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Les Whipple

Les ... 4/2/2010

2001 Nissan Maxima SE 6 Cyl 3.0L


replace rear brake pads

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tommy 6/10/2010

Removal & Installation

2.Remove or disconnect the following:

Rear wheels
Parking brake cable bracket bolt
Pin bolts and lift off the caliper body
Pad springs by pulling them out .Pads and shims

To install:

1.Turn the piston clockwise back into the caliper body. Take care not to damage the piston boot.
2.Coat the pad contact area on the mounting support with a silicone based grease.
3.Install or connect the following:

Pads, shims, and the pad springs
Caliper body into position in the mounting support and tighten the pin bolts to 16-23 ft. lbs. (22-31 Nm)

4.Check the master cylinder and add fluid if necessary.


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