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sooner ... 2/16/2014

2003 Toyota Tundra SR5 8 Cyl 4.7L


Ok I replaced radiator and ever since my a/c and heater doesn't work. What could b my problem?

Well where the radiator screws on the housing that the cap screwed on basically fell apart. So I replaced radiatior. Before I replaced it the a/c and heater worked great. But ever since neither the a/c or the heater works. At first I thought it was just the a/c cause it was during the summer but no the heater also doesn't work. Now that winter has came. And I am baffled on what it could b. please I need some advise on this problem if possible. Thanks!

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CVO 2/16/2014

1.Air pockets trapped in the cooling system can cause the engine to loss their supply of coolant efficiency to the heater core. Some cooling systems have air bleed valves built into the system to aid in the removal of air pockets. Advice: For many cooling systems, the method of removing air pockets is to start the engine and allow it to run with the radiator cap off or loose until all the air escapes from the neck of the radiator. For some systems this method is not sufficient, and the manufacturer has installed air bleed valves usually near or on the thermostat housing.
2. Check the heater hoses run from the engine to the heater core. The return heater hose back to the engine must be hot in order to make the heater core works. In the event, if that hose doesn't get hot then the heater is clogged. Replace the heater core.


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