replacing the fuel pump passenger side, it still won't crank! what about the other unit (leftside)

prime the system, no fuel leaks.

1 Answer

Solid Snake

Solid Snake 11/21/2010

Now, there are many reasons why your car wont turn over. SOME OF THESE ARE FAR FETCHED BUT I AM JUST GIVING YOU AN IDEA It can be because of internal battery failure, or your alternator has failed. It can also be a neutral safety switch error. Make sure they are not loose or disconnected. It can also be the starter motor, starter solenoid or relay.

This is obviously an electronic issue, it can be electronic on the fuel pump or other parts. Yes, like what you have said, you have 2 fuel pumps. Tha main pump is located outside the fuel tank and you have a pre-pump or transfer pump in the fuel tank.

Before you go changing things, check if they are getting power first.


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