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Richard Meserve

Richar ... 3/22/2019

1999 BMW 323i Base 6 Cyl 2.50L

Body & Interior

Will my replacement front seats work?

I have a 1999 BMW 323i convertible. It is an E36 chassis because it was the only model to stay an E36 when the rest were changed to an E46.
The seats were toast when I bought it and I found a set in really good condition but the problem is they are from a European car. My driver's seat used to be their passenger and vice versa.
Nothing under the seats matches up...none of the wiring harness plugs work. The seats bolted right in no problem.
My concern is will my airbags deploy by default when there are no connection detected?
Is there a patch that will make these work? What are my options?

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Jimm 3/22/2019

Recommend to obtain a wiring diagram or electrical schematic for the new seats. This may help you sort out the electrical wiring and be able to match.


Richard Meserve 3/22/2019

Thanks Jim. I was hoping that someone with a lot more BMW knowledge than me might have the answer to whether I can make them compatible or not. I'm not sure I would be comfortable trying to decipher US and European wiring diagrams.


Jimm 3/23/2019

The wiring diagrams will be similar, whether European or US versions.
In fact, the European versions will include German, English, French translations for the wire color and description.


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