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David Beck

David Beck 6/11/2010

1993 Toyota Camry LE 6 Cyl 3.00L


Replace the water pump

1 Answer

Nissan Technical Advisor

Are you asking for the removal procedure? Here it is;
First drain the cooling system. Remove the timing belt as described in this section. Remove the alternator adjusting bar. Disconnect the lower radiator hose from the water inlet housing. Disconnect the water temperature switch from the water inlet housing. Disconnect the water by-pass hose from the water pump. Remove the two heater pipe clamp bolt. Remove the two nuts and heater pipe with gasket. Replace the gasket. Loosen the three water pump mounting bolts in the indicated sequence. Remove the water pump and O-ring. If the water pump is stubborn, tap it a few times with a rubber mallet. Installation is the reverse of removal. Make sure all the water pump and engine contact surfaces are clean and install the new O-ring into the pump cover groove. Install the water pump with the three bolts. Tighten the bolts in sequence to 82 inch lbs. (9 Nm). Fill the cooling system to the proper level with a good brand of ethylene glycol based coolant. Start the engine and inspect for leaks.


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