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whorl1 ... 6/27/2010

2004 Mini Cooper Base 4 Cyl 1.60L

Steering & Suspension

Replacing control arm bushings or tire alignment cause bearing to go bad?

My Mini cooper is making such big noises that I can't continue to ignore so I took it to the shop. I was told the front wheel bearing needs to get replaced. The whole noise started when I took the car for the the following repairs and tire alignment six month ago. I want to know if the previous repairs can possibly cause the bearing to go bad. My car only has 60K miles on it!!

1) The front lower control arm bushings were replaced
2) The previous shop called to say that they discover some noises and noticed that the ball joints need to be replaced and they did that.
3) I then took the car to get tire alignment the next day
4) I started noticing noises the next day after tire alignment and get louder over time
6) the new shop told me the front wheel bearing needs to be replaced

Can possibly the above repairs cause the bearing to go bad? They can over tighten or take the whole suspension out which cause the bearing problem?? Why the noise started right when the repairs and alignment?

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RC 12/23/2010

I doubt that the repairs caused the bearing to go bad. Maybe the shop wrongly diagnosed the noises, and the wheel bearings needed to be replaced instead of the other components... It's always a good idea to ask for the old parts back when you have repairs done.


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