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tatepe ... 5/21/2020

1998 Toyota Camry LE 4 Cyl 2.20L

Steering & Suspension

PLEASE HELP!! i am replacing the ball joints and cannot get them to detach from the steering knuckle

i removed the control arms and ran into some problems getting the ball joint bolt out of the steering knuckle. i tried removing the hex nut attatched to the ball joint and it wouldnt budge, i tried several different things and it ended up just getting stripped, i sawed of the nut thinking it would help pop it out which was wrong. i tried for about an hour to detach the ball joint from the knuckle and it didnt even move. i removed the axil and went and bought a ball joint press. i tightened it as far as it would possibly go and the bolt didnt budge one bit from the steering knuckle, i tried hammering the knuckle on the sides to loosen up the rust but it seems as though its pretty much welded shut with rust. ive tried every thing ive thought of and am at a loss please help ive spent over 9 hours on this single bolt.

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