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rrsjr6336 12/11/2012
2004 Jeep Liberty Limited 2 Cyl 0.4L - Engine
Replaced blower motor resistor and relay switch still no fan working for heat or defrost. what next?
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  • CVO
    CVO 12/12/2012
    See this FIG : A/C-Heater Control, Page 01 (2004)

    Check the fuse # 8 (10 A )

    Use a 12 volts direct to test the blower motor.
  • roywesley2003
    roywesley2003 12/13/2012
    Typically the failure points on these Jeep systems are the fan speed selector switch and the climate control knob which has all of the climate functions on it. Remove the climate control panel and look for burned wires on the pigtail which is plugged into the climate control panel you just removed. I would like to blame the fan speed selector switch but it will fail in all speeds except wide open where there is no resistor to slow the speed down. Since you have zero fan speeds do as described in the previous answer and jump the blower motor with 12v directly. If the blower works (It usually does) concentrate on the pigtail connector at the climate control knob I just described.

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