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swords ... 2/13/2013
1996 Toyota Tercel DX 4 Cyl 1.5L - Engine
Would replacing the entire starter fix my problem OR ? Is it a different issue completely ??
Recently i stalled out on the freeway, my car gradually (within a miles distance) went from maintaining a 70 mph speed level down to 40 then down to 20 mph until just cutting off. I was able to coast to where i parked on side of freeway. Now.... My first reaction was to charge the battery , ( battery was giving me problems before ) so i bought a new one . now car has juice BUT when I turn the key to start car it makes a sound like ive never heard before, Nehrrrrrrr, Nehrrrrrrr ,I then put gas in gas tank so theres a bit of gas in there for sure, and still the reving noise continues when i turn ignition key. I must mention that for the last 8 months Ive had to tap on my starter (occassionally) for my car to start. But the sound that my car is making now does not sound like it does when its starter tapping time !!!!
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  • Ray
    Ray 2/13/2013
    Sounds like the starter drive is not engaging. Replace the starter to fix one of your problems.
  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 2/13/2013
    I think you have a broken timing belt and the noise you describe is the sound of an engine that is cranking over with no compression in the cylinders. When you began to lose power is when the belt had jumped but not become completely out of range but when the belt loses too many teeth and goes out of sync or actually gets chewed up and breaks, that is when the engine cuts off and you now have a crank with no start. Everybody agree with me on that one? Ok, Ok, you can stop clapping now. thank you. Please be seated.

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