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Jimm 11/21/2012

2005 Ford F-150 XLT 8 Cyl 5.40L


Replaced automatic transmission flexplate - now have no-start condition

Removed and replaced the transmission - to replace the worn flexplate. In the process, I have replaced the starter with new. Now, I have a no-start condition - the engine just cranks - with no stumble or attempting to start. At first, I thought the trans wiring harness connections were loose - checked OK. Also, no stored OBD codes. What else is there? Have nearly 3/4 tank of fuel. The engine started and ran fine before the flexplate removal.

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aua.james 12/24/2012

Have you checked to see if the fuel is making it to the fuel rail? And do you have ignition at the end of your sparkplugs? Take the flexplate swap into consideration, but don't focus on it. Do your diagnostic process as if you know nothing about the car. Fuel, Air, Ignition. My friend recently couldn't figure out why his Hyundai wouldn't start after hitting a huge pot hole. Spent days trying to figure out what the pot-hole did to the car.

Turns out it was a crank position sensor... Nothing to do with the pot-hole...


Jimm 12/24/2012

Thanks for the reply. Turns out the transmission fron pump went out causing the no-start condition. The truck is back up and running just fine these days.

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