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lacros ... 4/17/2011
2007 Buick LaCrosse CXL 6 Cyl 3.8L - Body & Interior
replace headlamp, how do i get the light out?
I am replacing the driver side low beam light, and having problems getting the light out. I need better directions for this, where can i find them (besides the manual that came with the car)?
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  • ken
    ken 4/17/2011
    if u mean the whole assy, i just did 2007 grand prix and there was 1 small bolt facing up on top rail,actually there was 2 and you loosen the left one and pry up on that bracket , it has two t-bolt prongs and when they line up with holes in back of HL assy, you can pull it straight out, after its unhooked it still took a little maneuvering its a tight fit. bulb should turn about 1/4 turn c/clockwise

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